Monday, July 31, 2006

Isn't TV Great?

Two interesting tidbits from the news tonight:

1 - Pollution is not, as so widely believed, the enemy in our struggle against global warming (which is now, beyond all doubt, a reality - Tom Brokaw has endorsed it), but actually our ally - smog forms a dark layer in the atmosphere which deflects some of the sun's heat and delays the oh-so-inevitable warming of the earth. At last, what every American wanted to hear: buy more SUVs! burn more electricity! release the chlorofluorocarbons! Running your air conditioner all day is now the best way to save the penguins.

2 - Virtual reality having now become a reality, you can create your own alter-ego and spend hours of time and thousands of dollars being what you REALLY want to be, on your computer. Be a superhero, own a beachside mansion, be an animal - the possibilities are endless (but not, of course, free - people make a living designing and selling you virtual clothes for your virtual self and virtual furniture for your virtual house). It sucks so bad to live in this country where our standard of living is so low, there are no prospects of future economic stability, and we have no chance of ever being successful; we've gotta escape to an alternate reality of our own creation. Disillusioned with materialism? We've got the cure: buy more stuff!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stayin' Alive

Hey, look at me! Grant sleeps, mom's favorite time, and I have enough energy and time to sit at the computer. I never knew just how much time a newborn took. He is learning to fall asleep by himself however (a skill weeks beyond his age) and I haven't had a migraine in a few days...or a vicodin for that matter! I just may recover from this fiasco...but maybe not from the bills it has left behind. So yes, I am alive. Sluggish, tired, busy, but alive. Thanks for all the prayers. I expect to be back in better contact with you all soon. Much Love, Abby

Sunday, July 23, 2006

8 days

Grant's first encounter with the great outdoors (the grass outside our apartment).

Good news: he seems to be sleeping and eating on a little bit more of a schedule, which lets us take three-hour naps or have short 'dates'. His intellect seems to be developing unnaturally fast as well - he is certainly a genius when it comes to peeing as soon as I've taken his daiper off....

But whoever invented the battery-powered swing gets my nod for genius of the century. That thing is worth a million dollars. Little Grant will just chill out in there for hours, watch the British Open, listen to Mozart, sleep and dream about exploring the Amazon (we know when he's forging through the jungle by the way he moves his arms). Usually he sleeps with his arms all stretched out just like his dad - a trait I'm sure his future wife will appreciate as much as mine.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cutest Ever?

Grant on our current changing table, the washing machine.
I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Guess I've been bitten by the dad bug. I'll stop now, I promise.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Home at Last

Here's a rough timeline of our experience:
4.00 am - Abby's water breaks. She spends the next hour 'straightening the house.'
5.00 - Abby wakes Tim up. 'I think the baby might come today,' she says.
6.20 - Tim actually gets up.
6.45 - Abby's contractions are 4 to 5 minutes apart. Tim wolfs down breakfast.
7.15 - We arrive at the hospital.
7.30 - We check in but no rooms are available so we are sent to the waiting room.
8.30 - Abby's contractions are insensifying.
9.00 - We finally get a room. Contractions promply stop completely.
10.00 - Paperwork
11.00 - Abby gets an IV for pitocin.
11.45 - Abby asks for pain meds.
12.30 pm - Grant decides to slow his heart rate from 140 to 70.
12.30:30 - The entire hospital staff enters the room.
12.31 - Monitors are placed, stimulations attempted, and C-sections are suggested.
12.34 - Grant's heart rate slowly returns to normal.
3.00 - The anesthesiologist finally arrives.
4.00 - Abby finally has some pain relief.
5.00 - Contractions are regular and intense.
8.00 - Doctor and nurses begin preparing for birth.
8.30 - Abby starts pushing.
8.40 - Vacuum is applied.
9.01 - Grant comes out face up, umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and then around his body.
9.30 - Abby tells the doctor her family has a history of internal hemorrhage after delivery.
9.35 - Doctor checks to make sure entire placenta has come out and says we're okay.
10.30 - Tim goes with Grant to check into the nursery. He is in perfect health.
11.30 - Abby, nauseated and still bleeding heavily, struggles to stand up and use the bathroom for the first time.
12.00 am - Abby is helped to a room in postpartum.
12.30 - The doctor discovers Abby is clotting heavily and attempts to clean her out again.
1.30 - Still in a lot of pain, Abby and Tim are finally left alone. Tim crashes on a cot in the corner.
2.30 - A nurse checks on Abby and finds she is still bleeding heavily and clotting more.
3.00 - A nurse wakes Tim to say Abby is being taken to surgery and he can come along.
3.05 - A nurse tells Tim to wait outside the operating room.
3.20 - A nurse comes out to tell Tim nothing has happened yet but they will call when she comes out.
3.25 - Tim goes back to bed.
4.30 - Tim is woken and goes to see Abby, who by this time has lost a LOT of blood, is feeling dizzy, nauseated, and is in a lot of pain. She can't eat anything but they keep giving her pain meds.
5.00 - Abby sends Tim back to postpartum, having been told she'll be taken there 'right away.'
7.00 - Abby arrives back in postpartum.

For the next five hours, Abby is monitored closely, blood transfusions are discussed, and they decide she is finally healing properly. She is too weak and anemic to do much of anything, and we decide to pump two units of blood into her, which takes another four hours or more. During this time there is a lot of discussion, calling of nurses, taking of blood pressure, waiting for blood and meds, and an attempt or two to feed Grant.

Sunday evening we are moved to a private room finally. Abby is still short on sleep and blood and needs help getting up to use the bathroom, so we leave Grant in the nursery again and try to get some sleep. Monday we keep him in the room more, but Abby is still struggling so we decide to get her another unit of blood.

Monday night she is finally beginning to feel better, and Grant, who has been happy and sleeping most of the day, stays in the room with us. As soon as the nurses stop monitoring Abby's blood pressure and IV and the lights are out, however, he promptly decides it's awake time. He won't settle down until fed and at this point Abby doesn't have much to feed him, so he keeps us up until 4 am until the nursery takes him back for another exam. We manage to sleep a few hours. Then the rest of the day is spent trying to leave the hospital. One final needle for Abby (#13 or so), more waiting, more paperwork, more instructions, and they finally let us go around 4 pm.

Fast forward to this moment, 1.06 pm Wednesday: 'We have a full-on milk spit-up! Awesome!' Abby says as Grant finishes feeding and does his thing. So this is what we get excited about now.....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Brown Hair

Here's the short version -
Abby and I are officially parents as of 9.01 pm Saturday. Grant Edison, 7 pounds 6.5 ounces, is perfectly healthy, but some post-delivery complications have left Abby struggling the last couple of days. She is feeling much better now and we hope to be home again Tuesday around midday. More details and better pictures will follow (we haven't had so much time to think about photos), but since it seems the foremost question on most of your minds, I'll tell you now that he does not have red hair.
Many thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Isn't TV Great?

I just learned about double-zipping Ziploc bags. Great merciful heavens, how did we ever live with single zippers? I feel like I've been cooking with an oven all my life and just got introduced to the microwave. I mean, think about how inconvenient it would be to live in a third-world country where you could only cook with an oven - wow. I just thank my lucky stars I live in a country smart enough to invent not only the freezer to keep my food cold, but double-zippered bags to make SURE my frozen food is safe. And an electronic box with sound AND pictures to tell me what I need - how else would I know?
God bless America.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Posting from Home

To begin with, Abby is officially done with work. Now that Grant is expected to join us in the daylight within another week or so, her time is spent resting and preparing the nest, cleaning and cooking for her dirty, hungry construction-worker husband, watching Oprah, and studying web design. Studying web design? you say, Then who created this brilliant blog? Yes, that's all Abby's work, but she actually has no training in it and soon, time and responsibilities allowing, has agreed to revamp the Sierra Builders website and begin her new career. How this will play out with a new child remains to be seen.

But the concept of working from home means we finally purchased a computer and had internet service connected in our apartment, which means this is our first post from home. Here's a candid of me typing in the dining room.

This is good news, as it means that not only will we be able to keep our blog updated, but I will at last be able to email those of you I have neglected for the last year or two due to my lack of internet availabilty. It will also give us a medium for pursuing our artistic inclinations in photography and music.

Days to go until our first child changes our life forever! I'm putting money on Grant arriving late - any takers? Oops gotta go back my hospital bag and get directions to the emergency room....