Monday, January 31, 2011


Grant has been working hard on writing his alphabet and drawing dragons and sea monsters. This is an orange octopus in green water - just like he saw in his library book. It's my favorite drawing of his so far. He knows just about every kind of octopus and squid - blue ringed, pacific octopus, vampire, and now he's into angler fish BIG TIME. Oh what fun!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

missing video

Well I want to upload video of my baby girl saying "ma ma" but Yahoo video doesn't do it anymore and I don't know how else to get it on here. My camera saves it as a file that Blogspot doesn't accept. Is this a good enough reason to make Tim buy me a flip? hmmm . Anyway my baby says Mama!!!! Smile from me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our "Babes" is 10 months old.

First swing at the park.
Calli, you're little!

First stand....for 2 seconds.
The big hat is due to the fact that we left the mittens inside when we put it on her head.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

meet "ton"

"Ton" is Grant's imaginary dragon. He has described him over the last 3 months as:

able to change into any color
able to change into any animal
can turn his wings into huge pinchers
has 4 eyes like a camel
he shoots fire
he can kill everybody
and Toothless the dragon is his friend

BUT tonight we learned that a woodpecker can kill him by pecking thru his neck - so he's not as invincible as we all thought this whole time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

x-country running

I should be making wedding magnets right now as I have 5 orders of 100 this week BUT Calli is on the prowl and I can't risk my work being that close to sticky fingers and gnawing jaws so I'll tell you the story of this weekends race.

My running partners signed up for the Arrowcreek 8k X-country snow race last weekend but one of them got sick so I got a free entry the day before. I had to run 6 miles anyway that day so I figured I'd be dumb not to take the chance. It didn't go great with HUGE hills in the first half of the race and the WORST stomach cramp for the last half. But considering the pain I did well enough. The best part of the race though was how it made my dreams come true - or rather my reccuring nightmares....literally. I have had a dream three times that I am super late for a race and still trying to put on my Vibrams and my iPod when everyone else is at mile 2. Did I give too much away?

So I get to the race 35 minutes early. I feel late but not a lot of people are there so I relax a little.

My friend JoAnna has my race number so I have to wait for that which comes 15 minutes later. So now we have 20 minutes.

With no safety pins we go inside and stand in line for a bit to get some pins off the registration table. We check out the starting line, the competition, and put on our race numbers. We have 10 minutes I'd guess - we aren't wearing watches.

Although we thought we may need snowshoes or external treads most people are wearing just simple trail runners. I have on my tennis shoes (but I usually run in 5 finger Vibrams) and my gaiters to keep the snow out at least a little. But upon inspecting the course of 3 inches of snow, some dry grass, and some dry cart path I decide I should put on my toe socks and Vibrams in the car. I'm a little worried about slippage but more worried I'd hurt myself in shoes I wasn't used to. I'm a little panicked changing shoes so close to the start but JoAnna assures me we have plenty of time.

We start to warm up a little and test our shoes on the snowy grass and path. As we make it over the hill we see everyone at the starting line - okay let's go that way now!

But of course I have to go pee! It's what I do. So my friends go to the line and I go to the bathroom. The ladies room is occupied and this is no time to wait so I whip open the mens door to find someone using it. I close it and wait until he is finished. I can't be shy and run away. I have to go!! As he departs I rush in.

As I head thru the back of the country club to get to the door and the start of the race I hear about 4 women yelling...."oh my! you gotta go!" "there's the door!" "have a good race!"

I open the back door to the sound of the gun. Off everyone goes and I am 200 feet back. My friends are shouting and I yell to go and I catch them right before the first humongous hill. So that was my warm-up ey? Not good. Not good at all.

And that is how my nightmares came true. I hope you enjoyed it even though I bet you aren't really surprised.

So the Vibrams are x-country snow tested. There were a few 2 foot drifts but overall just lightly snowy grass. Once I saw a flat path a little left but they made you go straight up a 6 foot bump and straight back down again. Someone thought that was funny I'm sure. And now I know I need to add hill training into my routine.

But there is GOOD NEWS! The nightmare I had the night after the race didn't come true. I dreamt I had to run the 5 miles again but this time in the approaching darkness with Grant and his preschool friend Eli who were both not dressed for the occasion and I was searching everywhere for tiny gloves....late for the race again.

Monday, January 03, 2011

family photo

The whole family together with only one person crying! It's the best so far! We woke up poor Calli for the picture and she cried just long enough for this one shot.