Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hey you should check out my business site/blog if you're bored. It's got Salsa, Calli of course, and other pretty things. My home business, Mavora Art and Design, has been doing very well. I make 80% of our living these days as Tim goes back to school on his way to a Pharmacy degree. Although I can feel VERY buried and stressed at times I'm so thankful that I have a flexible job so I can be a mom too and I'm NOT waitressing! Plus I now have two part time employees - Tim does all my cutting and my Mom works every tuesday on magnet tag assembly. I like employees, especially the kind I don't actually pay.

I just started advertising at My Wedding Library at the Summit Mall in Reno. I was talking with the girls there about the work I do and one of them made a comment, "you must have a huge craft room!" Yeah. No. But I'm glad other people recognize that I could use some space. I work out of our 950 square foot home. Through the power of organization somehow we all eat, play, and print a billion pieces of paper around the dining room table and the ottoman. Someday I'm positive I will look back and laugh - and I'll tell my kids it was a 700 square foot house.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wild island

Grant and I got season passes to the water park this year in hopes of some fun time together without work and growing his comfort with the water. So far we can do the kids pool and the lazy river. Grant could walk the river circle for hours in fact! Calli LOVES the water so she's a steal getting in for free. Her new thing is trying to walk super fast in the baby pool (and she's not even so good on land) so she gets a face full of water every so often before mom grabs her but she seems to enjoy it. Our goal is to go every week at least once and we have a lot of great friends that usually join us. I don't know how I got here but - summer is on!

Monday, June 13, 2011

my favorite calli shots in june

summer begins

Saturday night was family night at the Marina. Free fishing day for Grant and Calli's first time in the kayak with Daddy. I realized I should have more blogging to do as we get out and play in this nice weather and slack off at work!

Grant and I had the perfect plan to catch fish with marshmallows and squirt gun in hand but alas, none were found to squirt and hook.

Looking forward to more fun outside!

Friday, June 10, 2011

tough days

I haven't been too active on my internet socialities... yeah I'm gonna make that word up. It's been a rough few weeks and I hate to spill it all on innocent bystanders but, yes, it's not been my favorite time. I feel like these are my "Job" days. I have these itchy skin sores that won't heal and a dermatologist appointment still 2+ weeks away. My urgent care drugs ran out and they won't give me more. I can see the sleepless night crouching back at the door. I've learned that marriage is harder when you itch all night and so is counting and cutting wedding invitations. And Tim's Calculus class isn't a walk in the park either. I'm just praying for strength until I can get the help I need and then Tim and I decided we're going to have a ton of fun this summer. We'll take turn watching the kids so I can play tons of volleyball and he can mountain bike.

Oh Lord sustain me! I have little faith but I have no other source of hope - so it's rely on the God who I know loves me or.... start buying some kind of drugs off the street. I think I'm going with option 1 but if I had shadier friends I think I might just go with option 2. Despair is not something to underestimate.

And because I just depressed you I'll leave with this latest adorable Calli picture to keep you coming back. And maybe if you're having a rough time, knowing that I feel your pain will make you feel a slight bit understood. As always I'm lucky to have a family that is my light in dark places, God's precious gift. I hope your gifts are shinning bright as well.