Sunday, January 28, 2007

our dates struggle

Friday night we finagled a babysitter and headed downtown. Abby got a tip from her hairdresser about a hip bar with live jazz where we could hang out for the night. She even looked up their website and Googled a map so we knew exactly where we were going.
So we drove across the river slowly, watching for signs and a place to park. After driving past the address twice and not seeing what we were looking for, we decided to just park and search on foot. This involved circling several more blocks (it didn't help that one block away from our destination, Jesus Christ Superstar was playing at the Pioneer Center, which we would have been at had I been smart enough to buy tickets before it sold out, and thus all parking spaces were taken).

Eventually we found a conspicuously underlit lot (thank you Reno) and headed out in the 25-degree air. We again walked past where we thought it could be, circled around, double-checked our directions, and circled again. Nothing. Freezing and frustrated, we ducked inside the lobby of the building where it should have been. As we were rubbing our hands to get warm, a resident walked in the door. 'Do you know where EJ's is?' Abby asked. 'Yes,' the woman said, 'they went out of business.'

We spent the next hour and a half looking for another bar, but when we finally did, we had about fifteen minutes left before we needed to head home, since our car was then parked about half an hour's walk away..... enough said.

I wish I could say this is the only time something like this has happened, but I'm afraid it's quite typical of our dates. Something always goes wrong.

Help, anyone?

at least grant is cute

Saturday, spur of the moment, we went out to hunt some new photos. We picked Donner somehow and drove up quickly before we had friends over for dinner. Although the sky was lovely over Reno, Donner was not so lucky - mostly clouded in. So after playing the Road Game - find a road, see where it goes - for a few hours we ended up without any great nature photos but with at least one cute kid photo. Good thing we brought Grant! It was still fun to jump in the car with our cameras and drive around...most of the time.

Check out the new shutterfly album for more shots.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

the dark side

We've been told that some of you believe Grant never cries because all the pictures we post are of him smiling his little face off. So here, in living color, is proof otherwise. I give you Grant, in all his fussy glory.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

grant's favorite toy

Well, we don't have much to say but here's our parenting tip for the day.

Don't throw away that chip bag. Tape up the top for crumb protection and hand it to the baby. It seems the thicker plastic doesn't suffocate them!

It's also earth friendly!

So if you're one of our friends having a new baby - and that's quite a lot of you - don't think we're wierd when we send you a used chip bag in the mail. You'll thank us when you try it.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

it's a good year for firsts in 2007

It's been a busy week for the Mortons. Seems like New Year Fever has hit and without really meaning to, we've passed several milestones in the last several days:

-our first visit to Pyramid Lake. Until this week it was a great mystery of the Nevada desert. We explored a little, took some pictures, and got busted by a ranger for being on the reservation without a permit.

-our first sleepover at Dawson and Miriam's. We spent New Year's at their Pine Springs mansion, introduced them to a new drink or two, and coined a couple of in-jokes.

-our first night in a hotel in Reno. We left the kid with the grandparents, checked into the Peppermill, and lost a bunch of money at the slots (luckily, we won a bunch first).

-Grant's first solid food. You've already read about that.

-Grant's first allergic reaction. Two days after starting him on solid foods, he broke out in a rash - first under his eye, then his cheeks, then his chest. Guess he got some Lange blood.

-our first cross-country ski outing. One year after buying the boots and getting all the necessary gear together, we actually hit the snow today. It kinda sucked but the weather was brilliant and it was kinda awesome.

-the first time I've led worship at Coram Deo. Robbie was in San Fran this weekend so I took the shift.

-and finally, accept our apologies for the first time we've posted without pictures. We don't have any for most of these and for the not-first time, I don't have time to upload any.

Friday, January 05, 2007

the food plunge

Grant has been grabbing for food now for a few weeks... and we hoped to fatten him up before bed so he'd sleep better... so we took the food plunge. He doesn't look thrilled yet but trust me, he is.

And he's a Genius! After the first two shove-ins he started opening his mouth right up!

But sometimes his excitement would get the best of him and he'd close his mouth before the spoon actually got in. Whatever made it in though went right down! Genius!

Then we finished off the meal like a big kid. What can I say, he likes cups!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

my new camera

I (abby) got a new camera (we've been saving for for 6 months) this Christmas! Now if I take a good picture I can blow it up larger than an 8x10! Thanks again to my Dad who let me use his awesome camera for a few months!

Monday, January 01, 2007

christmas 06

We'll let the photos tell the story...

Abby and I both put mechanical pencils in each other's stocking. Doesn't seem strange? We haven't kept pencils in the house since we were married. Notice also the bottles of condiment sauces....

Grant is still a little confused about the purpose of books. But he likes them.

....and anything else that is colored, has a shape, and comes close to fitting in his mouth...

But even better than that is a hand puppet. Here, Mendelson makes Christmas magical.

Grant learns Christmas etiquette: trash the place, then sit around in your chair surrounded by all your gifts.