Saturday, November 29, 2008

good for laughs

Grant is FUNNY!

He finds wonderful times to say "What the HECK" and he does it all long and drawn out. It's hilarious and we can't stop laughing so we're not helping him break the habit.

He also says - Fick ix = "fix it"

He loves Wall-E, Eve, and don't forget Mo.

And he's CONSTANTLY asking "you okay?".... you okay dinosaur? okay daddy? okay bed?

The other day Tim went in Grant's room and he was saying "paintin wall?". He pretends to paint a lot these days after watching Daddy do it. Tim figured it was nothing. Later that day however we found one of our paint brushes we let him play with covered in Desitin and lying between his car bed frame and mattress. He had shoved it in the hole and sure enough there was Desitin painted on the wall near by. Now when we leave the room we say "don't play with anything wet in here". I figure that should cover our bases.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sorry guys but I've been WAY to busy! Mavora has been doing well though so that's good even though it makes things harder too. This week Tim has been painting the living room while I work at nights. I'll send a picture when we have it finished. Decorating is slow around here. I was hoping this picture I made Tim would inspire him...and I think it did. It's a 20 by 28 poster hanging in the living room now. I've always liked the moment this picture captured at our reception but it never had great lighting. I got this idea from an artist on Etsy but I couldn't afford to have him do I did. I gave it to Tim 4 years after we met. He brought me home chinese food and we ate it out of the box. I always wanted to do that....silly I know.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

laughter, trouble, and a turtle

Grant is in his car bed now - thanks to his cousins sharing.
Does every 2 year old boy stick his legs straight up in the air when getting tucked in? And he leaves them up there too, it's not like a ploy to stop bed time, he likes it like that. We are still working on the STAY part of bedtime but we're getting there.

This is after I left Grant alone for 45 seconds with a marker

This is just him being cute - he would only smile if I got in the picture with him.

And this is our little turtle last night for Halloween!
He still tried to go into all the houses like last year but he at least would say,
"wanna treat!"
The kitty is our neighbor friend.


These two (cousin Macy) are totally crazy together.
And that's what's going on around here!