Saturday, June 26, 2010

soccer champ

Grant finished his first season of soccer at Little Kickers. He's making his World-Cup-lovin-daddy very proud! Of course a pack of 3 year olds playing soccer looks just like the scattering of mice;  when they run "drills" they come to the back of the line thru the obstacle course they just ran. What? Anyway it's a mess, but VERY fun! Especially Grant's favorite part - getting hand stamps at the end.

Friday, June 25, 2010

3 months old

Yes. I put my baby in the grass. I had to! I toweled it off first!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

vacation bible school

Grant is attending his first Vacation Bible School just a few blocks away from our new house at Sierra Bible. It's run a little differently this year - 6 wednesday night classes. The first week he started off shy at the registration desk but quickly thereafter followed a complete stranger into a brand new place happy as can be. When I went to pick him up all the kids were singing in a circle doing beautiful hand motions - that is everyone except Grant who was standing with his arms crossed looking quite puzzled.

Fast forward to tonight - night number two. On the way to "school" I have a little chat with Grant about doing the hand motions during singing time. He assured me he would try. When I go to pick him up once again I hide in the back foyer and watch the circle of singing kids. Grant's group "the weavers" are on the far side of the circle at the opposite end of the auditorium starring right at me. I spot Grant. Long unkept hair, super large VBS shirt, and pretty much the cutest one out there. Bless his heart he is trying the hand motions! He is gracefully swinging his arms up and then touching his heart and then they go up again although no one else's does. He is definitely not the best but he's doing it! And then you can imagine me in the back. I don't know any of the other parents who are talking. I'm just grinning at my child's lame sweetness, almost in tears, eyes locked on his little body. A few minutes of that and my pride finally comes down a notch and I observe the situation. That kid has black pants on, Grant doesn't have black pants.... I am wearing my glasses which I noticed on the drive over are not really sufficient for seeing. My heart stops for a second as I think, "is that my kid?" I squint. Yes it is - I'm not a complete idiot. And then my heart sinks. "ah crap he wet himself!" And yes, that thought was correct. He was wearing some borrowed pants from the church's preschool. So tonight I was both the proudest mother on the planet and the most mortified. Yep. That's my Grant.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

the "junk drawer"

Every family has a junk drawer right? I assume so because Tim and I were raised on opposite coasts and neither of us flinched when we made a junk drawer in the house. When we moved we went thru it and here are some of the highlights we found buried away:

A library card for Abby Lange
9 keys
The back to the broken remote
The button from my old jeans - the jeans are now gone but the button lives!!!
6 old chapsticks
3 nostalgic pens
4 things that we said "definitely go to something"


I'm so excited that my brother and family are coming down for a visit. My niece and nephew are SO cute in these picture - good grief! It will be fun to play with them!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

leaving my home

I've been a bit out of sorts for the last week. Moving went well technically but it was really a lot harder then I expected emotionally. I miss the house Tim and I picked out together three years ago. It was big (although the smallest on the block, it was huge for us) it was beautiful, it had SO many memories. The new house is cute but so different. It still feels like I'm on vacation in a cute little cabin, not like I'm at home. I'm sure in a year it will be home....and then we'll move again. I used to be better with change. I don't like moving anymore. And when jobs are lost, money is tight, and you have to leave what you once knew as normal - it's tough. I'm reminded again that (1) even heartache that seems small is still true heartache and (2) we should hold loosely the things of earth...I'll try to keep telling myself that.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

hair cut!

So I'm back to the hair cut I had when Grant was one. After having Calli my hair is all falling out, I only would put it in a pony tail - except for the weekend curling, and it was hot (like temperature-wise). When my friend Sarah came over and said I looked hot (like good looking) in old pictures I realized - I did! So the short mommy hair is back. Hopefully it will take less time to do so I'll do it more often - well I guess I have to, no pony tail shall be made for quite a while now!

Now I just need some more highlights from the Husband Salon.