Sunday, October 26, 2008

will photo for food

I'm sorry I haven't put up a new title in a while I just loved the last one so much. This one is a sneak peak of the our fall photo shoot - pictures to be unveiled on our Christmas card! It was just the family and a tripod but we got a few surprisingly great shots. So now I am announcing to our Reno friends that we're opening Mavora up for family photo shoots this fall. Construction has been slow for Tim and we need some extra cash flow and babysitting so we're open to both forms of payment. I can't wait to show you our shots!

Hidden Beach, Tahoe - Summer 2007

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

last ride

This past Saturday I went on a bike ride at Tahoe with my friend Lane. We overestimated our endurance a little, I think, but.... let's just say we really enjoyed the first eleven miles. And the view from above Sand Harbor.

The last eleven miles were a bit more challenging, but we survived.

This being the second half of October, it was probably my last ride of the season. As I remarked to Lane, it was a good last ride and left me well prepared for winter - I will probably remember the pain until spring.