Monday, February 22, 2010

sick of it

oh man I am SOOOO SICK! I've never been this sick. I guess it's the pregnancy working against me again. I've had a head cold for a whole week that started with puking and ending in two plugged ears and a horrible toothache! I did go to the doctor - you should be proud because I never do. The antibiotics for the ears have helped the tooth so far and today I've had glimpses of my ears opening but they haven't stayed for more then a second. Being this sick for so long has reminded me to be thankful that I don't have a long term illness to deal with. You do start to get used to some of the terrible things your body is going thru and God's grace is there but overall I'm a grumpy lump on a log and I can't wait to feel better!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

holding hands

I love holding hands with Tim. I'm glad he likes it too. 5 years ago today - well Feb 12th but in New Zealand... so that's the 11th here - Tim held my hand for the first time and we decided we'd be a couple. We already snuck off together all the time to hang out. We laughed a lot and went to the pool, the beach, the driving range we made from a sheep paddock, yeah, Tim always made me happier... and still does.

I'm super blessed! I love you honey!!

This is a picture of us in the South Island just a few months after we started dating.