Wednesday, April 22, 2009

reno aces

Last night we went to the Reno Aces game with free tickets our friend Max won from a radio station. The stadium has been open less then a week and it is NICE! It's a little cozy thing. We were so close to the players I started to freak out - you could really get creamed by a ball in those seats. Luckly we made it out alive. I can't say I'm a baseball fan but when you have to watch so you don't get a ball in your eye and you have a few friends, no babies, and perfect weather, you can have a great time at a little Aces game!

Monday, April 20, 2009

good causes

Thanks friends for all the support for my Walk for Babies! I've raised $80.00 and my site for fundraising will be open for a little while longer - the walk is this weekend. Unfortunatly I seemed to have double booked myself and I won't be able to walk as I thought I was. Tim and I are going to a marriage conference this weekend which we're very excited about. The money is making it to the walk though with my Church Coram Deo and they will be showing that Christ loves babies for me.

I will be asking for money again, no doubt, in August for my SUPER cause - Alex's Lemonade Stand. For those of you who didn't give 3 bucks this time maybe then!? We usually do the lemonade stand during lemonade days (June) but have decided to try and move it to Hot August Nights so we can get the most foot traffic. If you would like to set up your own stand during Lemonade Days for Alex's Cause check it out! You can just have a small one on the street corner or at a garage sale.

Another great thing to be supporting right now is the Invisible Children Campaign. Tim and I have purchased our rescue shirt packs and we are wearing just two shirts for the month of April (and probably some of May since we got them late). We may look weird wearing the same two shirts all the time but we've been able to share about the cause, remember some of the hurting kids in the world, and we've been less worldly minded as we don't have to pick out clothes to wear. It may not be hard for guys but it is for us girls sometimes! There is still time to sign up and go to the an event if there is one near you - there isn't one in Reno and it's also this weekend during the marriage conference. Ugh! But even purchasing the shirts sends money, raises awareness AND they are nice shirts.

Sorry to bombard you with causes - it just turned out that way - but maybe something catches your heart and you can help or maybe you can just send up a prayer for the babies, the kids with cancer, and the kids being abducted in Uganda.