Saturday, March 29, 2008

navigator pride

Grant's favorite movie for the past few months now is the Flight of the Navigator. I bought it at the grocery store trying to recapture my youth and it paid off double returns. For those of you who haven't seen it - sorry. And for those of you that have, I know you are still loyal! About a month ago I was in Target buying some stuff for the house and I picked up the movie Robots for Grant to watch while I work. I mentioned to the Aussie clerk that his favorite movie is Flight of the Navigator and - no joke - three people turned around and commented on how awesome that was. I'm including the trailer to show those who haven't seen it how awesome it is and for those of you that have - maybe you can breath in a moment of your childhood. As I write Grant is standing, absolutely glued to the Navigator and his kitties (aliens).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the tevas fit!

Grant got these tevas before he was born and now they finally fit! We tested them out kayaking on Easter Sunday and they worked perfectly! Thanks Martha for thinking ahead!

We're excited that the weather is warming up - but we still have a ways to go. We're not so into the winter sports - we didn't even make it out to take any snow pictures! We did buy snow shoes at the rei garage sale that we haven't used yet - but we had to get them after I tried cross country skiing with Grant on my back and it didn't go so well....anyway not a lot of news around here. I'm still working on my wedding invitation line. I got such a big order I had to hire another company to help - Kinkos. :)

And finally - Grant is a chatter box with
Got you
ha ha
ank ew/thank you
and bye

Thursday, March 06, 2008

multi task entry

(1) I'm growing my invitation line. I'm learning to design more things myself and I have a great motivator - a vendor in colorado wants to carry my stuff! I'm pretty excited!!

(2) I should start watching my language - We have a habit of watching the Simpsons with dinner and last night Grant said "ha, ha" after Nelson said it. Funny....and dangerous.

(3) Another video since the aunts loved the last one so much. Grant is really into Grandpa right now so add Ziggy the Puppet (made by my mom for when I taught english in Samoa forever ago) and you have something is laugh about.


(4) It's my birthday! I'm 28! It doesn't seem like my birthday though...I think I must be grown up now.