Monday, November 30, 2009

one room down

Grant's room is done - after about two years in this house. He has a dino on the wall, a new dresser Tim fixed up that we got for free, new modern blue paint, and his very own mom-made-box-oven including a close-able oven door, and dual compact disc burners. He loves cooking and maybe he can share a kids kitchen with his little sister when she gets older but for now it's the real kitchen with mom and this box hung on the wall. He's pretty happy about it though as you can see! We still need a big boy bed and I have promised him Lightning McQueen sheets to ease the transition. Once we get that...and maybe a poster of Lighting McQueen for above his toy cubes we should be golden. He's super happy, and organization in a house always helps a stay at home mom feel a little more at peace. Now that we have his room tackled we can work on the new baby's room next. We've started paint color selections and we have another free dresser to fix up. I really need to start taking before and after shots of Tim's work. These dressers started out quite a mess. I love you my talented husband!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

still going

I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant now I think. We find out if the baby is a boy or a girl tomorrow!! But the second trimester is still treating me well. I get more worn out then usual but I still play volleyball every Sunday with my team. We're doing better then we ever have and it's always so much fun - so I'm playing as long as I can. I bought a large shirt before the season so you can't really tell I am carrying an extra player. I may have to slow down here soon but so far so good! Grant still doesn't seem to dig the idea of having a brother or sister around but we'll see how it really goes when the time comes.


I've changed to a typepad space. It's easier to play web designer with my skill level and I get to keep a blog with it too which I like. It's a simple design but I like the brightness over the goth look of my last site. So bookmark it if you haven't already to check out new products, to get to my stores, etc.