Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Ours was exhausting but so much fun! We started with a sunrise hike on Christmas Eve up Mt. Rose. It's a hike that can't usually be done this late in the year but with only two small storms so far we made it up without snow shoes in the single degree temperatures.

My sprained finger couldn't get enough warm blood at the frozen summit and I thought I might loose it but then Erik told me to put my hand down my pants and that warmed it right up! We encountered a lot of ice and most of us fell down two or three times but no one fell off any cliffs which is the important part. The 10 miles with the rough conditions and a lengthy freezing breakfast at the top took 7 hours this time so we were pretty beat by the end but happy we had accomplished it with some really great friends.

I didn't know Camelback hoses have a tendency to freeze up in this kind of weather! Keeping it in my sweater helped a lot. So that's something new I learned on this hike....that I hope I don't have to put into practice ever again.

Donuts and cocoa in the parking lot after was the best part for sure!

Christmas day with the kids is always so much fun! We didn't get a lot of presents for each other but we tried our best to spoil the kids - and so did the Morton Aunts and Grandparents! Grant had a great attitude about every present but when he opened one that he didn't love he would quickly say, "Okay, I'll go put this in my room." It was almost as though they got time out and his "good" presents got to stay in the living room to play.

And of course we had the whole Lange Family together again this year and Dad got the ladies new Dyson vacuums!! What!? I'm a little happy about that!!

I am so thankful for my family and friends! They make it all more fun!

Monday, December 19, 2011

reminder to myself

I wrote this as my status on facebook yesterday, after a terrible day that God redeemed, but I'm also keeping it here so that I'll be reminded of the truths that soaked into my heart when reading "Counterfeit Gods" by Timothy Keller. And maybe you're a friend who is not on facebook, this is also for you!
"Whether you believe in God or Buddha or someone else or no one else, we all have our pursuits, our goals, the things that drive us and define us. We can't live without these things and when they fail us, or we fail them, we often go down hard in a ball of anger or depression. It's because these things become gods. Yes, even those of you who have "no" religion have types of gods that you elevate everyday. We all can worship status, career, perfection, athleticism, creativity, beauty, and______ (name your favorite here). But the true God fills hearts much better then these pursuits we give our lives too. And don't get me wrong, I worship God AND athleticism, and being perfect in relationships, and being good at my job. But God wants me to live only for Him. And He is a good God. He doesn't elevate me to awesome one day and shove me straight under the bus the next day - like my job (and my ego) does. I hold my place of free and beautiful and loved everyday. It's not always easy, but it's good! Christianity is not following a list of commands - you do that already in your social circle and, you may have already figured this out, it's not very satisfying long term. It's believing in the gift sent in a baby named Jesus. And it's following a God that is helpful, forgiving, and caring not a god (and not people) that you can never feel good enough for.
Merry Christmas! This is how I send my love, because I know Jesus is just the BEST gift I've ever received!"

Monday, December 12, 2011

year wrap up

Many of you received our Christmas card this year - totally on time, I would like to add! And to all our friends and family we'd like to say, "WE LOVE YOU!", even if we couldn't afford 200 cards.

God has continued to bless us through my business (Mavora Art and Design) which makes it possible for Tim to go to school full time another year. In February we should find out whether we will be moving to Portland for pharmacy school next year or not. If we are denied we have other plans to keep us busy and we're excited for those too! But Tim has been doing his job - getting A's! And he enjoys learning all he can in this new field.

Grant is in full day kindergarten this year and having a great time. We often walk his friend Marley to her car since her Dad picks her up at the same time. They run and laugh and at the street they yell, "Bye Mr. Crocodile" and "Bye Mr. Burger Goober." Yeah, I don't understand either. Grant is a funny one though. He can shout out a "your face" joke with the best of 'em.

Calli is learning more and more words including: Alright! oh no! Whoa! Mommy, Daddy, Where's Papa? Where's Beba? Ack! Potty, and Hey guys! And there are many full sentences coming out that no one can understand except Calli herself. She is currently on my lap coloring her fingers and my volleyball registration form. In short, Tim and I LOVE her 21 month old littleness, silliness, and cuteness.

I also have been working part time for Coram Deo Christian Church with my brother. I still do the design and communication support but now also direct the volunteers in the Children's Ministry. That's been a new challenge but I work with GREAT volunteers so it's not the headache I was thinking it might be! God is doing great things in our church family and we're happy to be a small part of it!

But just when I've convinced you our life is totally awesome, I'll add this picture for you. This is how our christmas shoot really went... and in real life one out of 4 is usually mad about something, but those odds aren't really that bad right??

Through God's Grace & Love - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(Thank you to Lori Mathews Photography for snapping our pics just as a friend. She does great full sessions if you need a photographer in Reno that gives you a CD with your prints.)

Sunday, December 04, 2011


It's beginning to look a lot like christmas! Our tiny tree and candy cane stained lips will tell you so.