Friday, December 26, 2008

a white christmas

Reno hasn't had a white Christmas in a while but we got one this year! Today we took the sleds to the park for Grant's first downhill outing. It was surprisingly chilly!



More pictures are also now up on our shutterfly account - sorry it took so long!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

merry christmas

We've sent out the Christmas cards but our update letter is here...

Some highlighted news of 2008 include:

In February we moved into our first house! It's a brand new one story in Lemmon Valley (north Reno). Our street has a lot of young families on it and it's level - a luxury we didn't have our first two years of marriage. Grant's best friend Brian lives at the end of the street and they do lots of things together every week.

Abby now works part time for our church (yeah in addition to her design jobs) and enjoys being more involved in the ministry of Coram Deo. She heads up the design, welcoming team, and other odds and ends of making the church community grow and thrive. Tim is still in the band and has begun leading worship once a month which keeps him on his toes. We love the family we have there!

Mavora Art and Design (our little photography business that is now Abby's design business) has been growing steadily. We finally got a business license and made it official! So we are small business owners and Abby is frequently working hard over wedding invitations, stationery, and other custom cards. If you want to see her work you can go to and her etsy stores - mavora for brides mainly and mavoracards for the everyday stuff.

We were able to vacation in Yosemite this year which has been a goal since we moved to Reno. We spent our third anniversary there, did some slab climbing, and froze every night. We were able to share the experience with Abby's parents, brother's family, and some friends too which was an extra bonus for sure!

Grant is now 2 and he definitely qualifies as a highlight. You can browse the blog and see more of him; for instance - here, here, and here. We're planning on getting Grant a little sister through an international adoption but it's still VERY much in the God willing stage because we don't really know what we're doing.

And so overall life is good, God is good, and we hope you are doing well also. We wish you could all be our next door out-of-towners we really do miss sometimes! Thanks for making our life better every time you step into it!

Merry Christmas,
Tim, Abby, and Grant

Monday, December 01, 2008

mittens for all

hey ya'll if you're looking for a fun winter present to give check out my Mom's Etsy store...that's right!

Recycled sweater mittens with cozy fleece lining for around $20.00

logo, store design, and photos by Mavora Art and Design of course!