Monday, February 27, 2006

The Pipeline Hallway

This is a picture made a few weeks ago during "Abby and Tim Arts and Craft Time". We've had a few sessions of A&T A&C Time which include but are not limited to: candle making, creative cooking, and floral arrangement. For this session Tim donated his old black and white pictures that weren't quite up to par. We cut them up and tried to make the best abstract art piece we could. He never finished his but I can say it was very intense. Mine started as something quite intricate but then when tiredness set in it became two of my favorite pictures cut up in different ways and slapped on top of each other. It is now, "The Pipeline Hallway". Tim said he couldn't look at it because it made his eyes go crazy but I think it's because it's just so beautiful. My advice to you today: every relationship in life could use a little arts and craft time. Go out and try it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This picture somehow proves it!
We're having a baby boy!!
And our baby already has four friends!
We'd like to give out a holla to His cousin
Gabriel Joeseph Lange (the oldest and wisest) born October 24th 2005 at 11:47pm
Audrey Russell born January 25th at 2:13pm
Jonah Douglas Bird born February 6th at 3:30pm
& Katherine Lynn Lineburg born February 21st at 5:17pm
And to the parents, we love you and wish you all the best as you raise your babies in the sight of our very gracious Lord.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday, February 20, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

About Six Months Ago...

I've been getting some requests for wedding pictures. (Special hi to Pam in NZ) I forget you all couldn't fit on the little lookout on Roan Mountain or fly to Reno for the reception. I can just post a few but for those who haven't seen anything yet hopefully this will give you a picture of what happened.
About six months ago, on August 20th, 2005...

we drove to the top of Roan Mountain and hammered in a sign that warned hikers about our ceremony on the lookout. It read.

"Wedding in Progress
Feel Free to Join Us!"

Then I hopped in my dress in the woods before the lookout, mothers holding a sheet for a little extra privacy

Dad walked me up the rocky aisle to the platform as the clouds started to clear away. The rear end on my dress is huge I know but pretty cute too don't you think?

We wrote our own vows and

our parents shared some things.

The pastor spoke and then

all of the sudden we were married!


I like this picture of us at the end of the aisle but we couldn't go far, I needed to change back into slightly more appropriate hiking gear.

Here's the wedding party

Here are the guests.

Yeah, we don't know them either but they were very nice.

And so that was the wedding in an illustrated nut shell. Hope you liked it. We sure had a great time!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Mackay Falls, Milford Track

Pumice Stone, North Island

Milford Sound, South Island
B&W Photography by Timothy Morton

Friday, February 10, 2006

A Nice Relaxing Boat Ride

So... do you wanna hear another new zealand story?

<--This is the boat that takes all the backpackers to the start of the milford track. There's an enclosed cabin downstairs with an open back and a nice flat ceiling for sitting and taking good pictures. The captian warned us that it would get wet up on top but it was such a nice day we had to sit up there anyway. It was a bit windy, there was a bit of spray, but that was not going to stop us! For a good thirty minutes the ride was fabulous, we took pictures and enjoyed the handful of people also riding on top, knowing that below there were close to a hundred people crammed together in a stuffy cabin. Yes, we were the smart ones. The scenery was gorgeous, the air was clean...and then the boat all of the sudden sped up. Not just a bit, a lot. Instantly the spray became waves of icy water splashing over the boat and consequently our heads. A few people darted down the steps to safety but Tim and I saw our escape in front of us. We dove for cover under the small overhanging front rail along with three or four others.
We were further from the stairs leading away from this disaster but we were safe for the moment. Some of you will understand the necessity for us to stay dry. This is the boat ride to the start of a four day backpacking trip. You don't bring many extra clothes and you don't find dryers on the trail. You have to treat your hiking clothes like sunday's best. Squatting under the tiny overhang we all laughed and yelled as the waves dumped over the boat. Then one of our comrades, seeing that the pounding was not about to end any time soon, darted for the stairs across the wet and unlevel roof top. About half way to the goal he was pulverized by a wave. We all screamed and cheered for both his stupidity and his courage. One by one we all waited for our moment to flee. Like waiting for a jump rope to swing into the right position before entering, we waited for the waves to crash hard and then retract. Tim and I also made our break for it, saddened that we couldn't take the beating but glad we had tried and not spent the whole hour in a smelly cabin without any excitement.