Tuesday, March 27, 2012

swim lessons return

We enrolled Grant in swim lessons again. He's a lot less afraid of the water this year and was actually excited to go. So of course I couldn't leave it as an easy and wonderful experience - I signed up Calli as well. C LOVES the water but now we know she HATES swim lessons. She's forever afraid of the dreaded dunking. Turns out most of the toddlers hate the lessons, so today, the third lesson, all the moms sent the dads in with the kids. See I know what I'm doing! Tim accepted the challenge happily, except I guess I didn't tell him the extent to which Calli screamed and choked my neck last week.....he got a little worried she hated him! But, once again, an hour after the lesson she was saying, "water!" "swimming!" "fun!". It's the only reason I haven't completely thrown in the towel. I think swimming and potty training are my two least favorite things about parenting....oh and shots.... so pray for me this month.

Friday, March 23, 2012

and while I'm at it

I saw this picture in the old box and I had to post. Every bit of it is full of memories for me. This was a "dinner on my mattress" date. Some nice friends let me stay with them when I was homeless in Tennessee just waiting to marry my man. I think this is just about a week before the wedding. I was really happy...I mean I am really happy. :) Tim, you, and all the non-money you brought into my life, were SO worth it!


Well my college days are just getting further and further away! What is happening?! Recently my college roommate, and forever dear friend, stopped by the house with her family while driving thru from California to her home in Kansas. I had to pull out some old pictures.


NOW... because you might get it mixed up.

....we have multiplied!!!

Love you Amy! To which she would undoubtedly wink... or slap her hand on someone's thigh with a "pppphisshhh" sound.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

look who's two!


It started with a balloon delivery tuesday night from Papa and ended with a face plant off Grant's bed after a party with friends. It was a fabulous 2 year old birthday!

Although the Discovery Museum scolded us for using the free room to share cupcakes we still had a good time!

Calli, you girl are awesome. Your smile, your squeals of joy, and your love for our dear friend Dora the Explorer. Mommy and Daddy are over the moon for the giant person you are in that little tiny body.

* Thanks Beba for the pickles! Calli's favorite food.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

me at 32

I stink....literally. Just worked out with Latricia. She lets me piggy back on her gym membership so we don't have to run in the 20 degree darkness.

I organized my purse today. Found my sunglasses I was missing for a week and a half. Put my money and cards into a NEW wallet. And not only new but also a GIRL wallet. I've had the same man, black wallet since a rooftop picnic with Martha and Mary in Portland 8 years ago. It was an hand-me-down then. It lived a very good life.

I have a successful business. Oh sure today the brides were complete bit**es but usually it is a very good job and it pays the bills and keeps Calli close to me. And this week I got a new printer that seems to have made 30% of my stress vanish!

Tim and I watch an episode of Futurama almost every night on the computer. I love it. It has replaced the hole in my heart that Scrubs left.

I'm the mom at the kids museum that lets her kid run around while she works on her laptop like the whole place is her office. Have you not seen those people? Maybe I'm the only one. I do make my kid sit next to me however if he/she pushes another kid. I don't let crap slide. SO I still think I'm a good parent.

I like my marriage. Sure, I've asked Tim 4 times to bring 125 Raley's bags (for a church project) in from the car and he still hasn't done it, but it's been so long that I need them back in there again tomorrow so it all works out right?

My kids are LOUD so I am convicted that I need to listen to them and teach them so they don't have to get so loud....Lord give me the strength!

I'm wearing sexy underwear right now. I do not do this willingly. The laundry is behind again.

I have THE BEST friends. In Reno. In Portland. In California. And in other states and countries. In fact, according to facebook I have 300 friends! I must be cool!

I don't mean to be full of myself, for the internet to bask in my awesomeness, but I keep this blog around and print my writing. I hope to read this when I'm 60. And then I'll know....me at 32.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

change is coming

Tim got the call today. THE CALL. He has been accepted into Pacific University's Pharm D program. We've been plotting this for 2.5 years now....and we're in! We'll move to Portland at the end of the summer. I'm excited for the future. I'm excited to reconnect with my friends in Portland. I'm even excited to stand in the rain and ride the Max. But of course leaving the people we love here will be very hard. We have it SO good. My volleyball teams, my church family, my running partners, my MOM (and I suppose Tim has some friends too)! Ouch. Those will all hurt. Tim is happy though. He loves this new life direction and he's really good at it! So we gotta go. And we hope to be back. With all my moves over the years I've learned 3 years between good friends is nothing at all. Don't have too much fun without us....