Monday, May 26, 2008

a message...

to a friend and to myself

You are not nowhere.
You are surrounded by God's work
people who need love, and grace, and Jesus.
Just like Africa...but uglier.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I wasn't going to post about American Idol because Tim and I always like the people who lose - for instance Kathrine MacPhee, Blake, and we were quite sweet on Brooke White this season - but she kept forgetting her words. Anyway the dude I liked finally won! DAVID COOK! I thought for sure Archie was gonna get him but no! Cook started out a little weird but he grew to be a pretty sweet artist! SWEET! And my two votes during my mid-night pee break last night weren't even needed because he won by 12 million votes.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

front yard fun

Well we don't have a backyard yet but we do own a piece of grass in the front yard and a garage. Put em together with a couple of friends and you have a good old garage bbq.

The Bjurs came over with Eli - 2 weeks younger than Grant - and we played in the sprinklers and bar-b-qued pizza - yes on the grill. Here's a clip of some of the action. We were laughing so much Grant wanted to join in...or make fun of us, I'm not sure.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

greener groceries

A few months ago we made the switch to canvas grocery bags. I know some people use those plastic bags - they can be handy - but I hate having one million of them under my sink. I think I hesitated so long because I thought cloth was going to be too hard to remember - and they were for about two weeks. But now it's a habit. And partly because I love using them. I like knowing I'm using cloth instead of plastic and I like that you can put twice the groceries in one cloth bag (that doesn't break) and the Scolaris bags ($.99) have long handles you can throw over your shoulder. So anyway, if you haven't tried them yet but feel like you probably should. Go for it!

So that's step one. I'm now on step two - If you already use cloth bags maybe you can join me on this new find. I just purchased these mesh produce bags. (most of the plastic produce bags in my house have a shelf life of about 2 minutes before they hit the trash) I found the idea on etsy. I purchased her package of 3 for $6.00 and I also tried making my own. (mine is the banana one) The material is hard to work with but the good news is it's just a produce bag so it doesn't have to look perfect. I'll probably make some more but the price is so good at Daisy Dots that you really don't have to. The only problem I found with hers is the cotton string she used catches on the tool. I used a nylon camping rope. It's $2.00 for a bunch so you could easily switch it out if you'd like. Today was my first time using them but so far so good! And now my veggies can breathe!

I hope this helps inspire you to do those small things for the environment you know you should but it just never seems to get done.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

lacking pictures

Sorry we've been lacking pictures of the Grant-man. The Family out there is getting restless I know. I'm uploading some pictures to our shutterfly page now. Sorry I don't have anything spectacular. I want to do some outdoor pictures but between the cold and Grant trying to grab the camera continually it's pretty tough. He's still cute as a bug but more in real life then on film. We did get him walking around with a cloth grocery bag over his head and most of his body the other day but it's on the big camera so I don't know if I can get it on here....sorry to tease....but it was awesome!

Here are some shots of Family-Garage-Saturday-redesigning-the-Climbing-Wall. Grant's getting really good with the drill - I however still scream when I use it.