Thursday, May 31, 2007


We have a chance to get something displayed at Artown this year. We need to enter 2 pieces under Sierra Arts Council's theme - Faces and Places of America. Everytime I talk about it around the house I say, "faces and places of freaking America" so you might be able to tell how I feel about it. I just don't have a lot of pictures that fit. I've been working on a few angles and was wondering if you guys could tell me if you like anything. If we get something in number 1 I'd feel cool and number 2 someone might buy it...and that would be nice. I need to spruce up a few of these but so far here's what I got.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

camping...kind of

Tim wrote the first post about this trip but I'm afraid he's too busy to finish telling the story so I'm going to pick up where he left off and try to be true to his feelings about it.

We're very good backpackers...not such good car campers. It seems every time we plan only 2 hours in advance, pack the Jeep full of whatever crap is in the "outdoors closet", and head off to a place we've only looked up on the computer. Friday night we followed suit and drove off to Fort Churchill a little over an hour out. By the time we arrived it was getting late. We only had enough time to find a site, set up camp, and get Grant ready for bed. Although it was rushed we thought things could turn out okay. Then the problems began.
Problem 1 - We don't actually know HOW we're all going to sleep. Our tent is for backpacking...Grant is for do the math.

Problem 2 - The tent poles are nowhere to be found making problem #1 bigger. ( In the picture Tim is using the jeep and the tripod to string up the tent)
I end up making the car seat into a bed for Grant in the front of the Jeep and us a bed in the back. We put Grant to bed. Things could still turn out okay.
Problem 3 - We forgot the bug repellent. Tim seems fine but as soon as twilight hits I am slapping and itching and screaming my angry words.

Problem 4 - As soon as Tim gets a romantic fire going (and of course we didn't bring any firewood) I storm off yelling and shut myself in the Jeep hoping to stop the bug bites before I lost my mind.

Problem 5 - Tim stays outside. I don't know now if we're fighting, or if we should be fighting, or if he should just get his butt inside the car.

Problem 6 - Because of the bug issue we wrapped the slightly opened back door in tent fly to keep our environment pure. By the time I get in it's like a freaking sauna and I strip down to my skivvies.

Problem 7 - I forgot to mention it but Grant has had a fever this whole time, we think just from teething so we weren't overly worried (obviously because we went camping anyway). So we have a feverish baby in a hot car and people opening the door shining a bright light in his eyes. Do you think he was happy??
Tim gets in the car after an hour with his fire (side note: I only looked at him once when I was inside the jeep and I saw him putting out a small fire that had left the ring with a nalgene) upon his arrival I'm pleasant, as I recall, believing we can still cuddle and whisper a little before bed. I believe things could still turn out okay.
Problem 8 - Grant wakes up again screaming because the light turned on when Tim got in the car.

Problem 9 - Tim says he's not that mad but every comment from his mouth (all 3) was in, I swear, the exact same tone my dad used to use on camping me, it's not good. So now I have to just say goodnight and I guess we're fighting because if I thought there was a chance in hell he would have listened I would have "discussed it".
When I go to the bathroom before we fall asleep we fix problem 8 - the car light - I rip off the cover and yell at Tim to rip out the light. Grant yells too. I think things could be okay if we just fall asleep right now.
Problems 10 & 11 - are the two times in the middle of the night Grant is screaming uncontrollably. Could it be the teeth? Could it be he's boiling hot? Could it be he's strapped in to a car seat for hours and hours? Could it be a bug bit him? I'm guess YES.
Tim using his unfriendly voice again (and he doesn't use it much so when he uses it you get scared) saying, "Well, we're NEVER camping with HIM again."

The alarm went off at 5am finishing the painful night with one last shock wave of agony but we got up, kissed each other, said I love you, and got down to business taking pictures. That part was really fun. And when we were done, we immediately packed up the Jeep and headed home to sleep. But, although there were more problems then there was camping, we agreed on the ride home that making terrible memories together is better then making no memories at all.

Tim will get his film developed soon,
for now you can see my 4 best Churchill shots on Mavora Art.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

on the road again

Abby saw some pictures of Fort Churchill somewhere and decided we needed to take some. So Friday we decided to drive out there after work, camp the night, and take some sunrise pictures of the fort. We brought the baby, both our tents, the all-terrain stroller, food, camp chairs, and of course our photography gear. Everything we'd need for a successful overnight in the desert, right?
We blog about our adventures a lot and I guess they usually sound like they work our pretty well. But the truth is, we struggle. I guess we don't blog about all the not-so-fun times. For every adventure that turns out well we probably have one or two that crash and burn. Here and here are a couple of examples.
So I thought I'd open it up to you creative types, or those of you who really know us, to guess what happened.....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

one niece to another

For half of this week I'm a mother of two in what I've now noticed is a very small apartment. My 2 year old niece Macy is staying with us...sleeping in the bathroom. While Grant was taking a nap we decided we should make cards. We made one for uncle Tim (even though Macy is completely afraid of him) and one for her new cousin Reese! I've scanned it in and tried to label a few things for your pleasure.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

lemonade update

If there's one thing I've learned so far trying to put on this event it's that charity work is HARD! I've spent countless hours getting huge corporations to donate 20 bucks, and the locals aren't any friendlier. But the good news is, although we have virtually no money raised yet, we have a location, a stand (or at least wood, screws, and my hunky husband), we have cups, lemonade, and we have signs. So it looks like there really will be an Alex's Lemonade Stand in Reno and that's something!

I don't know if any of you have seen Head of State - a Chris Rock movie - or if you'd even admit it if you did, but the democrats make a smear campaign against Mays (Chris) saying something like,

"He wasn't at the cancer walk...
Mays Gilliam - FOR CANCER!"

I think of that alot when I'm being rejected by...everyone...but I better not tell you who in this town is for cancer, like all the Casinos and Lowe's. oops.

It makes you think though, about how much we give compared to how much we have. It's easy to judge a multi-billion dollar corporation but in the end it just shines light on my own life. How can I expect people to do what I won't - and Christ lives in me! But I want a a noble thing with my money - Kayaks!

Monday, May 21, 2007

pig rock

Sunday morning we accomplished our first-ever family rock-climbing trip. It was a real Nevada climbing experience, complete with a wandering search through a desert labyrinth of dusty roads (we didn't know exactly where we were going), endless sagebrush, no shade, blazing sunshine, and one big hog-shaped rock.
The climbing was good - Grant wished he could climb too. When we wouldn't let him, he refused to take any pictures of us climbing.

Next time if he's more cooperative maybe we can prove we actually climbed it....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

being a mom

Tomorrow will be my first real Mother's Day.
I don't really have words to express my feelings
about motherhood so I'm posting pictures
including Grant's favorite book to eat.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

this one's for bethany

Aunt Bethany gave Mendelson to Grant for Christmas.
What can we say but he's a winner? In the right hands, of course...
Sorry it's so dark...that's with all the lights on.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

get your lemonade!

So I saw this segment on the Early Show about Alex and her lemonade stand dreams to fight childhood cancer. You can check it out yourself at They're trying to get a stand in every state and Nevada, of course, didn't have one yet. I decided I should do something about that. I don't have a place yet, I've only been working on this thing for three days, but I'm going to have a lemonade stand somewhere in Reno - June 9th. I'd love it if you all could help too - either by donating, coming out to buy lemonade or spreading the word to others. My church Coram Deo is supporting me and Jose our worship pastor, and now my partner in crime, encouraged me to "up the ante". I think we're going for the goal of $10,000 now. On the side of my page you'll see a link to my donation web page, our online goal is set at $3,000 knowing not everyone will give through this site. This should be interesting!
- Abby