Monday, October 19, 2009

dare to go higher then ever before.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the vintage photo

I've always admired the vintage photo look. A lot of Etsy artists are doing it. My style is kinda bright but this flower photo was just too over the top fushia so I thought I'd give it a try and turn Tim's blossom photo from our front yard into a softer image for our calm blue and tan living room. I like photoshop!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

internet relationships

It seems most of my family and friends are blogging less and less...and so am I. Facebook has been my new obsession. It's keeping me in contact with friends that otherwise I'd never talk to or just miss out on more of their life then I'd like too. They have these little updates people write that make you laugh or remind you that someone is hurting or on vacation so don't invite them over. Or you can have a full on chat. It's pretty easy and the pay off in relationship is pretty high actually. Some people would argue it's killing real relationships but I would say I'm only adding internet-friendship-spying to my real relationships and I think it's helping. I even used it to talk to my husband last week when my throat was too soar to talk. We chatted from the livingroom to the kitchen as he cooked me dinner.

Blogging rates less on the instant gratifications scale however. You can't see a lot of your friends at a glance and since less and less are updating their blogs it's deflating my excitment. I'm going to try to keep going though because I like having a record of my family and an open artistic outlet. I'm my own boss on the blog (opposed to working for Brides thru Mavora) and can design whatever banner or pictures I want which is always fun. And I have to say I get inspired by my internet friend's blog - Hometown Girl - I do some of her graphics which is fun because she has SUCH great style and always good food ideas etc. So swing by her page and check it out. Some blogs out there are very alive!

Thanks to all my friends that check on my status and blogs and my work online on etsy. I'm glad we can use technology to connect!