Wednesday, December 30, 2009

christmas dinosaurs


Grant knew right out of the wrapping paper - a Parasaurolophus and an Ankylosaurus. Thank you PBS Dinosaur Train.
Christmas was fabulous with a new bike and some good family time. You can see Grant and Macy loving their new computers and Grant thinks you show your new toys to the camera OVER your face. The little guy in the corner is Caleb my adorable nephew.

Monday, December 21, 2009

the christmas card

We did a really shabby job sending out our Christmas card this year but we did get some out to the people that don't move a lot. I think in the next year I'll try to re-do the address book. It's mainly full of loose papers and sticky notes by now.

If we missed you here's your card! We wish all our friends and family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! We love you all!


The Office Depot by my house has 2010 Cadbury Creme Eggs at the check out counter. I bought them. I've been craving them since September. I'm one in favor of mixing holidays. They've all got good stuff - enjoy it!

Monday, December 07, 2009

let it snow!

We're in the middle of Reno's first big snow of the season. There's almost a foot on the ground now. Grant is SO excited! He spent the morning pointing out the front window and laughing at the cars buried in the snow...and the sidewalks...and the houses....and the bbq. It was all hilarious! Daddy braved the cold with him for some sledding at the park and catching snowflakes on their tongues. It's just about as good as Christmas around here!