Friday, May 27, 2011

growing pains

Grant has a problem with over-reacting when he gets a slight pain or a bit uncomfortable. An inch would make a stranger think he was dying. I'm working with him on it - and so is God obviously.

This week he:
rammed his face into a metal ladder resulting in a bloody nose
got his finger VERY stuck in the tiny holes of the playground floor
and ran into a friend at preschool creating this super fat,bloody lip

But he handled each dramatic event surprisingly well! That a boy!

Monday, May 02, 2011

game night

Game night is always more fun when you use How to Train Your Dragon game pieces - at least if you're a 4 year old boy. When Calli gets bigger we may be playing with Polly Pockets.

half marathon day

I ran the Rock N River 1/2 Marathon yesterday with my bestest running buddy Latricia. We are great running partners with similar strengths and weaknesses - except she doesn't use the bathroom every 30 minutes like me. This race included a record of mine: three potty stops. We had a great race overall. Even though I fought with stomach pains most of the way, they never overtook me. We had great weather, except at the start in the FREEZING cold. (pictured below)

I had my typical "I'm late for the race...oh crap I missed it" dream earlier in the week but on the real morning we made it early to the downtown event and that helped my stress levels a lot!

We made the 13.1 miles in 2:35 with a super-fast last 3/4 of a mile as we thought our chip time might get 2:30. I'm still not sure of our chip time but it's probably 2:33. Mile 11 was HARD but we only walked for 5 minutes in small increments throughout the race and at 11 we just kept trotting, afraid of freezing up all together. I thought I'd pass out and never move again at the line so I think I did my job.