Saturday, June 30, 2012

happy father's day

This post is a few weeks late but since I didn't really get Tim a present (besides the running shoes he bought himself) I am going to dedicate this post to him!

Over the Father's Day Week we had the 1st Lange Family Reunion in Sun River OR. I was skeptical at first - mainly because it was a loooooong drive away - but it was totally worth it. Grandpa rented two phat houses in the resort town filled with bike paths, a grassy park, and a water world. And on Father's day we walked through a mile long cave! It was quite the adventure in the cold 42 degrees. Luckily for Grant no real bats were seen and tears were overcome with the help of cousin Noah.

Our favorite Dad carried Calli through most of the difficult terrain. We LOVE our Daddy. He really is the best at watching out for all of us.

Having all the cousins together was so much fun! I love them all to pieces! 
When this picture was taken our Dad was driving back to the house to get the juice and diapers we forgot to bring the first time. Thanks for your service Dad!

And a special shout out for the last two nights as Tim scoops up the large blobs of kid vomit in the middle of the night. I can gather laundry but I can't do the scoop!!!!

Daddy, we love your lego skills, your singing about mundane chores and everyday items, your bravery in the face of scary spiders, and that you are really really FAST! You rock!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

graduation day

He did it! Grant went and graduated kindergarten on me!
He can count, write, and read! Here is a peek.

After a year of school. 
To see before go here
He's taller and smarter but his photo smiling skills are about the same.

best friend Zola - aka - Marley
I am feeling more sad today then when he started school. His class was so great! I LOVED my Kindergartener. Walking home. Sharing stories. Running to school to bring PJs for pajama day when we all forgot and he was crying. And most of all I'm miss MARLEY! Marley and Grant live so close that the bus won't get them so they always walked or got picked up. I'm mostly sad that I won't hear Grant's cute little voice yell everyday on the way to the cars 
- "Bye Marley, BYYYYE!" x 3

after school pick up time
Grant now has so many little Kindergarten friends that he sees them in the stores around town. Popular little guy for sure! The challenge of making new friends in Portland doesn't seem to be alarming him one bit.

Ahhh the cubby. 

Here is a bit of Grant's graduation songs for the family - grant is right between the heads....look for the big grin.

And dinner laughs around the table that night - Calli is saying, "How bout... PICKLES!"
Then I told Grant I'd buy him a whole cake if he finished a cup of baked beans for dessert. That got a bigger laugh then I expected out of everyone!

My kids rule.