Tuesday, October 26, 2010

God is

I feel as though my life on this earth has one goal for me - to make me forget God is the ruler of all.

Not everyone who reads my blog believes in God - the True God - but I believe God is as much as I believe if I drop a bowling ball on my foot it will hurt like hell. Through the work of Jesus Christ, God is in my soul now and I can't shake Him. And more then God is - He is the King of me and (although not all bow yet) the world around me. But even though I have this tie to God so deeply in my soul it is still so hard not to forget it. I mean, how do you make pulling food goop out of the kitchen scrub brush spiritual? Sometimes there are hours I don't eat or pee because I can't bear the thought of taking the time so do you think I take time to read the Bible much? The life I live is out to get me - and yet I feel no call from God to abandon my lifestyle. I can go nun now! But I need to stop my secret assumption that life should go well all the time. Life is a fight. There are trials, frazzled emotions, and sometimes in my life right now there is poop and spit up and wedding invitations everywhere and it takes all my strength to keep them apart! But God is. Whether I acknowledge it or not, God is. And I am thankful to have a God that is so big and that when you open the door just a bit for Him to come in - He does! To see God even just for a few minutes in a world of chaos is so wonderful. Although Life wants me to forget Him, He desperately wants me to remember. I am thankful that He loves me so much more then I love Him. And no matter what happens in my life - God is. So I keep fighting - to do what's right, to remember God's love in my life, and to not strangle my children...or my wonderful husband.

James 4:8 - Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
Isaiah 41:10 - Do not fear for I am with you...I am your God.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

grandma and grandad morton

Grant and Calli are currently half of the great grandchildren of this lovely couple's legacy. On their couch rests a pillow that reads, "here lives a great fisherman with the catch of his life." It's possibly my favorite pillow on earth. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple.

Announcements: Richmond Business Marketplace Announcements & Corrections - Anniversary / Sid & Roberta Morton

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night at Awanas it was Parent night. Cubbies is crazy but blessings on leader Jane who had it all figured out. She's amazing. We finally received Grant's patches from the last few weeks which I was happy about, until I got home.... I just want to share this with you all that don't have facebook - or me on your facebook. Obviously there's a lot of support out there for this problem.
(p.s. this is the funniest blog post ever and has to do with Awana)

Abby Lange Morton How the hell am I supposed to get the cubbie patch on the cubbie vest?
21 hours ago · Privacy: · ·
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    • Athena Buller ha ha ha.. been there.. I think my hubby stitched it on?
      21 hours ago ·
    • Nick Timko huh?
      21 hours ago ·
    • Jennifer Jones I'm with Nick....huh?
      21 hours ago ·
    • Ali Jones Ball are they not iron on?
      20 hours ago ·
    • Amanda Bartlett recite a verse at it- see if that helps...then sew it on. Even if it is iron-on, mine ALWAYS came off during games. :) Me as a Cubbie...kinda cute huh?
      20 hours ago ·
    • Abby Lange Morton Grant is in Awanas - a church kid program like cub scouts. Patches!! Ack!

      Ali - I put an iron on it but no sticky was happening.
      20 hours ago ·
    • Nick Timko wouldnt it be an awana patch then? lol how bout supper glue
      20 hours ago ·
    • Erik Bjur One word...stapler.
      20 hours ago · · 1 person
    • Ali Jones Ball I can't believe they wouldn't make then iron on. I think maybe we should earn a patch for sewing it on.
      19 hours ago ·
    • Amy Staley Bird LOL! Abby I love you. I ironed Jonah's patches on his vest but we were told to stitch it as well. Did you try ironing it from underneath the vest? The patch is too thick for the sticky to melt if you iron on top of the patch. If that doesn't work, try trading it in for another patch. Maybe the one you got is defective.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Shiloh Muller Annalita's cubbie leader always puts the patches on for us. I think her patches come with some kind of really sticky backing.
      11 hours ago ·
    • Jenni Saake I just use super glue. ;)
      10 hours ago ·
    • Rebecca Mixon Abby.You can buy iron on sheets at a fabric store and cut it to size and iron it on.No sew and it takes seconds.:)
      10 hours ago ·
    • Liza Martinez Munson We tried hot glue not knowing that would it would "expire" shortly afterwards!
      10 hours ago ·
    • Abby Lange Morton
      AMY- yes I think you're right - iron on from the back and then stitch. I'll try that. They couldn't come with directions??

      Thanks for all the support everyone.....I figured I might not be alone here. I got two out of three on and they only l...See More
      9 hours ago ·
    • Lindsay Spencer I stitched all Paul's, that might be why only half of them made it onto his vest.
      9 hours ago ·
    • Nick Timko Lol did u expect this much response
      8 hours ago ·
    • Ronda McCormick hot glue gun!!!!
      3 hours ago ·
    • Ronda McCormick Have your mother help you!!
      3 hours ago ·

Monday, October 11, 2010

the harvest

I have some super soil in my back yard - It might be all the worms I've rescued on fishing trips and rainy days. I got tomatoes!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

worm walk

Fortunately during a very busy day yesterday I decided I would take the time to walk Grant home from preschool under a thick cloudy sky. All the way home we rescued worms washed out to the street by the rain. Big ones little ones, any that still wiggled. We picked them up and put them in the nearest dirt. It was a wonderful walk full of giggles and shouts. Not a common sight in the desert of Nevada. Thanks for being my worm buddy Grant!

Monday, October 04, 2010

the call

Rain pouring down in the dark of night, driving home alone... since I can't really see I know I should keep two hands on the wheel but the Cheetos bag in my lap calls out to one....It is a strong call....too strong to resist...and I didn't die so all is well. Cheetos - forever my friend and foe.