Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fallen Leaf Lake

we went out early morning fishing and birding (birding is just like fishing but for birds, they like worms right?) lost three bobbers, four baited hooks, and all our make-shift weights (bolts from Sierra Builders)
there's a nice drive around the lake to the PCT, a phat waterfall, and lily lake. we were VERY tempted to get our backpack together for an impromptu overnight hike but it just wasn't in the cards. tim didn't like the last picture I put up, he said the red tree was dead, I thought it just had character.
day two we hiked to some falls just down the road, it was a nice rocky hike on the edge of a cliff because my balance is totally fine and I don't get overheated quickly. the falls were great but you really couldn't see them. we still found things to take pictures of. tim almost got caught by a wholesome family indisposed.
thanks to the genious presents from dallas and kelly our wedding tent and christmas footprint were quite awesome...except for the fact that when a pregnant lady lays down on the ground she can't get back up. that problem will be fixed soon however and then the tent will really rock.
and that's fallen leaf lake in a small, illustrated nutshell

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Redefining Freshness

Advertising. Tim and I have found it's the best source today for comedy relief. Saturday night we saw a Hot Pocket commercial, maybe you've seen it. An overjoyed father-type is eating a hot pocket and exclaims loudly something like, "I love the fresh baked bread!" Does anything in that statement intrigue you? We both looked at each other and immediately started ripping on
#1 - the fact that we all know it's a frozen sandwich you then put in the microwave
#2 - it's not only frozen but has been for a guaranteed 2 -19 months in storage and shipping
#3 - okay, we'll give you the fact that it was made at one time and therefore was "fresh", but does any company ground up old moldy bread and re-process it into particle board bread?

So we felt like they had nothing over the competition they just decided to be Webster and redefine the word fresh.

fresh ( P ) adj. fresh·er, fresh·est
Anything that at one time was put together through the process of assembling separate parts into one and is still eatable, viable, or whole.

So really, even the other company's particle board bread may be fresh. mmmmm

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We should write about our camping experience this last weekend soon but I was just going through the pictures and thought I'd share this for now. Hope you like it.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Lego Night

So I feel like this blog makes us look too cool - okay it often makes us look dumb too - but what I mean is, we get to write about all of our fun adventures and even if they aren't fun we can make them sound at least fun-ny. No one writes in a blog that they stayed home all day, watched the Simpsons DVD and ate a bag of Doritos. But we should be honest. We're getting older and we stay home a lot more. Pregnant lady can't go out as much as she would like to (both physical and cash flow reasons apply) and so a few weeks ago we had to decide what we could do when our few friends were busy and we were staying home together... again. We wondered what other couples do... Is everyone else so cool that they go out every weekend? Is young married culture like college culture or are people settling down into introverted family life? We tried to do a test. We called some friends to see what they did together that Friday night - we got 2 TV/Movie watchers and 2 not home so they must have been partying. We finally decided to play with Tim's old legos. Tim made a space ship, I made a destroyer/ land rover. It was fun but I actually almost worked myself to death. You would have thought I needed that land rover to drive me around the moon the next day. Is this weekend behavior normal? We probably just need more friends...or maybe a baby??

Thursday, June 01, 2006

TADUT (Tad-oot)

In response to Dallas and his Blogger Photo Challenge I give you TADUT.

Under a

For it is much harder carrying a see-through screened desktop then a see-through screened laptop. It can make you quite bitter really. So for all the work of carrying my office desktop around the world, through customs, and deep into the heart of New Zealand in order for Tim to throw it on the tracks I hope it brings you joy... and that I win.