Monday, January 23, 2012

midnight thoughts

Last night at 2:00am Grant had a coughing fit for what seemed like an hour. Every 15 seconds a new string of coughs would come from his room (VERY close to ours with all the doors open). As I woke out of the deepest and most luxurious sleep ever I figured out the key to this problem! I need to sleep in a different house! It still seemed like a good idea by the time I got back in bed after giving the poor boy a cough drop..... it doesn't seem as plausible now.

Friday, January 13, 2012

a serious vacation

My parents blessed us greatly last week and I hope in turn they received great memories and joy playing with some of the cutest grandchildren ever on vacation! Without them we could not have done this very serious 5 day getaway that included a ton of driving in Dad's giant Excursion, a 5k run, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and a day in Disneyland. We were totally unplugged for 5 whole days, and although I had to work long days before we left it was totally worth it - LA traffic and all!

SoCal Half Marathon and 5k. I ran a personal record of 30.01 and Tim crushed with 23.09 - pretty good, as he ran twice in the last two months and I run four times a week (he mountain bikes a lot though he's not a complete miracle worker). We love a good vacation race!

Spider Crabs!!!!

Bonnet Shark - we're calling it a full size Hammer Head though.

And Grant was very excited that his friend Sarah met us at the Aquarium!

Don't forget the awesome cleaning hand fish!!!!

and on to DISNEYLAND.....

My first beignets (Mickey-shaped of course)! A hot donut they give you to shake in a sugar bag - why did no one tell me these existed before? Thanks to Tim for giving me the New Orleans down low.

Calli liked the scary rides more than Grant did. They were both hooked on the Tea Cups actually. Everyone was staring at us as Cal was yell-laughing when they started to spin. I think Grant went 5 times. Another crowd pleaser was the Buzz Lightyear vs. Zurg ride. Literally, it's a blast.

Great memories!

not a baby anymore

Calli got her first pair of light-up shoes today.
It's all piercings and tube top fights from here on out I'm afraid.