Sunday, February 19, 2012

80's skate night...what?!

Oh yeah, 80's skate night. I am so blessed to have great friends!! My goal this year is to stay out late and play more as this may be my last year in Reno for a while....and I'm succeeding. This weekend was full of sports and church family fun. I am seriously exhausted and sore! Thanks for the memories Lauren, Summer, Latricia, and all the CD gals that made it.

....oh and thanks to Denny's with the $2.00 and $6.00 breakfasts split 3 ways.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So...I got antsy. I love my wedding store and it's going GREAT! But I needed a design outlet where I could be a bit more playful and I was getting quite a few requests for baby stationery - since often people that get married have babies - so I made a baby store with a few extra fun things thrown in. I'm excited about my magnetic notepads! More of those will be coming soon! If you have the time stop by my biz website and enter my giveaway! It's slow going now but maybe it will go somewhere in a year or so....if I have the time.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

this is the year

7 years ago I rooted on my friend Tim (not my husband another one) a runner in the Portland Marathon. And I covered a few miles of it with some friends who were walking it. I really got the bug. I wanted to do the race someday - it was officially on my bucket list. I thought I'd do it a few years back but I started struggling with shin splints and then I got married.... and then I had some kids. Not to mention I don't actually like running so it wasn't always a high priority! But this year I have great running partners and 2 half marathons under my belt. Not to mention my barefoot shoes that have freed me from my shin pain! I'm even starting to like it a little! It's time. Time to make a run for it. I've registered for the Portland Marathon. Lord willing we'll be moving to P-town in July or August and then crossing 26.2 miles in October! This should be fun!