Saturday, July 30, 2011

another race, another story!

Last night was my first trail run, yes, last night. My running partner and another friend from church did the Moonlight Madness at Rancho San Rafael Park. I'd classify it as a mild trail run except that we did half of it in the dark and in painfully hard rain - these were quarter size drops that I swear started a mile up and gained speed the entire way down until slamming into me. Once in my exhausted, jumbled brain, I thought - what is making all that noise? It was the rain hitting my bib number, making the sound of hail on a tin roof! It wasn't rain that you'd willfully stand in that's for sure.

There weren't any mile markers on the course so it was difficult to gauge my speed but I was going hard. Near the end there was a very curvy paved section but the rain had soaked the path too much to run it with my slippery toe shoes so I took the thick grass next to it with the squirrel holes and a tree branch clean swept my sunglasses off the top of my head in the sprint. I slowed slightly for two steps and then thought....nah I'm not wasting 30 seconds on this issue, I have enough to worry about here. And why was I wearing sunglasses for a night run? Because the wind gusts before we started were throwing LARGE amounts of painful dirt in our eyes! That was right before lightning hit the hill above us and started it on fire. Luckily the smoke was blowing uphill! And poor Tim had the keys to the girls' car and he was huddled with screaming Calli under a tree, but he still cheered me on as I flew by!

After finishing there was no time to celebrate. I ran back up the hill to Tim and the kids, ran more uphill to look for my lost glasses (I saw a guy cheering and asked, "did you see some sunglasses around here?" He replied, "I can't see anything!"), found my glasses, and ran to the car with the keys to get us girls out of that insane rain! So the race was mainly Madness without any Moonlight. I finished a little ahead of my comrades, 32:01 and 11th in my age group out of 61 runners. For the training I put in and the course conditions I'm very happy with that time.

Now today I'm off to Tahoe, I'm in my second grass volleyball tournament on Sunday and that's where I'm really hoping to shine. I'll let you know how that goes!



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

number 5

Oops! I forgot to write about the Colossal Squid Birthday Party! Grant still doesn't put his head under water but he LOVES the pool so much that we had a pool party for the big number 5! We rented out our neighborhood pool and added toys and boys. It was a great time!

Another highlight was the Optimus Pinata - Grant is looking ninja good!

Thank you to all Grant's friends who came to play and to his aunts who sent GREAT Bakugan and Star Wars loot! Love to you my 5 year old little guy, you're so big and yet so little to snuggle-wuggle. You rock!

the big buy

Grant made his first purchase - a Bakugan case from Toys R Us. He's been collecting quarters for doing extra chores around the house. It's a win-win: he's happy to have a new avenue of collecting toys and I am happy to have him do all the little tasks I don't have time for. Mainly he cleans up whatever the baby dumped out on the floor but he can also sweep the porch, feed Calli lunch, and play with Calli when no one wants to at the time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

get your lemonade!

Friday was Grant's Alex's Lemonade Stand, and it went fabulously with his right hand man Ethan! We pulled in a lot of traffic on 7th and a lot of Grant's friends came out to support us. The lemonade stand pulled in $225 in just two hours plus we made $50.00 online so we beat our goal of $100 quite easily! It was good to see so many people supporting my kids and the kids this money goes to help. I explained to Grant that he just gave away 18 transformers - his jaw dropped!

Thanks for all the support! Talk to me if you'd like to have an Alex's Lemonade Stand with your kids. It was great 5 year old fun!

Monday, July 11, 2011

just like her mom

Calli loves green olives more then I do! This is really scary!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

grant's alex's lemonade stand is HERE

Tomorrow (Friday) morning Grant and his friend Ethan will be on the corner of 7th and Wyoming selling cups of lemonade and raising donations for Alex's Lemonade Stand, a foundation that helps families and hospitals fight childhood cancer. Grant has been involved in stands for two years now and came up to me wanting to do his very own - so here we are! Come on down for a very fine cup of lemonade from 10:30 to 12:00 OR you can donate two other ways.

or TEXT: "lemonade e74770" to 85944 to give $10.00

Tim, Grant, and I - with the help of our fabulous church - have raised $3,200 in past years for the cause and this year Grant wants to get at least $100 more. HELP US!

Monday, July 04, 2011

camping 2011

So the camping season begins with the Coram Deo Church Campout at Davis Creek. The group site is fabulous there with real sinks, quarter showers, and lots of shade. The bugs weren't bad either this weekend which is always a big bonus for me! AND we re-arranged the tent so we had more room, I was super excited about that! But don't get me wrong. I'm not all a ball of joy when we camp. When you're in a tent there's A LOT of walking back and forth to the car, A LOT of searching thru misc. bags and boxes and coolers. I pretty much yell every hour - WHERE IS _____!? I feel like a trailer might be more helpful when it comes to my desperate need for organization in the forest but until that upgrade comes (in 5 years) this will have to do. To help with some of the chaos I've decided to start a list now to remember how to pack for next time. We tend to pack for the 4 hours directly preceeding pulling out of the driveway and this year we ran out of diapers and Grant was packed NO t-shirts. The list can't fix my spacey-ness but it should make home in the woods a little cozier. I'm putting it online so I can always look it up here instead of trying to find a tiny piece of paper somewhere, and, maybe some newer campers out there will be aided in their chaos too. It won't be comprehensive, but mainly things I tend to forget or things you might want to buy that we use.

paper towels
* can opener
* soap to leave in the bathroom and share
wet wipes
clorox wipes
dishsoap/dish bucket/dishtowel
* spices
2+ bug spray
2+ sunscreen
hot pads
* clothes line and pins
extra blankets
* extra garbage bags/plastic bags/ziplock bags
hats for all
glow sticks for kids
dry erase board
table cloth or 2 w/ clips or weights
• good marshmallow sticks

And the number 1 most important thing you need tent camping:
* plastic bins and trash can to save food from squirrels and not walk back and forth a bazillion times to your car.