Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sitting in Sac Town

Look at the crazy monkeys we watched this weekend. Noah, the ball of energy, is symboliclly pictured here climbing the tree. Macy, the face maker, is blowing out her cheeks. Monkeys in the zoo, monkeys in the hotel, and monkeys in the car - except when we drove around aimlessly for an hour so they would sleep.
(Tim is not usually so detatched, I pasted him into this picture from another one)

Here's Noah's wing span. He posed like four times for this picture because we couldn't work the camera. Everytime was saw a cage he would reply, "Where is him?" when he found the animal he'd acknowledge that he saw it and immediately begin walking to the next exhibit saying, "Let's see lions"

Macy was suppose to be the nightmare child who screams anytime she's away from her mom or sees another human being. Maybe we got lucky or maybe we're the best sitters ever but she was as happy as a clam wrinkling her nose and laughing or running her head into the pillows on the bed. She just cracks herself up - taking after her aunt.


You found me...I know it's still not a good picture but hey, at least I let you see something huh?

My little belly is making a great table these days.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On the Hunt

Sunday afternoon we decided to go on another picture hunt. We packed up the jeep with food, coats, cameras, and even my mother, and headed off to take some pictures of Frenchman's Lake. We've never been there so we didn't know what we'd find. We expected dirt, we got snow, we expected clouds, we got sun, we expected to get a few good shots, we got none. We stopped being surprised by this theme. This problem we faced happens a lot. The fact is, you can only manipulate the scene with your camera so much. If God doesn't make His creation shine for you, your picture just won't shine. For example; if there's a shadow in the canyon (like there was) the ice and rocks just look too drab. If the sun is shooting directly into your camera across the lake (like it was) all hell is breakin' loose in your shot. And finally if there is an awesome little waterfall but it's hidden behind rocks, snow, and stream, you can fall in (like I did) but sooner or later you have to confess that you can't get to the place that would give you that spectacular shot. But the good thing about a photo hunt is that even though you may fail to bring home a great shot everytime, you never walk away empty handed because you got to go out and freeze your face off and eat cheese and crackers and see things that no one else saw that day.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Photography, etc.

Things are moving along on the photography front. We're gearing up for a couple of craft shows in May and June - printing enlargements, matting and framing, getting everything we need for a booth at a show. We even got a banner made: mavora art. Abby is a genius business manager and is getting everything organized. All I really do is take pictures and sign mats.
So last weekend we headed up to Lake Tahoe after a snowstorm. We got a cheap hotel at South Lake Friday night, then got up early Saturday morning to hunt pictures in the new-fallen snow. We were, um, moderately successful. Well, Abby was - I haven't gotten my proofs back yet. But regardless of how many shots we got, we had fun exploring some snowed-in roads, running from a snow plow, and making fun of another photographer who was clearly better then us.

Here's a picture of our mock-booth. Tim's pumice stone picture came straight off our wall at home, the big tahoe picture is printed on two sheets from the printer at the office and taped together, and most of the matted pictures in the box to the right are empty mats and foam board. We're hoping this will be just enough to trick them into accepting our application and then we have a lot more work to do.

Sorry this picture is blurry but it was the only one with Tim and I in it and I think we're cute.