Monday, December 31, 2012

last day

Well it's the last day of 2012. I resolved long ago in January to have a fun year, a year in which I would not let sleep deprivation or good sense turn me away from living. I planned to stay up late, wake up early, be cold, or hot, or wet, or dirty if necessary. It was a resolution inspired by our family trip to Disneyland. The happiest place on earth is awesome and bone-numbingly exhausting. You go and go because if you stop you'll miss out on something wonderful. I realized how often joy and pain go together  - especially with two small children in tow. So this year, whatever life required, I would be a good sport and dive in as often as possible - like I was at Disneyland.

Sitting here now, looking back at my memories in my sleep deprived mind, I am very proud of my efforts. I remembered my goal often and although I didn't always enjoy the effort it took to accomplish it I do cherish the memories of the journey.

• I signed up for A league grass volleyball tourneys instead of the easy B level I know I can win.
• I played in my first beach volleyball tourney with a guy I didn't know and I brought my kids...and no help.
• I woke up early to ride bikes with Grant to school every Friday
• I woke up EARLY for so many marathon training runs
(are you noticing that I do not naturally wake up early?)
• I ran 26.2 stinking miles after wanting to for 9 years
• I picked up Sarah H from the airport and dropped her half way up Mt. Rose, 4 wheeling in white out conditions and screaming all the way!!
• I faintly remember drinking all night with Tim and then waking up at 7am for a 4 mile trail run. I learned a lot that morning.....
• I went to Karaoke with the super stars Faith and Josh and the less then supers, Tim and Kateri
• I ran with a group of people I had never met - that's a pretty scary thing considering I signed up for 8 miles at who knows what pace or terrain.
• I cut off all my hair - like OFF. I don't actually know how to grow it back out again but it's cute so we'll deal with that another year.
• And of course there were many more parks and coffee dates and Mythbuster dates and zoo train rides in the freezing cold, etc. but you get the point.

Now maybe these things don't seem like a lot to some people but all that matters is I stretched myself. I didn't play it safe all the time. And moving to Portland, God knew I would need a brave spirit this year.

When I know what I'm doing next year I'll let you know.....maybe an all sleep year?? Yeah, probably not. Darn.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

We made it home after a short visit to Reno for Papa's Birthday. Worshipping at Coram Deo Sunday was the highlight for me. My brother is such a wonderful preacher and I love the friendships I have there. Thank you to Papa and Grandma for helping us fly in and PLAY at our favorite place - your home.

On the way back to Portland today Calli picked up a very friendly phrase.


Happy Holidays. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

zoo lights

Monday was a "do-over weekend" for the family (since the real weekend had a little too much vomiting and failed design work). We hit the zoo alllll day. The train wasn't running until the evening christmas lights came on and the train ride was a MUST for Calli. At first she was a little timid in the dark but then she was throwing her tiny body over my lap to see out the window and then right back over daddy's lap to see out the other window. Priceless.

Friday, December 07, 2012

new friends

I haven't heard from my neighbor since she moved to Texas but I will not forget my first Beaverton friend and the life lessons I learned by knowing her. Here on a visa from India we always asked each other culture questions waiting for our kids at the bus stop. It was very fun to learn about her life and she was so kind. I wish her well and I hope she remembers how to make the guacamole recipe I taught her. She is in Texas after all...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

one down

From my lack of writing you may have figured I've been a little swamped. You'd be right. Tim has been working very hard at school which means I work hard everywhere else to support his efforts. Today was his last day of the semester. Yes, we are one semester down in the Pharm D. program. I am very proud to say he passed each and every test the first time so he has no retakes over break. And passed means he got a 90% of better. Whoa.

Beaverton/Portland seems a little more like home considering I don't miss the entrance to our apartment complex EVERY time like I used to. The pavement is always wet now but I did get myself some great rain boots and it's nice to have an excuse to wear them. Rain is not my favorite thing in the world but I'm dealing with it by playing more indoor volleyball. I've been very lucky to meet a lot of new people. Our women's volleyball A league team got third this season.

This was the night Tracy and I both burned thru our pants diving. Oh yes, we don't mess around out there. We will sacrifice our bodies and clothing. 

Mavora is doing well. I got a few notepads in a consignment store and I was hoping to do more card designs but my wedding schedule makes that very hard. It seems I always have plenty of work - of course what else would a mom of a two year old say. Just that crazy girl is enough work for a day. 

Man, she is adorable though! And speaking of adorable, Grant has a pair of skinny jeans now - when he comes out of his room I have to squeeze him and pat his cute little head. I let him walk to the bus stop by himself now and I always watch him walk down the stairs. He turns and waves while running as soon as his feet hit the sidewalk.

But anyway, back to work thoughts. My wedding store looks like this right now:

I don't know if it's the off season, or the move, or the clouds outside but I've had a lot of creative juices flowing. I now offer a new line of postcards as save the dates and thank you cards that I hope will be a big hit next year. 

So that's a little more about our new life with one semester down. I'm hoping to sleep in for the next month. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

rain or shine

Our weekend consisted of watching Phineas and Ferb and going to the Zoo - because, rain or shine, we get in free.....and it rained.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

new zealand date

Tim surprised me with a WONDEFUL New Zealand themed date on Saturday to celebrate the day we met - 8 years ago. We had so much fun! And my favorite artist moment was taking self portraits in front of a graffiti heart where we parked. Yay! I love that stuff! Tim also let me go into Paper Source since I love paper so much and he held a basket and let me pile in pretty things. It was a wonderful (although cold) afternoon. I'm so glad we bumped into each other at my flat that morning....and later fell in love.

I love him.

halloween in portland

Sorry about my tardy post. You have to see the Halloween pictures! Although I originally was going to dress Calli up as a load of laundry she was just too cute for it. At the last minute we turned her into Tinkerbell, which she was PERFECT for. Grant went as Optimus Prime again since we already had the mask and transformers are still cool.

 We went to the church's Harvest Party on Sunday:

And Trick-or-Treating with Gabe and Reese on Wednesday:

We didn't even get rained on - just pure candy gathering fun! P.S. I never tell grant to pose like a crazy person for the camera. That's his natural smile with fists flying.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

1 marathon

Checked off my life list -  1 Marathon. 

It was in Portland about 9 years ago that a friend of mine ran the Portland Marathon and me and some friends cheered him (and many others) on along the course. I hadn't run since Jr. High but I was in awe.  I wanted to do something epic just like that. Only God knew the struggles and the blessings running would bring into my life in the next decade. My biggest blessings have been running with my girl friends Latricia and Lauren and feeling the overwhelming support and love of my husband. And in addition to helping me love my favorite people:
I've met new people, 
I've explored new places, 
I've used my feet to get me places when sharing our one car,
I run with my buddy Grant in the forest,
I run away from my children sometimes (but I always leave them with someone else),
I get over designer's block on runs,
I am quicker on the volleyball court,
and I am confident I can do just about anything I put my mind to - you see 26.2 miles is really, really, far! And I didn't run it on a whim. I trained. I trained a lot. I went thru the ups and downs. I woke up early!! I ran in the dark. I pushed a stroller when necessary. And God rewarded my efforts. 

I wouldn't have gone for such a large goal this year if it wasn't for my friend Latricia. She's the best back-up a girl could ask for. No flaking. No bailing. She just works hard and supports almost all of my optimistic life decisions. Here we are laying down at the finish. My knees are busted at this point but we made it!! Moving away from my running partners is TOUGH but this is sweet victory - to run together for two + years and make it 26.2 together.

I realized that day that a lot of people run marathons, but there has to be a lot more on the couch right? 

And the best finish line surprise ever - my MOM flew in without me knowing and was standing at 25.5 miles. I saw her face 24 inches from mine and I YELLED and flailed my arms in the air. The last mile was a piece of cake after that! 

I would write more about the journey but I've realized all my thoughts along the miles have mushed together. When I run my IQ seems to go thru the roof but it's not really - it's plummeting and I'm too drunk on running to realize it...

Finally we hit the finish line in 5:03:45 after about 7 minutes of bathroom stops by yours truly. I would not call it a perfect race day with my insides, knees, and energy levels barely holding on but everything stayed together long enough for the finish line and that was my #1 goal! Your first marathon is a little like having a baby; expectations die quickly, it hurts more then you can imagine, and you can't stop till you're done! 

Yahooooooo we did it!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

great grandad morton

Last Tuesday Grandad Morton went home to be with Jesus. I was waiting to write so that I could paste in his obituary. I'd like it to be here to make it accessible to Grant and Calli when they are older.

A note to my kids,
Now of course I am a Lange and not a Morton so you'll have to ask your Father, Aunts, and Grandfather more about Great Grandad but I will always remember him and Great Grandma and how caring they were to you kids and to each other. On the love seat sat a pillow which read something like - "Here lives a fisherman, with the catch of his life." It was perfectly romantic. And I don't know if his father taught him to love wood so much but I know it's been passed down to your father. Remember to respect good wood and good woodwork Grant. It's in your genes. Your Great Grandad left a legacy of family, christian values, and pouring into the lives of anyone that came near him. He was a generous man and a humorous man. I'm so glad he was able to meet you both.


MORTON, A. Sidney, died on September 18 at the age of 96.  He is survived by his wife of 72 years, Roberta G. Morton; by four children – Sidney F. Morton (Ruth) of Moorhead, Minnesota, A. Kent Morton (Marilyn) of Richmond, Gregg W. Morton (Betty Ann) of Downers Grove, Illinois, and Kristin Curtis of Newfoundland, Pennsylvania; by eleven grandchildren; and by five great-grandchildren.  He was born in Dante, Virginia and grew up in Huntington, West Virginia.  Upon graduation from high school, Sid attended the Bullis School in Washington, DC, for one year prior to entering the Naval Academy, which he attended for a year and a half.  He enrolled in Indiana Technical College, where he was awarded a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1940.  A professional engineer, he was a lifetime member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  He joined CSX as a fuel service engineer in 1948 and completed his career there in 1978 as Coal Traffic Manager – Sales and Engineering.  Sid was an active member of All Saints Episcopal Church for 49 years, serving on the Vestry and as Junior and Senior Wardens.  His avocation was woodworking and woodcarving, and he made numerous pieces of furniture for family members, as well as decorative and devotional elements for the churches he attended.  After retiring, he taught woodcarving classes for more than 15 years in the Henrico County Adult Education program.  Samples of his carving can be seen at All Saints; Holy Trinity in Greensboro, North Carolina; and Trinity in Concord, Massachusetts.  Throughout his life, he was an avid fisherman.  Devoted to excellence, he pursued it in all he did, and encouraged it in his family, his friends, and his many woodcarving students.   A service will be held at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, September 25 at All Saints Church, Richmond.   In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to All Saints Episcopal Church.

A great man is missed greatly when he leaves. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

20 miles

Sunday was our 20 mile training run for the Portland Marathon. That was the longest we'd ever run and will be the longest until THE BIG ONE. Latricia so kindly flew up here to see me and tackle the run together. I was SO glad to have her company and chat away for hours with a girlfriend that knows me and loves me anyway. Marathoning really is a team sport. We were just missing Lauren who trained with us for our last 13.1 race. When Lauren was with us I remembered the Bible verse that says a cord of three in not easily broken. It is true. Two out of three often did not want to run at all but the third was so pushy about getting out there that we all would go pound it out. And we would end up having some fun and being thankful we went. Now so split up I skip a few runs but at least I have Tim to tell me to get out there. 

So we have a little over two weeks to taper our miles and get to that starting line. We've trained as hard as we could (and still keep somewhat normal lives) and this has given me confidence for the finish - as long as the Lord wills it. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

bus day

It's the second day of school today and Grant's first ride on a school bus. We lived too close to get the bus last year but this year we made it on the route. The yellow slip around his neck is his "shipping label". For reals. Even the school called it that. It has his name, his teacher's name, his bus number, and his address. Should I have written "This side up"? I didn't follow him to school. I'm like 98% sure he'll find his way.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

starting again

Today was the first day of 1st grade for Grant at his new school. I remember 1st grade being a HUGE deal. It's a pretty big jump from Kindergarden to "real school". The hardest part of the day was Calli leaving school without her brother but I think she liked playing without his pestering once she got home.

Good luck Grant! I know you are smart, kind, and funny. Be those things this year. Go Ninja Go.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

no time!

I would blog if I ever had any time! Pharmacy school is taking up more then 40 hours of life for Tim and I am used to him helping me with the house and kids. It's quite the step back into craziness. I'm back to work, oh and then there is marathon training taking 1 to 2 hours a day - but I am kicking butt there! So we really are feeling the pressure here. I can't say how long it will last. I'm not supposed to be here now. It's Saturday night and I want to spend one hour with my husband eating nachos and watching Futurama or something else we think is funny before I go completely insane.

I hope to share stories of bee stings, and running with strangers, and getting lost every time I drive soon. If my mom is reading this - I miss you!! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

what i know so far about oregon

In Oregon people honk at any small infraction. I can't really figure out what's making them so mad.
In Nevada we save our honks for - "dude you're gonna hit me" and "The light has been green forever, please go now."

In Oregon the cashier always asks if you want a bag and many times people walk out with their stuff and no extra plastic.
In Nevada the cashier tries to put two items in each plastic bag and will maybe double bag it if they really hate the earth.

In Oregon everyone asks about my vibram running shoes.
In Nevada everyone asks about my vibram running shoes.

In Oregon there is a Fred Meyer every 10 miles.
In Nevada there is a Wal-Mart every 10 miles.

In Oregon there are recycle bins for everything, everywhere.
In Nevada most people don't know how to recycle or don't care.

In Oregon you ride bikes off road and normal cars on the street.
In Nevada the bigger the car the better - you know, just in case you need to go off road once a year.

In Oregon Calli always points out the car window and yells, "Tree!"
In Nevada Calli always pointed out the car window and yelled, "Barron Wasteland!" Okay not really but she never said tree before.

and that's what I've figured out so far....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

the long beach day

 Yesterday I attempted the Seaside Volleyball Tournament with two kids - and no one else. I picked up a partner online. A nice college kid with a great jump serve and spike. Tim had a service project with Pacific but I really wanted to do it so.....I did! It was a day to try out beach volleyball and meet people to play with here in Oregon.

We had our ups and downs and I had my hands a little too full to take pictures but here are my mental notes. I wrote them know I could write them here. Maybe you can picture it like I remember.


After the kids waited and waited and waited for my first game we headed to the ocean to play in the sand. It was a cool day but not so cold that you couldn't splash on the shoreline. Grant, Calli, and I ran in and ran out about 20 times, laughing all the way. This was Calli's first real brush with the ocean. It was a hit for sure. I realized as we ran back and forth how kind God was to make waves slow enough that 2 year olds could out run them. When you're two you really can't beat anything....but you can beat a wave. It was a little miracle.

My last game finally came at about 5pm and after a 7am start to the day the kids were quite worn out. The movie batteries were dead, and books were colored, and the snacks were gone so I took both kids and a chair down to my net (10 nets down the beach from our camp-out site). I couldn't carry all the supplies and Calli so she walked holding my hand with a frown, and then with a whimper, and then by net 6 a full out death scream. Mainly the players were sympathetic and cheered us on as we passed. "You can do it little girl!" and "You have to start liking the beach!" When we hit our court I rocked her to sleep in the chair in about 3 minutes. I wiggled out and left her in the chair as I played. She slept for two games. We lost by 3 and then lost by 2. But praise the Lord the tourney would end!

On the way back to the car after the longest day ever Calli was too tired to walk. Dressed in only a diaper and jacket at this point, I carried her and pulled a wagon piled to the limit. Two blocks away I couldn't take it any more. I put her down and pleaded with her. "I'll get you ice cream if you just walk a little bit." She almost went for it...but then no. Then I went thru my bag even though I knew all the food was gone. But I found a pack of sport beans (jelly beans for runners). I yelled, "jelly beans!!!" Both of the children yelled back, "YAY jelly beans!!!" They both got three. As I walked away with the tiny bag Calli followed, happily distracted. Her pig tails of tight ringlets and sandy face came waddling, waddling. She could walk with jelly beans. Praise the Lord!

I tortured those kids so badly that I owed them ice cream and a movie when we got home at 9:00. But I LOVED the volleyball in the sand. Hopefully I just won't have to do it with two kids next time!