Thursday, May 24, 2012

little runners

And now I'm posting about MORE running. WHO am I? But this has to be said....

Grant ran his first race in 13:19. The Jr. 1 Mile. We had a great time together laughing about guns on top of cars and afterwards there was a big pink doughnut with sprinkles for his chosen breakfast.

And then I was invited to run the Jog-a-thon with my nephews Noah and Luke. Right away Noah introduced me to 4 of his friends. I believe it was the second one he ever so awesomely said, "this is my Aunt, the pro marathoner I was telling you about." I did not deny his claim. In fact. I think I nodded.

These two cute kids almost killed me. They are SPEEDY! I did take a breather for a lap per child but I'm pretty sure these kids were laying down 7 minute miles. They are so handsome, polite, and athletic. I'm very proud of them!

Friday, May 11, 2012

13.1 again

We did it! We made our time goal for the 2012 Rock N River Half! I am SO thankful for the running partners. I couldn't do the long runs without the support and fun they bring. Now Latricia and I are going on to train for the full! I am starting to like running... by mile 6 I really start to get into it! 

Right before

My finish time was a PR - 2:18:04 (17 minutes faster than last year!)

And we celebrated the rest of Lauren's birthday that night 
without the stress of a big run the next day! 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

game on

I'm trying to rest up a little - this Saturday is my first grass volleyball tourney of the season and Sunday I run 13.1 miles in the Rock N River Race. Me and my two running partners are shooting for a 2:22 or less finish.

But we're also doing more then just running. My running clan and other friends from church have gotten together and are raising money for each mile of the race to give to "Courage to be You" a Christian home helping minors abused by the sex trafficking industry. As believers in Jesus Christ we aim to help those who need it and this is one way we know we can help!

If you would like to sponsor me I need three more donations. You can take Mile 3 for $10.00,  Mile 4 for $10.00, or Mile 13 for $30.00. If you would like to give to this cause to fight modern day slavery in America please leave a comment or contact me by e-mail for details.

If you would like to help in other ways research the subject and give what you can to help others trapped and hopeless or newly freed and in need.