Friday, December 29, 2006

"I like to stratch everything I see"

Saturday, December 23, 2006

all i want for christmas a warm, spicy, tangy shrimp taco.
for dinner? Yes.
for lunch? Of Course.
for breakfast? Oh Yeah!
Del Taco is a magical,
magical place.
Treat yourself this Christmas,
have a shrimp taco!

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opinions of a real Del Taco customer who is
solely responsible for its content and
does not express the views of
Del Taco Inc. or the Blogger Corporation.

Monday, December 11, 2006

christmas web-letter (bletter?)

It's been a busy year for the West Coast Mortons.....
Though not as crazy as last year, this one leaves us wondering again how we got here. Somehow we managed to endure several more changes in the last twelve months, and it's hard to believe what life was like at the dawn of 2006.

In January we took a return trip to one of our favorite spots. Abby was three months pregnant which added a lot of fun to the hostel rooms with bathrooms down the hall and hiking over a mountain trying to keep her heart rate below 140. But we had to backpack the Milford (not us in the pictures) when we got reservations only by a freak chance. All of you who get Backpacker Magazine know why.

Abby turned twenty-six in March but we have no record of how we celebrated. I'm sure we had fun.

We discovered more and more how perfect we are for each other.

We continued scouting for new photography, and sometime in the spring we decided to try our hand at something new. Though it didn't turn out so well, I'm sure we learned something but we're still in love with photography. We're even moving forward as I got the best present ever.
And then our lives changed forever (for the fourth time in two years?) on July 15. Though we still don't know what we're doing, at the very least we're photographically inspired.

In August we moved to a larger apartment, celebrated our first anniversary, and tried another something new. We were hoping to use our skills to change the world but we don't actually have any. We went on a little trip Labor Day weekend, then tried to revive an old interest. It didn't last long, but we do still like traveling, so we headed out on another long weekend. Grant can't tie us down completely!

Had enough of the run around yet?

As for things we haven't blogged about in the last year, I am still working for Sierra Builders (Abby's Dad's company) and am now a Superintendent. Abby and Grant have gone back to work as well at Sierra Builders doing project administration part time. It's not rare for our bathroom conversation to be about contracts and change orders for the latest project. A few days a week Abby takes Grant out walking with hopes of one day being in another half marathon.

We went to a few churches looking for a good home and finally found it at Coram Deo. It's a new church plant in South Reno (when it gets a website we'll link it to our blog). I help with the worship there and Abby does...a lot of random ministry. I am also leading worship at another church for the month of December which has been a good stretching experience. Needless to say we miss some of the nights last year when we spent all evening on the couch relaxing and laughing. Now it's ministry, diapers, ...and laughing.

So there's our year of life around here. I'm sure we'd better get used to change.
Hope you all are well and enjoying the holidays.


Tim, Abby, and Grant

Sunday, December 10, 2006

50 bucks!

What would you do for 50 bucks at Circuit City? What if you really wanted an iPod? Dawson and Luke stood in line, at the new store opening in Spanish Spring, in the freezing cold for three hours. Grant and I (abby) did it for two. When I took him out of his blanket smothered stroller for 20 minutes to feed him I breathed on his face to keep him warm. We got our gift cards, walked in the store and walked out because (a) the reason Dawson came was for a dvd player and in line he figured out he had one in his garage. (b) it was becoming increasingly obvious that if everyone outside came inside we would all suffocate. And (c) we both need more money before we close the gap on our iPod all but 50 bucks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Being a single gal for so many years, I learned to pride myself on being independent. I lived on my own, traveled on my own, and even built this futon I'm sitting on now on my own. Or should I say "put together", I don't actually cut wood. But anyway, since I've been married I've been soaking up the blessing of not having to do everything...I don't get oil changes anymore, I don't build furniture, and I never take out the trash! Yes! But last week I felt the need to prove I could still survive without a man (and I didn't want to wait until Tim had time to do it). So I poured out the pieces and put together Grant's excersaucer. It only took me two hours. Well, technically it took me 40 minutes to build the saucer and 80 minutes to add the spinning monkey toy. Here's how it went.

Metal stick for the middle of monkey spinner seems too long...

What would Tim do? Push really hard, I'll try that...

After forty minutes of pushing and watching Oprah, I give the saucer the finger with its own stupid metal stick.

Then I finally outsmarted it with leverage. Grant and I have been happy ever since...except when he cries in the night...or spits up on me...or we go walking in the freezing cold wind...but you get the picture.


No, not us...
One of my best friends since kindergarden Shannah Boise, now Kassebaum, just had her beautiful twins!! Aubrey and Allison arrived last wednesday, small but very healthy. Praise the Lord! Grant and I visited on Thursday. He told me he thought they were cute. I guess he likes petite girls (unlike his father) I told him he couldn't date until after college.