Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ruby mountains: the whole story

I posted a few pictures and videos from the our camping vacation in the Ruby Mountains a couple of weeks ago but you may not have heard the whole story. This is how it goes.

My old Jeep is packed full as we hit the road at 1pm.

The air conditioning hasn't worked well for about a year (I'd say it runs 40% of the time) so on the hot desert road between Reno and Elko we're excited that it's keeping us cool at 2pm.

There it goes again. No air at 2.30pm. Tim and I enjoy a nice talk and laughter as I pour water on us to keep our cool with the windows down.

We hit Winnemucca at 4pm and as we take the exit and the wind blast of the highway vanishes we hear terrible noises coming for the car. Tim checks under the hood and adds some coolant.

2 more hours and we're pulling off in Elko, just slightly behind out friends who left early but got a flat tire on the road. This time the noises are the most painful my Jeep has ever made. It's not going to make it to the campsite that night.

So this is our Elko hotel room.

We did finally make it when our friends picked us up and our car made it too after a new air conditioning compressor and accessory belt a day later.

Calli learned to say "cheese" for the camera - seen here - and "yes" which we had a lot of fun with!

We did a night trail run/hike - running for the wives, hiking for the dads with kids -

and a 5 mile day hike with all the littles next!

Later that day there was RAIN. The thunderstorms there do not mess around! Thankfully we knew it was on it's way and we took cover with our valuable possessions.

But the biggest highlight? My lasagna in my new dutch oven.

Put it all together and there you have it - a family vacation.

the big time

Tomorrow is Grant's kindergarden interview and tonight there was this:


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy 6 years

We celebrated our 6th anniversary all week (including a night out at Harrah's) but the actual day was a family of 4 extravaganza including Wild Island, Grant's first giant slide: Tortuga, and a picnic dinner watching Tangled on the air mattress. I am very blessed!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

sing song

Calli tries to sing the Wild Kratts theme song now. It sounds a bit like, "while while rice!" but she's in tune. This new word stage is hilarious fun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

real photos

Check it out - we had family pictures taken! Beats the usual tripod or extended arm method.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

video time!

Our new digital camera has some better video capabilities - lucky you! Here are a few clips from the past few weeks.


Calli's new "words" she learned camping last week. "Cheese" is only hummed but we all know what it means! And since this lunch we've all been saying, "Calli, say yes!" and she almost always obliges. Love it!


In fact the very first time she hummed and smiled was for this picture a little earlier:


And this one is Grant doing great on his longest and hardest hike ever - 5 miles, 1,000 feet gain, 3+ hours total. We passed the time with a little Wild Kratts (that's his favorite TV show).


And I'm not a paranoid mom - it was his idea to wear the helmet!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I was cleaning up the house 5 minutes ago and I thought, "why did Tim just dump his shoes next to the rack? Uuugh".

I was cleaning up the house 1 minute ago and thought, "Tim's shoes are back on the floor. Soooo once again Calli is out making other people look bad."

Often I find something misplaced, spilled, and MISPLACED and I still think Tim or Grant did it. Duh!! The baby is ALWAYS doing it! She's out to ruin us with the sweetest smile and curls abundant.

This picture features Calli in two shirts and a dress. She LOVES herself some pretty clothes!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

prayer thoughts

I'm in a big fat blessing of a marriage.

Monday, August 01, 2011


Tim and I stayed up at Tahoe this weekend. Sunday was my second co-ed grass tourney in Zephyr (and the first for my partner Nick). We placed third in our (lowest) division. Pretty good except that I REALLY thought we could have gotten second.

I realized this VolleyNation t-shirt is my first volleyball shirt! All the other gals there have drawers full from tourneys, clinics, high school, college, club, etc. My volleyball history is not so exstensive so it will take me a while longer to catch up to my competition but I'm having fun with my Reno volleyball friends! They're good to me. Volleyball has helped me stay sane and get into better shape this last year and I'm thankful my husband lets me do it!