Thursday, September 30, 2010

happy birthday

It's Tim's birthday today. I didn't get him a card so I will write him a blog post/poem.

I love my husband Tim
Can't believe I found someone as great as him
He's cute, he laughs at my jokes
He fixes my printers, my cutters, my woes

He takes out the trash almost always
His hand is the best to hold
He's at band practice now instead of home
cuz that's how he rolls
and I love him.

Happy Birthday Timothy! I didn't watch 30Rock and Community so we could Hulu and snuggle later.

Monday, September 27, 2010

it's picture time already!

Yay! I'm happy to say, I finally took some pictures! And with a few tips I picked up recently in a few places I think they turned out well! My house is really too dark so I'm still fighting with that but check out the cuteness around the Morton house.

I'm pretty sure this last one will be my new banner. How true it is!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the lovely church

Usually Tim and I give and give and give to our church - and I love it! I'm blessed so much when God uses us to love His people. BUT over the last few weeks the church has really come through for us in a time of need. I am overwhelmed that God knows my needs and sends people to help. Now in fact I am embarrassed as I see all that I have and our needs fall into the shadows. God is good!

If you are a part of the body of Christ, pray about how you can bless someone this week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

teaching at home

Now that Grant is 4 the educational world is hitting me rapidly and I'm freaking out as I find myself totally unprepared. My college roommate however is once again on top of things just like always. Check out her new blog for creative ideas to teach your young ones at home whether as their complete schooling or in addition to the system. Go moms!

it's also linked on the right hand side of my blog for the future.

I also would recommend this site with great printable worksheets.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

daddy daughter 10k

This morning before church my Dad and I finished our first race together! A 10k in South Reno for the Lung Association. My Dad walks just about everyday and averages 6 or 7 miles most days so we expected to walk together and I'd run a few miles at the end. But when we got there and NO ONE else was walking it Dad was determined to step it up a notch. So we kept a good walking pace and ran small sections throughout. We kept the last jogger in sight and tried to make the REMSA guy in the golf cart heading up the rear not hate us. Dad took the last jogger at the end! Pretty good considering I don't think he's jogged since we were kids!! I passed a few people before the line too so as not to look super insane coming in last wearing my Vibrams - these weird sock shoes that have a lot of hype behind them at the moment.
I'm wearing them to fight my history of shin splints and they are performing beautifully! The down side is people think you are either awesome or looney. I like to think of myself in between those two markers.

So next time I'll pick a run/walk that people actually walk for my dear old Dad but the unexpected challenge was fun and I'm glad we didn't bail. I think we crossed the line in something like 1 hour and 1 hour and 10 minutes. Pretty good for a 6.2 mile walk.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

what a day

We've been wanting Grant to go to preschool for a while now but the money was just never there. Last week I checked out a church preschool a few blocks away from the house and learned that the "school year" started in a few days. I was just dying to send Grant. He's so ready and I could really use the help while I work from home. My heart was set but I came home to talk to Tim and realized we just couldn't make it happen yet again. It was really tough to swallow. I was quite bitter actually. Fast forward just two days and from three different blessings all undoubtedly brought to us by God we had the money! Yesterday I enrolled him and dropped him off - it was the first day of school. I can't believe how God works to take care of us always. I can't believe I dropped my boy off at school! But I'm so thrilled! Praise the Lord!
Now he gets a packed lunch in his otherwise empty backpack - I need to see what other kids carry in their backpacks to preschool - two half days a week.

Also yesterday Tim didn't have work so we rearranged the house hoping the whole family could eat around the table. You may not think that's hard - but then you haven't been to our house. It's like one of those puzzles with 20 square spots and 19 square pieces you shift and shift until you make the picture. We have 950 square feet in the whole house with three bedrooms so what's our living-dining-kitchen-office-space, like 350? It's tricky! We did pull it off though! We can now all have dinner at the table AND drum roll please.....this means Calli can sit too and eat FOOD! We fed her her first bowl of cereal last night as well.

She's a very touchy-feely eater! My children keep growing - it's very exciting times! My favorite thing is their great big personalities in their little teeny bodies. Thank you Lord Jesus for all you do in the Morton Home. Even when we think things are going completely wrong you can make great things happen.