Monday, March 29, 2010

My precious gift from God - and I do mean gift, and I do mean from God.

Calista (Calli) Mckenzie Morton
March 21st 2010
6lbs 15oz
19 inches

hobbies include:
eating as long as she possibly can
sleeping all hours of the day
being wrapped up like a super burrito

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calli's Big Day Out

Okay here's the story for those of you who we haven't caught up with yet - sorry it took so long:

8.30 AM Abby wakes up feeling ‘a little weird.’
9.15 AM Tim packs his bag for the hospital and throws it in the car with Abby’s.
9.35 AM Leave for church. Abby feels fine.
11.00 AM Halfway through church Abby begins to have mild contractions 2 min apart.
11.40 Church is out, contractions have lessened.
11.50 Abby leaves a conversation and goes into the bathroom thinking her water has broken. She discovers she is gushing blood.
11.52 Mary Jo finds Tim as he is cleaning up after church and tells him what’s happening. He immediately calls an ambulance.
12.05 PM Paramedics arrive and begin to assess Abby. They expected to catch a baby, but she has nearly stopped bleeding and has no contractions.
12.20 Abby is loaded into the ambulance. Tim jumps in and they head for the hospital. No lights, no sirens. A little anticlimactic.
12.30 Abby starts to bleed again. The paramedics might start to believe something is actually wrong.

12.35 Arrive at St. Mary’s. As she is being wheeled to a room there is a trail of blood going down the hall. This keeps the nurses talking all afternoon. Most exciting thing that's happened all week.
12.45 Nurses determine that Calli is fine.
1.00 Doctor decides that Abby should be taken to surgery before she loses any more blood.
1.10 Abby is wheeled to the OR. Tim puts on scrubs.
1.30 C section begins.
1.46 Calli comes out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

for aunt kateri

Pictures of Grant have been lacking - and they still are - but here's one for you aunt Kateri and it's on our shutterfly family page for you to print.

maternity shots

We finally did it! And it turned out well! Here are some belly shots for all the baby fans out there. And good news - we've decided on a name for the baby girl. But we're not revealing it until she comes because 1. I think it will be fun and 2. We may just change it again knowing us!

Friday, March 12, 2010

ready for a baby

After a week of shopping, unpacking gifts, washing, sorting, and hanging I think we might just be ready for a baby! I'm due on Easter but we'll see what happens - I feel like she'll come a little early... or is that just hope?

I also have to highlight my dear friend Lauren's AWESOME crochet creations for the little one. They just make your heart smile!

As you can see I'm going with the pink and red theme. I'm not too girly but how can you pass up the little pink dresses, sheets, and head bands for an itty bitty girl. Plus babies are usually pretty bald so they need the pink at first to help out the general public. I also got a few great green and brown items I love too for a break from the pink once in a while.

And I might as well add in a final pink picture - roses for my 30th birthday from Tim. I don't think he's ever gotten me such bright pink roses before but they are just perfect for my spirit getting ready for this baby girl. And I say baby girl because... of course we still have no name.