Tuesday, November 29, 2011

we feast tonight!

Today I had the MOST fun I've ever had in a grocery store. My mom and I (and Calli) went to the rich Raley's up the hill (the one right next to us usually has one to two crazy people wandering the milk aisle shouting curse words at the air). She shared her $500 gift card she received as a christmas present from one of Dad's associates. It was clean and uncrowded, we were grocery queens! I helped myself to:

a pretty little tri-tip steak
3 bottles of wine (but they were on sale!)
2 bags of sugar cookie mix
a pineapple
Sushi for lunch
Odwalla superfood
Juice Squeeze (2 packs)
and was there anymore absurdly exotic and expensive things...?
oh yeah,
1 giant wild salmon

Ahhhhhhh.... it feels good to be rich! We feast tonight!

Thanks mom!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the turkey trot

I am now the owner to two 10k Turkey Trot sweaters. But how many Turkey Trots have I run? ZERO.

The white sweater was last year. I had the flu for 2 days before the run, couldn't eat, couldn't move. But I woke up at 5am that morning to try and eat something before the race. I couldn't eat. I couldn't run.

The red sweater was this year. I got the flu the night before at 8pm. Since it's fresh in my memory I can tell it it was the most painful night of non-sleep I've ever had. But I didn't throw up in hopes that it would pass and I'd still have my carb dinner to carry me through the run. I woke up from 2 hours of sleep and dressed. Lauren picked me up (this was her idea). I ate a little. My fever was gone. I was NOT going to be beaten this time!! Except I was. In line for the bathroom, 3 minutes before the gun, I felt flush and blacked out. I stayed on my feet but that was it for me. If I couldn't stand in a line in the freezing cold I couldn't run 6 miles. I stumbled to the car with half of my vision blacked out. I just kept telling myself, "don't pass out in the parking lot where no one will ever find you again."

Tim came and got me.

And so I was sick on Thanksgiving again. I swear people, I'm not just signing up to get these awesome sweaters.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

the hard transformer

I get discouraged often. Although it looks like I have a lot of my life together I often think I'm still coming up too short.

My business could be richer.
My design talents higher.
My running faster.
My spike harder.
My love greater.

I had been thinking these thoughts for the last 30 minutes, and then I remembered what I said to Grant when I put him to bed tonight....

As I squished him and he giggled I said:

Do you know I think you're cute.
And I think you are smart.
You are so good at puzzles.
You are the very best at transformers.
And you're funny.
And I love you.

And just then his giggles turned to tears. He said sadly:

Mommy I'm not good at transformers.
I've been trying to fix Bumblebee and I can't get his arm in right and I can't get his gun to fit right either.

I explained that even if he couldn't do this one thing on this one transformer that he could transform 5 others perfectly and I could not transform one. I told him to be proud of how many he could do, and that he was way smarter with transformers than his mommy was. I told him I was still very proud of him.

I just realized I needed to hear what I said to his little heart tonight. And maybe you do to.

God created you, and He loves you. He never expected, or hoped, you'd be perfect.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

wedding challenge

I'm a part of the Etsy Wedding Team "at my work" and I need your help to be awesome! Before Nov 15th follow this link and vote for my piece in the Fall Team Challenge. Just click on mavora #6 on the right hand side. Thanks for the support!

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Saturday, November 05, 2011

halloween 2011

I forgot to show you our flying fairy this year! She soars thru the air yelling, "fly!!!"

and Grant was.....can you guess?

If you are old enough to read blogs you probably don't know, but when a pack of children knocked on our door for candy I heard the first little boy yell out, "You're Ben Ten!! Awesome!!" You just have to be hip to know it.

We hit the Discovery Museum Sunday night and trick or treating with our little friend Eliza (and Rory!) Monday night. I will never forget Calli running wildly through the streets, like a horse that had been corralled for years, finally free. She yelled and jumped in the dark eating more smarties then she could ever dream of. Pure joy I tell you, pure joy!

Happy Halloween 2011!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

library day

This afternoon I took Grant and Calli to the library. We've been to busy to read most of our books at home so I just said we'd read some at the library today for a while. I sat in the kids section and told Grant to pick out a storybook. He of course complains. He hates storybooks. He likes science books. I sat with Calli trying to read as she just kept turning the pages like she always does. After a few minutes Grant is still gone and I'm thinking I may need to look like I'm supervising him. I look around the kids section. No Grant. I sit back down to gather Calli and go find him and then here he comes from the other side of the library carrying the LARGEST book he could carry.

Last time we went I took him to the reference section with me to look for a cook book and he found a giant ocean encyclopedia. He remembered this time where is was and hunted it down all by himself. Good grief kid! So we sat on the kiddy couch learning about clams and hatchet fish, and flat worms. Oh this book has it all! He has officially read all the elementary school books on cephalopods and sharks anyway, might as well go for the encyclopedia! So this I guess is on Grant's Christmas list for the Morton Aunts and Grandparents who love to buy book he enjoys: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0756636922/ref=rdr_ext_tmb

It's 512 pages of pure little boy excitement - well maybe 395 pages - the maps aren't his favorite.