Wednesday, November 23, 2016

bearded dragon day

After three months of saving, researching, and going in and out of pet stores every week, we walked into Sierra Aquatics today and announced - "it's bearded dragon day"!

We picked out 'Rex' the runt of the group with pretty dark colors and I had Cory at the store put 150 crickets in a new cricket carrier. Our favorite part is NOT the crickets.

When we were all set to go Cory reassured me that Grant knows his stuff and he's going to do great. And as I turned to leave I picked up the cricket cage and said, "I think we can do it! A mom and a 10 year old, here we go!" And at that moment the full cricket keeper falls to the floor exploding crickets everywhere! I am standing there. Holding the handle of the lid still standing in a pile of crickets fury. Cory didn't lock the top on correctly.

Of course we brought my 14 year old reptile savvy Nephew who pointed his finger right at me!
Abby what did you do!?
Bro it wasn't me!

So that was a good intro to crickets...

And even though I don't care for lizards at least Grant picked a nice social lizard and I'm trying my hardest to get into it and back him up. I watched tons of videos and stalked terrarium photos to make the very coolest habitat we could. I spent too much. But it looks so sweet! Tiny home decor is kinda my thing.

Welcome home Rex!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

to the bay!

I'm so thankful we were able to sneak away a few days in the Bay! Yes, the drive is not my favorite but we did it - and Calli does not like San Francisco - she LOVES San Francisco (her words exactly).

We hit the SF Zoo, California Academy of Sciences, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Calli and Macy went down Lombard street with Tim and I since we were off Siri's directions anyway. Calli said she was praying we wouldn't die. I think it made an impression on her.

And the kids were nice and smiled for all most of my pictures!

sport goals

We are not the most athletic group on the planet but we are trying new things and evolving into a pretty active group. For Calli there was ballet - but the classes were too "boring".

And then there was swimming. She demolished the competition for a while.


And then it was boring, so I signed her up for a hard class and...

So then we added in soccer.
Camps with brother were fine but the fall season... She quit.

And running is hit and miss; mainly she's into the stretching - in the middle of the run.

But our most recent breakthrough came when I saw a Hello Kitty tennis racquet! And now as she says, ' she has found her sport'. I have educated myself with 90 minutes of YouTube instruction and am currently her coach. She's a stud and having fun!


Meanwhile the Twins (as we call them now) are going to volleyball classes. Macy likes serving and Grant is all about SPIKING! He really packs a punch!

Grant also plays U12 soccer  - even though he's 10. He likes mid-field the best...I mean in soccer. What he likes the best in life is Clash Royale on the iPad.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Several years ago I told my mom that seeing a Broadway show with her was on my bucket list.  It was a long, long, long shot - but then it happened!

Etsy invited me to share at their Sellers Conference in Manhattan. They paid for my airfare and a tiny green closet  room, a block from the Empire State building. Mom kindly escorted me. Holy cow! That was a life changing trip!

I will never forget my time with my mom in what we named "the hottest, loudest city in the world" - NEW YORK CITY.

The fashion, the faces, the buildings, the was all just incredibly different and fabulous! I am so glad I said yes, even though I hate speaking! The other panelists were really supportive and down to earth. It was hard for sure but I got great feedback from the sellers listening and the staff so I checked it off as a job well done. Take that fear! A special thanks to so many friends and my Mavora team who texted and prayed and cheered me on (and Cassie from Zenned Out who gave me speaking tips). What a difference a friend makes!

Like, without a friend you might give up and die on top of a bus in record breaking heat - but with a friend you can walk a mile home ducking into stores and hotels sucking on pineapples and kiwis and laughing all the way.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

drained it

For Mom's birthday this year we took alllll the kids mini golfing. Papa had a crazy idea to keep track of the hole-in-one count per team. Yeah, right, like a bunch of kids and I are going to get any holes-in-one.

Well actually we ended up getting like 12. Happy birthday Mom!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

last day of summer cake - reno edition

Our last day of summer cake this year was vegan - for Caleb - and we were happy to share with the cousins! We had a party at the park with tag, volleyball and hacky sack.

Saturday, July 16, 2016


                             Do you see it? He's 10. 
We moved the week of Grant's birthday so he had a party with friends in Oregon and family here. We worked hard to hook him up with a super nice bright blue bedroom with a big loft bed and desk. He's a great kid and I am so proud of how he treats others and keeps himself so cool and collected. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016


(1) While Tim was in San Diego and I was in Portland we bought a house in Reno. What?!
We were approved for $500 more loan than we needed and we put the offer in within 8 hours of the listing going live. This house lets us be 9 houses away from my brother who recently became a single Dad of 4 and needed help.

(2) After we got the house Tim got the perfect job at Renown. I met the sister of his new boss right before the interview. (weird right?) She put in a good word along with like 5 other people Tim knew. Her inside info after the interview was - "They really want him!"

(3) When closing on the house we had about 5 catastrophic hiccups - but by 2:00pm on July 8th, 2016 all the money was in. All the papers were signed. And it was ours!

(4) Within the first month of living here the Judge gave Dawson full custody of the kids for 6+ months - and we are here - for baseball games, volleyball classes, movies, sleepovers, giant dinners, and more.

So we miss Portland but God obviously brought us here. And that's enough for us.