Friday, August 31, 2007

new insight

It's 4:30am and I'm awake with allergies but now that I'm up I'm getting new information about Grant. He's totally awake, just hanging out in his crib. I think he might be having tea with cookie monster. No wonder he "sleeps in" until 8. He's up half the night playing in the dark!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

smart kid

Grant is getting so smart! He got this piggy bank from Aidan his stroller buddy a few weeks ago and he's now got it down. In this video he's faking out the bank by putting the coin in half way and pulling it back out again, getting the sound but not losing his money, but what I wanted to catch was the "yay!" I think yay is his first word... even though it's not really a word... but he's using it correctly. He can also high five, climb onto the couch, and tuesday he opened his first door. We're doomed.

Sorry I was unable to shorten the video and keep the sound so you get it all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

daddy and mommy

I've talked to a lot of moms and there is a general consensus that daddy and mommy do things very differently around the house. One of the biggest challenges is not telling the other how to do things, assuming their way is the right way. Tim and I are not an exception. I like to think I don't tell him how to do it "right" but I'm sure I still do. Dads and Moms are just different. For one thing I'm with Grant ALL THE TIME. Tim, not so much. And I'm a girl and he's a guy, need I say more. Last night I was working at the computer and Tim (very kindly) changed Grant. I turn my head and here comes the kid -

his changing pad tucked into his pants. I think that's the equivalent of an adult having TP stuck to his shoe.

But Tim is good at building stuff with Grant, something I don't do. And now he's not afraid of the drill anymore which is good! (don't worry Mom, he doesn't let Grant hold nails...I don't think)

I guess having kids together is just another challenger of marriage's number one rule- Let your partner be who they are and not just a clone of yourself.

I don't really know what the number one rule is but this one's gotta be up there eh?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


"I wish peeing a lot was sexy... then I'd be totally hot!"
- Abby

Saturday, August 25, 2007

how dope...

is this?

Tim and I "played studio" last night with food coloring and water. We covered the living room and brought out ALL the lights and extension cords. We're hoping to turn our third bedroom someday into a more efficient place to paint and take pictures. I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

santa cruz

We celebrated our anniversary with a weekend in Santa Cruz. Thanks to my good friend Nicole who totally hooked us up in the room department - we stayed at Mt Hermon, just 10 minutes away from the beach! We relaxed, played, took pictures, ate expensive food (not always good but always expensive), laughed a lot, and drove forever it seemed. Oh and we got rear-ended. But it barely left a scratch so all is well - stinkin' California drivers! It was nice to be so far away from everything. Work, church, dishes, laundry, and Grant (thanks Mom and Dawson & Miriam). When you don't have a kid you can go out, sleep, and wake up when you want. It's FABULOUS! And although we're not newlyweds anymore we are still falling in love...

This is my favorite picture of the trip although I still have more to go through. What do you think?

Monday, August 20, 2007

2 years

Today is our two year anniversary...and we just got our wedding album in the mail today! I finally got around to sorting through the pictures and my friend Julie told me Shutterfly made great looking printed albums which inspired me. And they do! I really like it! So now when you come over you can see our wedding story in a real finished book!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today is my K-dad's birthday (Tim's Dad...his name is Kent...and so now my K-dad). Seeing as he lives in New Hampshire we should have bought a card on Saturday, wrote in it Sunday, and sent it early Monday morning...but of course now it's 11 am Wednesday and there's no card, no writing, and nothing in the mail (the e-card thing isn't even working out). I feel I must confess that when it's my Dad's birthday we just pick something up on the way to dinner. And we pretty much always wrap our Nephews' presents in the car. Our circle of family and friends just seems to keep growing. Grant has like 20 little kid friends alone! So we're getting more and more behind on cards but our love on the other hand is only getting bigger and better. So now that I've confessed our sins to the world I'd like to try and make up for K-dad's lack of a card and show him how much we really do love him. I shall write him one of my delightful birthday poems.

Some call him Kent
Some call him Superman
Grant calls him nothing just yet...

His children called him Dad
when they were too old to say Daddy
But that's what they've always meant

I called him nice,
called him sweet, called him wise
from the very first day that we met

And now I call him K-dad
That's what he is
Taking me in, not charging me rent.


Friday, August 10, 2007


My sister-in-law Kateri makes fabulous jewelry and sells it online through Etsy. We thought maybe we should give it a try since it's 5,000 times cheaper then the site we're using now. (That should mean more money to fight poverty - global, not just our own) It has it's good sides and it's bad. It's more work because we have to print and ship our stuff but we can get our photos printed at a better place which makes us happy. And we can give more options too. I've made a few cards, and am looking into printing more, and I've listed our newest abstract paintings as well. So check out our new etsy shop by clicking on our mini store on the right! We're probably wasting our time trying to sell stuff because we aren't really making money but the creativity it takes to make something and then put it on a website keeps me alive some we continue.

Friday, August 03, 2007

grant and matisyahu

I just wanted to upload a simple video of Grant and his poor-boy-walker but then I got a little carried away... I dedicate the final product to my brother Dawson.
Sorry about the quality, I can't seem to save it in a larger format. If you would like a clearer picture you can order the DVD.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

cheese bread binge

I've been crazy for cheese bread lately. My wonderful husband made a late night run to the store and returned with these. Red Baron French Bread Cheese and Garlic Pizzas. I cook them in the microwave and crisp them in the toaster oven and then cut them into short, fat strips. Then I dip them in spaghetti sauce - always abundant in our house - it's AMAZING! Good for me? I suppose not. But AMAZING! Good for breakast, lunch, or an after dinner snack! And we just found them at Winco on our family grocery trip for $2.08. That's for 2! I tried to buy them all but Tim said we didn't have room in the freezer. I can't wait until we get a bigger fridge!