Wednesday, December 30, 2009

christmas dinosaurs


Grant knew right out of the wrapping paper - a Parasaurolophus and an Ankylosaurus. Thank you PBS Dinosaur Train.
Christmas was fabulous with a new bike and some good family time. You can see Grant and Macy loving their new computers and Grant thinks you show your new toys to the camera OVER your face. The little guy in the corner is Caleb my adorable nephew.

Monday, December 21, 2009

the christmas card

We did a really shabby job sending out our Christmas card this year but we did get some out to the people that don't move a lot. I think in the next year I'll try to re-do the address book. It's mainly full of loose papers and sticky notes by now.

If we missed you here's your card! We wish all our friends and family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love you all!


The Office Depot by my house has 2010 Cadbury Creme Eggs at the check out counter. I bought them. I've been craving them since September. I'm one in favor of mixing holidays. They've all got good stuff - enjoy it!

Monday, December 07, 2009

let it snow!

We're in the middle of Reno's first big snow of the season. There's almost a foot on the ground now. Grant is SO excited! He spent the morning pointing out the front window and laughing at the cars buried in the snow...and the sidewalks...and the houses....and the bbq. It was all hilarious! Daddy braved the cold with him for some sledding at the park and catching snowflakes on their tongues. It's just about as good as Christmas around here!

Monday, November 30, 2009

one room down

Grant's room is done - after about two years in this house. He has a dino on the wall, a new dresser Tim fixed up that we got for free, new modern blue paint, and his very own mom-made-box-oven including a close-able oven door, and dual compact disc burners. He loves cooking and maybe he can share a kids kitchen with his little sister when she gets older but for now it's the real kitchen with mom and this box hung on the wall. He's pretty happy about it though as you can see! We still need a big boy bed and I have promised him Lightning McQueen sheets to ease the transition. Once we get that...and maybe a poster of Lighting McQueen for above his toy cubes we should be golden. He's super happy, and organization in a house always helps a stay at home mom feel a little more at peace. Now that we have his room tackled we can work on the new baby's room next. We've started paint color selections and we have another free dresser to fix up. I really need to start taking before and after shots of Tim's work. These dressers started out quite a mess. I love you my talented husband!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

still going

I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant now I think. We find out if the baby is a boy or a girl tomorrow!! But the second trimester is still treating me well. I get more worn out then usual but I still play volleyball every Sunday with my team. We're doing better then we ever have and it's always so much fun - so I'm playing as long as I can. I bought a large shirt before the season so you can't really tell I am carrying an extra player. I may have to slow down here soon but so far so good! Grant still doesn't seem to dig the idea of having a brother or sister around but we'll see how it really goes when the time comes.


I've changed to a typepad space. It's easier to play web designer with my skill level and I get to keep a blog with it too which I like. It's a simple design but I like the brightness over the goth look of my last site. So bookmark it if you haven't already to check out new products, to get to my stores, etc.

Monday, October 19, 2009

dare to go higher then ever before.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the vintage photo

I've always admired the vintage photo look. A lot of Etsy artists are doing it. My style is kinda bright but this flower photo was just too over the top fushia so I thought I'd give it a try and turn Tim's blossom photo from our front yard into a softer image for our calm blue and tan living room. I like photoshop!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

internet relationships

It seems most of my family and friends are blogging less and less...and so am I. Facebook has been my new obsession. It's keeping me in contact with friends that otherwise I'd never talk to or just miss out on more of their life then I'd like too. They have these little updates people write that make you laugh or remind you that someone is hurting or on vacation so don't invite them over. Or you can have a full on chat. It's pretty easy and the pay off in relationship is pretty high actually. Some people would argue it's killing real relationships but I would say I'm only adding internet-friendship-spying to my real relationships and I think it's helping. I even used it to talk to my husband last week when my throat was too soar to talk. We chatted from the livingroom to the kitchen as he cooked me dinner.

Blogging rates less on the instant gratifications scale however. You can't see a lot of your friends at a glance and since less and less are updating their blogs it's deflating my excitment. I'm going to try to keep going though because I like having a record of my family and an open artistic outlet. I'm my own boss on the blog (opposed to working for Brides thru Mavora) and can design whatever banner or pictures I want which is always fun. And I have to say I get inspired by my internet friend's blog - Hometown Girl - I do some of her graphics which is fun because she has SUCH great style and always good food ideas etc. So swing by her page and check it out. Some blogs out there are very alive!

Thanks to all my friends that check on my status and blogs and my work online on etsy. I'm glad we can use technology to connect!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Alex's Lemonade Stand

It's that time again! This week I'm working hard getting all the final details and supplies ready for our annual Alex's Lemonade Stand. I heard about this organization (started by a little girl) three years ago and my church Coram Deo has been supporting my efforts to carry on Alex's legacy. She was a little girl with a big heart. She cared about others although she had every right to only think about herself. On Saturday we'll give out cups of lemonade for donations which go to cancer research and families stricken by childhood cancer who need funds. And as the kids of Coram Deo get older and older each year I hope it begins to plant seeds of caring in their little hearts too.

If you'd like to help this great cause please go to our donation page and click the donate lemon on the left side. It's been having trouble keeping track of our funds but no worries it is getting to Alex's Lemonade Stand and that's what's important!

OR stop by our Lemonade Stand at A&W Rootbeer on Plumb between 10am and 10pm. There will be Hot August nights cars included and face painting from about 6 to 9pm. You can even volunteer if you'd like just let me know!

OR if your money is all tied up think about how you can think less of yourself and more of others in your life now and be blessed!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tim and I backpacked into Cathedral Lake in Yosemite this weekend. There may be more pictures to come if we ever get unpacked. Please enjoy the view without the hiking and the mosquitoes.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Grant turned three yesterday! Where does the time go? My sweet little guy LOVES Cars the movie so we went that direction for his party and his present from his mommy and daddy. It cost too much but the fact that he LOVES it made us feel a lot better. Nothing makes me happier then knowing what my son enjoys and being able to give him something he loves. Of course, how could I not know what he loves when every 3 minutes in the car he has pointed out a character from the movie on the road and keeps saying, "that's Doc!" "that's Doc" until I say, "yes buddy that IS Doc" or something similar. He played with his cars in his Mack truck until the adults couldn't stay awake anymore.

My other mom friends have been busting out great kid cakes lately so I thought I should give it a whirl now that he's big enough to think a shaped cake is awesome but small enough where everything I do is amazing - mommy makes no mistakes! I figured I could pull off Mack the Truck from Cars. It's just a bunch of rectangles right? Tim wanted me to draw up a plan but....I don't do that sort of thing. With the our powers combined we stayed up half the night tuesday and created....

Mack the Cake! The next day I asked Grant - Do you want a truck cake? He said promptly, "no, I want a dinosaur cake." But then I said, "what about a Mack the Truck cake," to which he replied, "yeah, okay!" Whew - that was a close one!

The three year-olds were amazed again and it was great for conversation and laughs for the adults too.

Thanks to all Grant's fabulous friends who made it out. We love you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

my new green thumb

I am totally growing things! I have my own little flower and vegetable garden in front of the house. I love mixing the two! I've talked about it before I think but check it out - I really am growing things! I have a few little tomatoes, a new honey dew plant that is growing leaves as quickly as it can, roses blooming every month or close to it, and a hearty Dahlia that grew from a bulb! A bulb is nothing people! It's a short, fat stick. I planted four that are probably growing down to China (as the top of a Dahlia bulb looks exactly the same as the bottom) but this one came up strong! So I guess I found one more way (like we needed more) I'm just like my mother.

I'm learning!

I'm not a very old dog but it's still hard to learn the new tricks when I have so much to do and I can survive with the tricks I know but I've found a few websites where I don't have to read too much and I am trying hard to learn some new things with my new program. A few of which I have practiced on this photo of Tim and Grant at Donner this weekend. I'm sure more fancy photos will come!

I love my boys!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


You would think I could make a cool banner for my own blog - since I've been designing and selling designs for two years now. That's what I thought anyway....but it never seemed to materialize. I mean - I make things that are nice but I need more! The problem I think lies in working for myself. I'm impossible to please, I have eighteen other ideas and get overwhelmed, and when it comes down to working out the details I have no patience for a customer that's not paying me anything when I have a line out the door of customers who are. Not to mention I always feel like I should be able to design more modern pieces but I'm pressing my skills to the limit most of the time. I have no education (well I have a lot of education's not helping this problem). I opened adobe illustrator recently and my mind BLEW UP. I'm not going back in there alone. But I probably won't go back to school, my bet is I'll stumble around for 10 more years and then I'll be sweet! Today I made the banner you see now and it got Tim's approval - which is always a must. I think I'm ready to leave it for a little while. I wanted something a little more design orientated but as I design more I realize I need to be taking more (and better) pictures. It's still the root of my designing. But I guess that's enough for designing and writing tonight. Grant's breakfast bowl is still on the table...and there are some dinner dishes from LAST NIGHT still hanging around as well. I wish cleaning the kitchen was as exciting as my design time - at least my husband does most of the dishes around here.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

putting things together

Grant is starting to say funnier and funnier things these days as he interacts with language and the world around him.

A few nights ago we went for our usual summer walk around the block. As we passed a man watering his grass out front Grant hollers out, "is that your own hose?"

Teaching him about the vegetable plants I just put in my front garden I said, "this plant will grow melons.... and this one will grow tomatoes." Then he quickly added pointing to another plant without any flowers on it, "this one will make hotdogs!"

Friday, July 03, 2009

the last few weeks

In the last few weeks we went to the Rodeo....never our favorite experience but a family adventure nonetheless. Grant wanted to sit all by himself for the first half hour with his mouth open in amazement - HORSES!
I've tried to take less clients and I'm starting to design new invitations again - although I'm supposed to be designing stationery before the Christmas shopping on Etsy begins. The good news is if I really like something in a wedding invite I can usually turn it into stationery too. I also redesigned the blog a bit - I'm making it a little more about my designing business since most of my blog friends right now are artists/sellers - we'll see what develops.

Grant has learned to ride his trike in the last few weeks. A few nights ago half the street was out riding bikes and playing. We have great neighbors with lots of kids. I made Grant's 3rd birthday invites with him on his bike. I can't believe he's almost 3!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

greens and blues

My new save the date was put in this sweet little collage on inventing weddings blog. I love the look of the greens and blues - this is definitely what I would pick if I got to marry Tim again. If I had the time I'd make collages like this for all my products, wouldn't that be cool? ....maybe someday. So my creation is in the top right hand corner. I designed this oak for one of my brides getting married among the trees. I think it's my favorite tree so far, I just need to work up some more pieces with it. I hope I get some more time to make new things soon. I'm getting inspired...and antsy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

turkey burgers

I just wanted to say we successfully conquered the turkey burger tonight with our favorite burger friends. I thought we'd try something different/healthy (I must be getting older) so I bought a bunch of ground turkey. I didn't know what to do with it but burgers seemed possible. Lauren and Tim mixed up a great little patty tonight with some lipton soup mix, bread crumbs, and....I don't know what else you'll have to ask them. They were fabulous! Especially with the avocado and fancy cheese!

Anybody out there have any good ground turkey recipes? I don't know what to do with the rest yet. And should I be treating it like chicken, beef, or turkey?

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Our roommate of one year moved out on Monday to live with her husband! She got married last Saturday. Although it was a little wintery it didn't rain on us and it was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony. I got to make the bouquet too which was fun! God bless you Crystal and Pete!

And shortly before Crystal (also known as KeeKoo to Grant) moved out Mr Brachiosaurus moved in! When I was playing with Grant recently I laid in his bed - and his room was the most boring thing I had ever seen. So as Tim painted the walls in our room I decided to take up the brush again and try my hand at Grant's favorite in his room: a dinosaur. The bar was set pretty low I figured - I just had to impress a two year old! Maybe I should add some grass - he's just floating in the sky.....

Thursday, May 07, 2009

760 x 100

That's the size of the canvas I work on a lot these days. I'm getting quite a following around Etsy for my custom photo banners (a banner in this case is a digital sign at the top of one's Etsy store). It's fun making something for a store that is totally new and unique to them. Occasionally I feel like a hairstylist - you know when you want a look in the magazine and they can't do it, because you have short thin blond hair and the girl in the picture has long black curly hair? Anyway some things can't be done with particular photos. They can't be forced into what they are not. BUT each artist's products and photos have a great little life of their own and I love to help it come alive. It may not seem like much to you but to me and the store owner it's super exciting!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

swimming at the cool

Grant and I went swimming with our neighbors at the pool today - Grant calls it the "cool". It's really the first time he's been in a pool. His personality is more on the careful side so I thought he'd be too scared but after a few laps holding tightly to me he started to walk up and down the pool all by himself and he floated and kicked on the big board. We even did a few underwater dunks - some went better then others. Now he's all about swimming so maybe we'll do a few lessons soon. The picture is of him afterward giving a thumbs up. In the locker room he was too shy for a photo - he doesn't like people to see his "body" so he wore his shirt in the pool even though it pained him to get it wet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

reno aces

Last night we went to the Reno Aces game with free tickets our friend Max won from a radio station. The stadium has been open less then a week and it is NICE! It's a little cozy thing. We were so close to the players I started to freak out - you could really get creamed by a ball in those seats. Luckly we made it out alive. I can't say I'm a baseball fan but when you have to watch so you don't get a ball in your eye and you have a few friends, no babies, and perfect weather, you can have a great time at a little Aces game!

Monday, April 20, 2009

good causes

Thanks friends for all the support for my Walk for Babies! I've raised $80.00 and my site for fundraising will be open for a little while longer - the walk is this weekend. Unfortunatly I seemed to have double booked myself and I won't be able to walk as I thought I was. Tim and I are going to a marriage conference this weekend which we're very excited about. The money is making it to the walk though with my Church Coram Deo and they will be showing that Christ loves babies for me.

I will be asking for money again, no doubt, in August for my SUPER cause - Alex's Lemonade Stand. For those of you who didn't give 3 bucks this time maybe then!? We usually do the lemonade stand during lemonade days (June) but have decided to try and move it to Hot August Nights so we can get the most foot traffic. If you would like to set up your own stand during Lemonade Days for Alex's Cause check it out! You can just have a small one on the street corner or at a garage sale.

Another great thing to be supporting right now is the Invisible Children Campaign. Tim and I have purchased our rescue shirt packs and we are wearing just two shirts for the month of April (and probably some of May since we got them late). We may look weird wearing the same two shirts all the time but we've been able to share about the cause, remember some of the hurting kids in the world, and we've been less worldly minded as we don't have to pick out clothes to wear. It may not be hard for guys but it is for us girls sometimes! There is still time to sign up and go to the an event if there is one near you - there isn't one in Reno and it's also this weekend during the marriage conference. Ugh! But even purchasing the shirts sends money, raises awareness AND they are nice shirts.

Sorry to bombard you with causes - it just turned out that way - but maybe something catches your heart and you can help or maybe you can just send up a prayer for the babies, the kids with cancer, and the kids being abducted in Uganda.

Monday, March 30, 2009

just 3 bucks

Hey all, you wanna do something nice today?? Well I'm asking for 3 dollars from as many people as possible so I can raise a little support for the March of Dimes. I'm walking in the March for Babies in Reno on April 25th with my church. I figured I wouldn't ask for more then I would be willing to give. In these tough times I know I can give 3 dollars. I still eat out at McDonalds every now and again. I can give that up once this month. That's what giving really is after all - when you know you're giving up something - it's not just coming out of the bank account you got stored up.

If you wanna help just go to my personal support page and type in:
other > 3 > donate - or of course you can give more!

And do it NOW cause the right thing needs to be done before it's too convenient not too. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dak reader

For two days Grant kept asking to watch "dak reader" on the TV. I racked my brain but couldn't think of what that could be.... until our new 7:00 tradition came on our newly acquired digital channel RTN (retro television network) - Knight Rider. He's hooked like it's 1989!

A big shout out to my brother Dallas - ah the "KITT days" of our lives!


Grant is asking KITT to "scan the building"

And he knows how to say knight rider.... but he still calls it dak reader.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

rocket sled

My boys at the bottom of the sledding hill

the last sled down was himself....from the tip top....he went about 40 miles an hour laid back in the sled barely staying in. I dove (seriously) to catch him, before hitting the trees, making sure to catch both sled and baby - as seen from Michelle and Eli's earlier mistake - if you grab the sled only the baby will keep going. After that Grant said he wanted to go home.