Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Grant thinks the alphabet starts:

.....A ..... Chicken ......

serious spaghetti

Our church has been cooking and serving spaghetti at the men's shelter now for several months once a month. Well our roommate Crystal does all the work for our family with the cooking and the driving down there to serve but I feel like we're helping since we donate our kitchen....but this last time I felt I could do more! I figured I could help Crystal and we could whip up double the spaghetti which was needed as they were short on cooks. Okay. One pan of the spaghetti they serve is a LOT and two is INSANE! We really didn't have the pots for it so many things were switching from one pot to another, to a third. Especially the spaghetti which I never realized grew so much. I just wanted to attach a picture of most of the food - of course there's WAY more spaghetti in the kitchen.....all over the kitchen.... I need more pots captain!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the ring bearer

This weekend Grant had the honor of being the ring bearer at his friends' wedding. His job was to carry a bucket down the aisle and pick up four shells. We practiced for two days and he really did try, but alas as expected it didn't go smoothly. He actually got so excited he could barely be held back. I was at the end of the aisle with a bag of promised shark fruit snacks. They let him go and at first he shuffled shyly but then suddenly he exploded into a sprint down the aisle toward the shells. I thought he might make it happen, but his run turned quickly into a spread eagle fall smack dab in the center and an explosion of 14 shells out of his little bucket followed. But still the little guy got up undaunted, squatted and began to pick up shells. The problem was he was going to take all day, so off I went to grab a few and walk him down the rest of the aisle all the while with Grant saying quite loudly, "sharks!" "sharks!". But we made it out without tears so I'm still calling it a success.

Oh and Grant dj-ed for a bit too - that actually went better than the ring bearing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

new pictures

Tim and I got to go to the lake on Saturday to kayak and take pictures around sunset. At first I was dragging my feet but it ended up to be so much fun! It's been a while since I've had some real uninterrupted photography time.

I also added some pictures to our shutterfly page - did you guys know they changed it? It's like a hip blog page now. You can make it look really cool but I won't be. All coolness that I have will come here.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ant bee

Well I guess it was a few weeks ago now but Tim's sisters Aunt Bethany (ant bee) and Aunt Faith came to visit us. I'm adding some pictures. And I can't tell the story well because I wasn't there but wanted to mention that Ant Bee gave Grant a bath with his clothes on. He wanted them on apparently and won. Thanks for coming out guys!

(we're saying "look at the camera Grant!")

And on a side note, my favorite gray shirt pictured above just bit the big one. I'm quite upset. I got olive oil on it and upon removing most of that stain it must have found some bleach residue in the sink where the night before I had placed my hair foils (Tim highlights my hair) and red spots ensued. Perfect!