Monday, December 24, 2007

grandbaby action

This is for Grandad and Rin Morton who wanted to skype with us tonight but the connection continued to fail. Since we didn't get you anything...besides a goat in's your christmas present, second best to live action. Merry Christmas!!


after this we took a bath and I cut his hair - he's been looking like a blonde beetle for too long now - not bad for my first try I think...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

a tip

I shaved all my wool sweaters this week...yup shaved. I don't know if everyone's doin it or if it's just me but if you're not doin it you should start. I learned about sweater shaving early this year probably on Rachel Ray or something like it. So anyway, you take your leg razor and just give your sweaters a nice rub down. Tim said he saw an electric sweater shaver in a store today too! If you didn't know before I hope this helps your look and your pocket book. May your beautiful wool last forever....or until they've been shaved to death.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

saturday out

I guess we're on a roll with the videos. Here's one from our day out on Saturday. We went to take pictures but the clouds wouldn't cooperate so there's nothing new and fabulous besides stuff of Grant. I've never seen a kid so bundled up - except Ralph's kid brother on A Christmas Story. Warmth like this turns active little boys into turtles...there's no getting up if there's falling down.


Friday, December 14, 2007

breaking the rules

Today I'm not doing anything I'm supposed to...instead of cleaning or working or napping I made a video for Grandma Lange. It's not as good as my last one but I think she'll like it. And I don't like to fill up my entire blog with Grant because our life doesn't revolve around him - he's just a great part of it. I have a few things to say about the world etc. but they will have to wait...because Grandma likes videos. My favorite is when he jumps on Tim's face - I have more footage of that too. It's his favorite game!


And if anyone knows how to import the sound with the video clips into imovie let me know. That's one reason why there's never any real life sound in my creations.

our house

I've had a request or two for a house update. It's looking sweet. I haven't looked inside but my mom says it's coming right along. She visits more then we do...she's closer. We go by every so often to see it though and steal design ideas from the models. Here's what it looks like on the outside. A cheery green-white-ish? I don't know. We close January 18th (Lord willing) so just about a month from now! Grant can't wait to run around in the dirt. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

g's life

Auntie Befany came to visit me and we had fun playing and drinking water.

I went to Noah and Luke's house and they gave me their old sunglasses. They're AWESOME!

Mommy read something about how I should learn to use a spoon soon. It's hard.

I hate eating and sleeping because I'm getting this REALLY sharp tooth. But I did eat this whole banana out of the peel!

I got some snow pants and played outside in the snow for the first time I think, but I cried a lot and I don't know why...

I added a new sign to my vocab too. One day I was wiping my hands on my shirt and mommy said that meant please. I didn't understand it before but I do now. I know 4 signs in all and they're very helpful!

Oh, and I'm fearless!


so that's my life this week. I think mom is gonna update the shutterfly book with more photos if you wanna stop by and check it out.

Friday, November 30, 2007

the best broccoli

I caught the end of Rachel Ray yesterday and she sold me on smashing broccoli in with my mashed potatoes. I always buy broccoli with good intentions but it usually doesn't make it to the table. Last night I tried it and added her gouda gravy. It was really great for being so healthy so I'm passing it on!
Check it out here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

his cuteness

Grant is really, really cute right now. Yes, he has a little ball of evil inside that has to be disciplined every 45 seconds but the rest is pure magic.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

for women only

Sorry guys, this post is for women only. I found the greatest thing and I want to pass it on. It's a little different - okay it's pretty different - but it's amazing. It helps the environment, it helps your pocketbook, it helps your discreet-ability, it helps your comfort level, and it's just awesome. It took me three months to perfect it but I think I got it now (and I'm qualified to help you too). I'm never going back. Check it out and feel free to call me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I hope this is good

I just started changing my website over to Host Monster - I hope that was a good idea....for now you can find our old mavora page at and hopefully a new page will follow somday at On a side note - if you want any of our photography or photo cards for Chritsmas don't buy it on our smugmug site. Find what you like and e-mail us. I just don't like the print quality coming out of their shop.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tuesday sucked

and it sucked because Monday was SOOO awesome! The 12th was our three year anniversary of the day Tim and I met (I didn't know it either). Tim took me out to the Melting Pot which I have been talking about since I saw it off McCarran a few months ago. He even got me a rose for the table. So sweet!! But then the awesome part. They bring your raw steak and shrimp and you dip it in oil to make your own scrumptious little morsels and dip them again in sauces. It was pretty great. It's a little more expensive than I thought it would be and it took a lot more work - they should give you a discount because you're the chef - but there's a lot more then just cheese going on in there. And it took us two and a half hours to eat. So if you're looking for an experience and not just a meal out I wholeheartedly recommend the Melting Pot - with locations nationwide!
I should be a food critic.
ps. I love Tim

Monday, November 12, 2007

my new fake business

I do a lot of work at home as you know. Besides washing Grant's cloth diapers every other day I do photography and a few odd design jobs but nothing was really scooting along - so I started another fake business (fake as in the work is real but the paycheck is fake). My new thing is called Big Picture Cards. I'm putting my photography on blank note cards and giving half the profits away to help aid nations of poverty around the world - mainly in Africa - that is if I make any profits. So if you like our work but don't have any empty wall space you can consider buying beautiful handmade cards that give back. You can buy them online at and I'm hoping to get them in a store here in Reno someday soon-ish. I don't have all my cards up on our site yet and it will keep growing so check back later too. Thanks for the support!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the cowardly lion

Sorry I haven't gotten to the Halloween post yet. Besides forgetting my camera and needing to get the pictures from my mom and brother, I've been incredibly sick. I don't think I've been this sick since Tim and I got married! I guess it was my time. Here's the pictures of grant you've been waiting for. We went trick-or-treating with my brother, his wife, and kids which was a lot of fun. Grant didn't quite understand the custom. We called him the cowardly lion because as soon as someone would open the door he would run to the next house. He didn't get the candy part. But he did learn to hold his bucket like a pro and when he wasn't crying he was really the cutest thing out there.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

big star

Check out my so-hot wife on the front page of the Sparks Tribune.....

We also hit Tahoe with the kayaks today. The off-season rocks. No wind, no boats, perfect weather.

play time

I guess I don't need to say much about this....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

fight night

From now on we should call date night - fight night. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have bad dates. We figured out all we agree on is the couch. We like the Simpsons and snuggles every night. We know our roles in the house. We know how to be parents together. We DON'T know how to go out together - especially if you're going to call it a date. Everything I want is what Tim doesn't want and vise versa...except for steak. Enter Ruby River. Their steaks saved our last fight night on Tuesday. And Tim offered to buy me a daiquiri with his own money which softens me right up. It was weird because I've been talking about relationships and fights a lot lately with people and Tim and I have been doing so well I haven't been very understanding. I guess it was a good reminder that married people are full of love...and fights. It's just the way it is.

fall pictures

Taking pictures of Grant is just about impossible but I got a few good ones and I'm updating our shutterfly family album too. Stay tuned for Halloween pix- this year you'll actually know what his costume is and it's cute cute cute!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a new hobby

I started a new hobby today - but it's really just combining two things I already do so Tim can't yell at me. On the ferry to Nantucket there were these awesome photos up that looked so different. The fine print said "hand painted photography". I looked it up. It's a little old fashioned and it can look cheesy but it can also look quite unique! I bought the beginner set of Photo Oils and painted these photographs today. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, October 22, 2007

so what's up with grant?

He likes the phone or anything that he can hold up to his ear and talk his sippy cup.

This is on Nantucket...parents probably shouldn't put their babies on hammocks but at least we didn't put a bunch of easily accessible medication in our sons backpack...Dawson.

Friday, October 19, 2007

sierra arts

Check us out ... you'll have to scroll down a bit.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

so long binky

We've decided to quit the binky. And I say we and not Grant because Tim and I are as hooked on it as he is. It's the mute button, the snooze button, the comfort button of our lives. Grant doesn't need it to fall asleep but we hide it at the foot of his crib every night so when he wakes up he can find his old friend and play for another hour while I sleep. The last two mornings have been filled with many more pissed off screams then normal. And when family night comes at church - he'll just be loud when he's loud. And when he cries in the middle of the night - he'll cry until he feels better. Oh binky, we will all miss you but it's better for you to go now before it becomes just too painful to bear.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

speaking of

Speaking of doctors I hate... I went to one today I actually don't! I went to my eye doctor - Dr. Cochrane. If you need an eye doctor or don't like yours call him up. His technology is better then any one else, making the tests fewer and way less painful. You're in, you're out, he listens to your needs, and Grant was welcomed...but he's awesome. I actually ran into Dr. Cochrane when I was the pregnant secretary of Sierra Builders and my last eye doctor gave me dry crappy contacts, and when I complained gave me eye drops that didn't help, Dr. Cochrane swooped in and said he'd take care of me on his lunch break. How nice is that? So, I know one good doctor in Reno. And if anyone else has a recommendation for other good doctors I could use, please pass them on!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

my test

I thought when I was done with school I'd be done with tests...but no. Now that I'm a mother I have a test about every 3 months - it's Grant's doctor's appointment. You pass if you only have to come back the next routinely scheduled time. You fail if you have to be brought in again next month for a "further check up". Today I failed. And I've decided now that I failed because I didn't lie and next time I will. My doctor is an Americanized freak that thinks she is the mother of every child and not the doctor. She thinks my chunker child who fits nicely into the 50th percentile is too thin and always wants to check his weight - but that was my fault because I didn't lie and say he loves milk and drinks it all the time. I told the truth. So then she suggested ice cream - yeah, that's going to help him eat his peas and squash. And when she asked if he says mama and dada I said no, bad choice. I didn't know the consequences for not saying these two specific words means he's on the path to baby speech therapy. And then when I said I was using cloth diapers and hoped to potty train just a little bit early the sky almost fell down. First I was laughed at (not one of her patients uses cloth) and then I was scolded. Heaven forbid I tell grant a toilet exists in the world before age 3! I feel bad for those 127 countries full of morons potty training before age 1. And I would choose a new doctor but I'm afraid I've never enjoyed any doctor I've ever been to so I feel it wouldn't matter anyway. I'm afraid they're giving our children Autism with their shots and medicines. I feel over analysed and over charged and shamed for having my own thoughts. It's like a cult. The hospital is a I'll learn to lie more.

And this all happened after Grant hid my keys and I realized it right as it was time to leave...I tore up most of the house in 7 minutes before finding them in the tub. So I may be a little stressed out.

Monday, October 15, 2007

hit the gym

Tim and I don't work out...not even close...other people do huh? But we go on backpacking or kayaking journeys once every three months and hurt ourselves...and Tim's huge muscles are still good from his college days...are we supposed to be working out? I guess it would help our hiking skills.

other random thoughts:

I really like Jerry Seinfeld.

I made bruschetta tonight. you should too.

Netflix loaned us Little Miss Sunshine and it was surprisingly fabulous!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

up to my elbows

Bummis Froggie PondWe've go cloth - diapers that is. We've always had it in the back of our minds but there were too many excuses not to do it...until we took the leap two weeks ago. I'm hoping (but don't hold me to it) to potty train Grant by 2 and the book I read told me cloth would help which tipped the scales. By using these just part time (not at nights, for babysitters, or extremely difficult events) I figure we can save over 1000 diapers from going into the landfill by the time he's potty trained and by potty training him early (many are waiting until age 3 now) that's another 1000 easy. Although I'm still working out the kinks it's going pretty well I'd say. For any of my mom friends out there I'm using Green Mountain Diapers and I think they're good stuff. Here's a few other tips too:
  1. don't let your toddler anywhere near the bathroom when disposing of waste products... they can't help but get involved, if you know what I mean.
  2. don't flush baby wipes with waste in office toilets, they will clog and you will be blamed.
  3. do air dry your babies bottom once in a while.
  4. don't think after your naked bottom baby has peed twice on the carpet he won't pee on your leg as well in a matter of minutes.

Monday, October 08, 2007

our house

We haven't had a house update for a little while because we weren't really doing anything but waiting around. After looking at the older houses and looking at the newer houses we felt like we could get a lot more for less if we went new but we just couldn't afford any in the neighborhoods we wanted yet so we waited. Something Tim is fabulous at and I am not so much. After almost three months we received a call that our house dropped 30 thousand making it affordable! So this weekend we went in and signed the papers!! Our house will be done in February (I hope our apartment won't burst before then). It's a three bedroom, 2 bath, with a den we might make into another bedroom. It's in Lemmon Valley, a little far out of town but close to the freeway, and near my parents for easy babysitter access. Here it is!! Pretty crazy!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

fire pjs

This tag was attatched to the new winter pjs I bought Grant. I'm confused, so is it okay to let him play by the fireplace or not?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


If you go to Nantucket you ought to get at least one good boat shot. Here's mine.

For more East Coast pictures click the boat to check out

Sunday, September 30, 2007

in a nut shell

I'm sure some of you would like to know what happened on our east coast vacation. My mom asks but there's no time to explain all we did! I hope this helps at least a little bit!

Us on the ferry to Nantucket. It was the last leg of our 2 day journey.

This isn't the family house but all the houses look about the same, gray shingles, white trim. It's quite unique and beautiful.

We went to Jetties Beach one day. We walked all the time because most things are close. Grant loved the freezing water.

Our last night together on the island we went out for drinks and celebrated Tim's birthday early. Kateri bought us drinks and that was awesome. Nantucket food is wrongly expensive. I had a drink and a half so...we had a good time.

On the ferry back I bought a bag of starbursts. Best 3 dollars I spent the whole time. Nantucket was definitely the highlight of the trip. It's like nothing else really...except Martha's Vineyard but I guess Nantucketers hate Martha's Vineyard.

Next we headed up to Maine. This is our bed and breakfast RIGHT on the beach. It was warm and wonderful! The night before Tim dug us a sand couch and we sat under the stars. (On the way there we had lunch in Boston. I hate Boston) Maine is my favorite now - and Portland Maine is right up there with Portland Oregon...maybe better.

Since the leaves were turning we stopped at a few rivers, scrounged some leaves and took water shots. That was fun! I took the pictures and Tim rearranged nature to look awesome without getting wet - quite a feat.

Then we played at Tim's parents house and SLEPT! It was more of an exciting trip then a relaxing trip.

Travel - UUGH - This is near the end. Tim pulled out the socks for a good old time! Everyone said he was the best kid but a quiet little boy does not come without parents working their face off the whole time. But despite the travel pains it was a very good family vacation.