Thursday, August 26, 2010

another year and another trip

We celebrated our 5th Anniversary visiting family in Richmond, VA. It worked out quite well as we had fresh babysitters and ran out for half a day to a theme park! Good date choice Tim!

We had never done roller coasters together. It was very fun and freeing to be kidless, but we noticed we are a lot older then the last time with did coasters. I just kept seeing spots and getting motion sickness. Luckily Tim wasn't die hard either. But we took down a few good ones, not to mention fish and chips, lemonade, and then....we melted from the heat.

On our second anniversary in Santa cruz we took a photo booth picture so we did it again to remember this year.

we also celebrated with an exchange of cards....the same one to be precise. Yup. I bought mine a week ago at Wal-Mart. He picked up his in a Richmond grocery store. It's either the highest selling card ever and the odds got us or we have similar thoughts about each other.

The kids did quite well on the airplane but it was a challenge holding Calli perfectly still to sleep, nursing her cuddled next to a male stranger, and trying to decide - let Grant sleep and risk wet pants??

the Morton boys in the back yard at Great Grandad's

Calli - still cute as ever! And she learned to roll from her back to tummy!

Grant at the Richmond Zoo.

The 4 generation picture.

Don't ask me if I've unpacked's only been 2 and a half days and I have to unpack for 3 people.

And now, let's stop traveling for a little while please, I have work to do! ....oh except for Aunt Faith's wedding in October.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well we made it to Yosemite and back and unlike Frenchmans Lake, and many of our trips, we didn't have any disasters!! A bear pushed all our bowls off the bear box right next to our sleeping heads BUT it only woke us up for a minute and limited the times I could go pee in the middle of the night - to none! Here's some pictures because I know you love em!

so it was FREEZING at night, no one was very happy but Calli ended up being super warm in her fleece hoodie and all the other things I put on her. One morning she honestly woke up with even her hands toasty as a little furnace.

Did a little climbing with Lauren, my indoor climbing buddy of like 3 years. And our teriyaki chicken sandwiches for dinner were AWESOME!

I think my jeep is going to tip over. Tim thinks it's cool. We have just enough room for one kayak straight up and our new gear bag on the other side. Thanks to Thule. Without it we would have only been able to bring two babies and our jackets to Yosemite.

We like the meadows in the golden sunset glow. You can see a tiny baby face behind us asleep and sideways. She likes to melt over the side of the backpack.

Here's cute Calli in our friend's baby backpack - yeah we forgot our bjorn. Saved again! Calli did well - except when I carried her out from climbing. She cried for 15 minutes as loud as she could, trying to make my head explode. Thanks Cal.

This is Eli - He makes the trip the most fun because he plays with Grant. They are just two weeks apart in age and get along quite well. Thanks for coming Eli and parents for the second year! Sorry you had to pack up your tent in the 10 minute ice storm. It got better when you left!

And that's Yosemite this year!