Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh the stares

Before my run today I needed to quickly send my orders and pick up a few things. I didn't have much time (surprise, surprise) so I dressed for my run before my errands so I could take off as soon as I was done. As most of my friends know I wear Vibram toe shoes running. They out-right say I look goofy but I still feel I have some of their respect. At every race it's the same thing, a few extra glances come my way and I always have a product review conversation with a stranger on the course. And no, I'm not bringing it up. At the store today however it was a different story. People were staring for LONG periods of time. This older gentlemen in line ahead of me stared so long and then stared some more. I'm surprised he was able to look up and pay for his stuff. I honestly thought his eyes might pop out and roll away on the floor. It took all my energy not to laugh. I was turning away and looking at the ceiling holding in my grins. Good grief people! What if I was missing a limb or something was really wrong with me?If people are staring like that I feel BAD for those who look different in this world. Next time do I say something? Maybe I'll say I have a disease and my toes aren't allowed to touch each other. Obviously people can't put together that my running shorts and special shoes might mean I'm a RUNNER.

Monday, March 21, 2011

the big one

It's Calli-O-Mally * Calista-Mista * Babes * Calli-Calculator's first birthday. She didn't really touch her cake but I think she could tell it was beautiful. :) I can't believe she's growing up! And I would protest more but she just keeps getting cuter! Her "uh-oh" and her "ups" and her giggles and wiggles. She is the highlight of my life. I love you more and more everyday Cal!
- Mommy

Friday, March 18, 2011

in the news

...also on our vacation the 101 collapsed into the ocean outside Monterey. We were on it just a few hours before. It will be closed for weeks, maybe months they say. I'm glad we weren't stuck on the other side. Dad's huge Excursion probably put the nail in the coffin on that one!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

fishy blessings

Did you know that when Grant and I go to the library we only leave with ocean books? Did you know when he draws something 75% of the time it's something under the ocean? He's a sponge for the marine world right now so we grabbed our change to go have fun at the Aquarium.

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for three days this week. Yup THREE days. Grant and I love it there so we went back an extra day. We were able to bring the Reno Grandparents with us and had SO much fun learning and laughing. We saw the giant octopus swim twice! That's a very special and rare thing as he sits in his corner most open aquarium hours. We also touched the bat rays three times and played shooting-water-at-fake-fish for hours and hours. After walking around that place for 6 hours I didn't hear one little boy complaint about his legs hurting. He was seriously enjoying himself people! It's magical sharing moments with your child when you are both honest-to-goodness having a blast! It was not a restful vacation but it was a blessing with our children for sure.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

the cough walk

I made another bad decision today. I took Grant out for a walk since he's been inside for the better part of 5 days, sick. It was a beautiful evening and I figured it was time to get him some air. I planned a 5 minute walk before his FAVORITE show came on: Wild Kratts. When I turned toward the street we take to the park he said, "are we going to the park?" I told him no but he insisted he could miss Wild Kratts and walk all the way to the park. Well I'd be a bad mom if I said, "No, I don't want to go play with you and let you breathe fresh air - back to the house! Watch your TV!" - right? So, I said yes to the new plan.

We make it half-way to the park, chasing shadows and kicking rocks in the quiet evening. Then upon approaching a couple of people talking by their cars Grant coughs. coughs. coughs. coughs. Throws up a loogie. coughs. coughs. Throws up a loogie. coughs. coughs. After standing there what seemed like 10 minutes in the couple's stare we start again toward the park. He coughs now every 5 seconds until we reach the park, and at the park. I'm trying to tell him to play but he's just standing there coughing. Good job mom! Well, it's not over. We play "Transformers in the ocean" for 5 minutes and need to head home since I'm now fearing for his life and this unexpected journey is running out of sunshine. He starts to do better and we kick more rocks. He sees a storm drain and wants to kick a "goal" with his rock. There are a few neighbors out watching as we play rock soccer and I know my boy is the cutest.

Then the cough starts again - with a vengeance. He leans over and throws up something good. coughs. coughs. coughs loudly. coughs. vomits up another glob. coughs. coughs. Finally one of the neighbors yells, "Is he okay?" Humiliated that I brought a dying child out to play rock soccer I yell back, "He's okay, just getting over a cold." Good grief! At least he wasn't crying and freaking out like he normally does during cough attacks. So I gave him a piggy back ride home hoping to save him his lungs. Of course I made him promise he wouldn't vomit on me first.

When we got home the family was all on the the bed talking. Daddy said, "I'm glad you got to go for a walk buddy." To which Grant replied, "Yeah, I vomited A LOT." and then he demonstrated with his hands how much.

Yup, another bad decision.

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Monday, March 07, 2011


Well I'm 31 now. My kids are SUPER sick and I'm on my way there so it wasn't the best birthday ever but there were still some highlights,

Having Calli sleep on my chest like she used to as a new born. To bad she had to be super sick to do it - but I took it and loved it!

My Taylor Swift CD from Tim.

My new running clothes from Mom.

Juicys dinner and volleyball with my team - we won.

A nap.

5 voicemails and a bunch of e-mails and facebook messages.

Money to pay for new jeans and a top from The Morton side of the family.

Illustrator upgrade from my Dad - a VERY big gift I am super thankful for!!

S0 here comes 31. My goal is to squeeze every bit of youth out of my 30's. I'm washing my face and using anti-wrinkle creams, I'm running, I'm working on my volleyball skills, I'm snuggling my babies, and I'm working hard designing and rolling in the dough! Thanks to all my friends and family for the love you give to my life!