Tuesday, March 27, 2007

gas is romantic

Tim and I used to talk about romance all the time. We realized the other night we don't anymore. I'm thinking this means either we know what the other wants by now or we're too tired to do it anyway so we don't want to bring it up.

We've also run into the money problem. Girls like things. Things cost money. Steaks, flowers, jewlery, climbing gear, whatever. But I think real romance doesn't cost a lot of money...although money never hurts. Real romance shows a person they are known and loved. I told Tim he could make me a ring out of paper and I'd like it - serious. I heard someone for Valentine's day decorated a table at In-N-Out. That would be fun! But I do wish they made calamari there so I'm not that immaterial.

But the bottom line of the story is I think gas is very romantic. The other day Tim found a way to fill my Jeep with gas without tipping me off. How did he even know it was empty?? I was putting it off, putting it off. I hate getting gas, and with Grant waiting on me I hate it even more. To find a need and meet it before I would think to ask and without calling attention to it - that's romantic. I've heard stories from friends of mine and they echo the same thoughts. So guys....gas is romantic.


Mavora Art and Adventure has bagged 10,000 hits! For some that's no big deal but for us it's...something! Thanks for reading about our life and sharing yours in your comments and blogs.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the model

Grant took us and his east coast Grandparents to get our picture taken at Kiddie Kandids last week. They did an excellent job. 100% better then the last place we went. But it's hard because they only take 8 shots - how great can we all look in 8 shots? (Well... apparently pretty good because between the two families we bought 80 bucks worth.) Today I tried my own photo shoot realize I haven't tried to take good picture of Grant is a while. I got out the white sheet, a few props, and Mendelson the Puppet. I made up a soccer pose for Tim and a naked pose for my mom. The soccer theme has some really cute ones.

I told Tim just the other day, "Grant is going to be a volleyball player!" He said, "He's going to be a soccer player!" I said, "uuugh." He said, "as long as we drive him to do the things we never could." I said, "Whatever. I want him to make us money." But that's off the subject.

So now there are new pictures of Grant on Shutterfly for you all. I'll keep working on my photo shoot skills. Grant could also use some work on his modeling skills. He's always shoving props in his mouth, drooling, and sticking out his tongue.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

our favorite things

Oprah does it so I thought we should too...
These are our favorite things.

Favorite Sauce - Cookies Bar B Q Sauce:

Only made in Wall Lake Iowa.
You can't buy it here and shipping from the
website is outrageous so if you drive
Iowa pick us up some.

Favorite stay-in Dessert - Lemon Cake for Two:
Baked fresh daily in the
Raley's Bakery.
(at least the one off Robb Dr.)

Favorite Getaway - Sierra Shangri-La
You don't have to go far to feel
like no one will ever find you.
We're hooked on the Banff Film Festival
here in Downieville, the smallest city it visits.

Favorite Lounge - Fireside in the Pepermill
Fire, drinks, free appitizers at Happy Hour
4-7 Monday -Friday

Favorite Dragon - Trogdor
Who lives at a good ol' fashioned fun
site: www.homestarrunner.com

It's late now so I'll have to wrap up this session of favorite things
but stay tuned, there maybe more in the future....
and seriously - go now to Raley's and get the cake!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


yesterday Grant peed in my purse.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

thoughts on age

When Tim and I first got together I was a little scared about what people would say. We're opposites, we were at "camp" with a bunch of 20 year olds, and we would be breaking up our clan of friends, it just didn't seem like something we could do for some reason. After keeping the secret for a day I think it was Tim who said, "you're 24, I'm 27, we can do watever we want!" We still say that phrase sometimes to remind ourselves we're older then we think. Tuesday I turned 27 so now we're 27, 29. It will be wierd when we're 50, 53. Or 82, 85. Tim's Grandmother turns 90 this weekend. So they're like 90,...90. As seen below.
It's funny that age doesn't really make me feel old, I already thought I was 27 before my birthday - It's Grant that makes me feel old. We went climbing today and what once was a confident young gal is now a shy mom thinking, "why do I do this again"....and..."I should do what?" Luckily by the second climb I was able to get back into the rythym of things...ish. Tim yells at me not to grow up but I can't help it! It's sneaking up on me...

My life is about 50/50 Young and Old
When I shop with Grant - OLD
When I shop alone - YOUNG
When I see Tim and he melts my heart - YOUNG
When I have my biblestudy with the collge gals - OLD
When I'm backpacking - YOUNG...yet out of shape.
When I'm rock climbing - OLD
When I'm blogging - YOUNG

At 24 I lived in New Zealand
At 25 I got married
At 26 I had a baby!
27....hmmm...I'm going to have to run a marathon. Crap.

And my choice for birthday dinner...
Del Taco Shrimp Tacos. mmmmmmmmmmm

Monday, March 05, 2007


Abby: "We only blog about what we do, why don't we blog about what we think?"
Tim: "Aha!!!!"
Abby thinks: I don't know what that means. Maybe we will.
Grant: Bbbbbbbbb uh

hidden beach

....this is us at Hidden Beach, our pretty-much-favorite-by-now spot at Tahoe, which we visited twice this weekend, once before babysitting our little nephew and staying up late watching Roman Holiday waiting for Dallas and Kelly to get back from Kelly's brother's wedding, and once the next day before trying to drive to Tahoe City and finding the road completely blocked with an unseeable obstacle which forced us to turn around.....