Tuesday, September 27, 2011

midnight wild


I made Tim get the camera last night. Just another midnight cuddle session, my very favorite thing. When Calli wakes up, playing loudly in her crib, as we're brushing our teeth I always grab her and pull her into our bed. Last night I wanted to remember everything about her. Her sweet, gleeful smile as she knows she shouldn't get to be in mommy's bed in the middle of the night. Her crazy, curly hair that's been tackled by all the blankets. Her joy every other minute that spills over from smile to full volume squeal in the silent house. I try to cuddle her tiny frame but she can't be overpowered. She is more wild at night then in the day. And then when Tim says it's time for bed I cradle her tightly and tell her it's nigh nigh time. She's not thrilled but she seems to understand and takes her blankey in her hand and her thumb in her mouth and lies calmly in her crib with a smile. I don't want to forget a moment of our midnight friendship. I LOVE my baby girl!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

big girl

We're celebrating 1 year and 6 months just a bit early. She's a lover of clothes and grabber of cameras. Her newest fashions include Grant's underwear over her shorts and Daddy's as a toga.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the growing never stops

Last week I was wondering how I would feel when Grant went to Kindergarden. Most women around me asked the loaded question in the super spooky voice, "What are you going to do when Grant goes to Kindergarden!?" I felt a bit like if I was a good mom I would cry or be disturbed or something... but alas, today is the day and I feel good. I guess I'm just not as surprised as I used to be that my baby is always growing. And I find a lot of joy in sharing new things with him. This summer Grant has accomplished a lot! He went from the little bike with training wheels to the big bike with a kickstand. At the water park he went from not wanting to go down the frog slide to taking on Tortuga - by himself - backwards. And in his kindergarden interview, even though he'll be one of the youngest in his class, the teacher said he'll be in the advanced group. I guess I'm ready for the challenge because he is. He can do it! And I'm very proud of him!

Now when Calli goes to school it may be a whole different story seeing as she will be my baby forever.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

calli fashion

when Calli and Daddy play...