Monday, July 26, 2010

the Worst Weather Weekend

Last weekend was SO crazy I don't even know how to explain it! I guess I can tag it as the Worst Weather Weekend EVER.

The story is really too long to tell so I'm going to pick out the lowlights for you:

Friday Night at Frenchmans - SUPER HOT, not cooling off!

Saturday Morning - SUPER HOT, poor Calli!

Saturday Afternoon - Mom takes Grant to her house for the night because he's complained for the 300th time that his feet are dirty. She has pity, we don't so much. (HIGHLIGHT)

Saturday Evening - Caught in a downpour with Calli while fishing, we run a half mile to the car and join 75 bugs inside who also don't want to get wet.

Saturday Evening part 2 - Stuck in the car hiding from the rain. Calli is having the BEST time of her life and keeping us entertained.

Saturday Night - It's official, the inside of our new tent is SOAKED so we end up packing up DURING the end of the downpour. If we had Grant during this time this would have been 80 times worse so God looks out for us again! I mean, He could have made it sunny but I don't expect that weather patterns should revolve around my happiness.

Saturday Night/part 2 - Back in Reno, we arrive at our empty house in Lemmon Valley at 10pm with a Little Ceasar's pizza since our awesome dinner plans were rained out. It's 20 minutes closer and has an empty garage for our wet mess. We drop the muddy stuff, bathe, and crash.

Sunday Morning - Go home and unpack

Sunday Noon - Watch pro volleyball. Pack for Tahoe. Grant's friend has a birthday party at Sand Harbor.

Sunday Afternoon at Tahoe - Arrive late to the party but just in time for the RAIN! We last long enough to eat a hot dog in the rain and then abort, running with Calli to hide in the bathrooms. It is coming down!

Sunday Evening - EVERYTHING is wet and sandy but my weekend has sucked so hard and the friends we were with are so great that we just keep hanging around. Finally it clears and we get 2 hours of a perfect beach evening. Wow, I needed that!

So once again we have a camping adventure for the books. No fish to speak of but I saved 13 out of 15 worms for the garden. I used to be able to kill them but my mommy heart is just making it harder and harder. Sad eh?

And now we are thinking about going to the park to play volleyball. We already had a huge thunder and hail storm this afternoon so maybe we're safe?? But we promised Calli we would stop running with her in the rain so maybe we should stay home!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

turning four

Grant had his birthday last week. In the morning I told him to climb in my bed...he reluctantly did..I told him it was his birthday and I squeezed the life out of him and he exclaimed - "NO it's not!" We went back and forth for a while and even though we've been telling him this day was coming he only believed me when I said, "you wanna go get your present?" Then it was a done deal. "I'm four today!"

Grant has so many great little friends I couldn't skip having the preschooler party. We went to Rancho San Rafael for the second year armed with pizza, a handmade -severely melting- cake, buckets and nets for a wild pond hunt, and hoping for no wind even though it was 95 degrees out still. Yes, this was the third year I think Grant didn't blow out candles. That's the down side to my outside parties.

I guess it went pretty well. Here's my lovely niece showing you my sweet bucket/pond game. Praise the Lord I made instruction stickers because herding all those cats would have been IMPOSSIBLE. I'd advise the same for you if you're thinking about a scavenger hunt.

and here's the completely melted transformer cake with candles not lighting once again.

Thanks to all of our guests for coming and more importantly for being our wonderful friends! I would have invited more of you but I probably would not have survived such a night!

Friday, July 16, 2010

the loud one


My calli is quite vocal there days. I can't capture it all but here's a little slice for you.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

the long stroll

So today I did something that I thought was brave and my husband (and the lady at starbucks where I had to pee) thought was dumb. I walked from my house to the river downtown. I figured, hey, I need to walk today, I need to get to the river, and I don't know how to fold this HUGE stroller I just got for free. My new house is so close to downtown but....not quite THAT close. It took me 50 minutes to walk about 3 miles with this very large stroller in 97 degree weather. When I hit Vine Street I just focused on the trees - get to the trees!! I met up with my church at the park to give away Otter Pops for free as a blessing. The problem was that after such a walk in the heat and continuing to walk in the sun and pass out frozen sticks of love I began to see half the park and half black fuzziness. Trying to take care of two kids in such conditions is a tad difficult. When you're alone you can pity yourself and sit down, when you have a three years old who has to pee you keep walking. Somehow I managed to make it without passing out....but made it to what? Sitting by the river with one kid afraid of the water and one infant SCREAMING because (I can only guess) she's so very hungry but too hot to eat. Needless to say I scooped them all up in the stroller as soon as I stopped seeing spots and made it back to the McKinley Arts center, another 10 minute walk away, where my rescuer Tim who left work came to pick me up. So it all worked out...kinda.

This was my view from the extraction point - laying on my back in the shade.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

dear calli

I didn't want you to grow, because I loved you so much when you were tiny, but now I know it wasn't so much the tininess that I loved - I love you because you are you.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

my mom job

Calli has a doctor's appointment today - which is a performance review for me right? Don't all moms hope they'll pass the test and the doctor will think they are a mom worthy of their kid.

nails clipped - check
no physical marks - check
eating - check
sleeping - check
pooping - I think we could do better

Grant's might be harder in two weeks

watches no or little tv - no check
stays dry at night - no check
preschool - no check
discipline - check
no physical marks - 50/50 chance

So wish me luck! And since this check list doesn't really consider the entire realm of parenting I should do a check before God today too.

Am I loving in all I do
Am I patient
Do we have fun together / Am I playing "giant squid" enough
Do I teach them the things of God
Am I thankful for (at least most of) the days

This is a hard job. I want to say I hope I pass the reviews and get a raise but wouldn't that just mean more children? So maybe I'll wait for my raise.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010