Saturday, July 21, 2012

the importance of parenting

I think I've already mentioned Grant's failure to smile for the camera. He isn't trying to be a butt, oh no, he's just trying his little face off for you! Today we went to a birthday party and we had our second smiling lesson, documented below.

Parenting is awesome. Just stay on your toes and you can turn little kids into awesome people. I just want to squish this one to pieces!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Grant is SIX! We had such a great birthday party at Grandma's house. In my family it's hard to know what 6 year olds think is cool, when I ask Grant for feedback it's always, "okaaay I guess..". Sometimes with a smile and sometimes not. I suppose he's just taking after his father - informative but not flashy. Anyway back to my story. Grant LOVES Ninjago (it's a lego ninja cartoon). I whipped up some special stationery but I'm most proud of my Ninja Training Course. The kids totally loved it and kept lining up to try again and again. YES!!! That's winning for a mom.

Ninja Training
Luke had the fastest time with 10 or 11 seconds.
He also had the most flare with a cartwheel over the fake fire.
Ice cream cone cake for the boy that doesn't like frosting
Judah, Eli, Greyson, Mateo, Brian, and Grant. That guy has a gang going on.
And it's not Ninjago without a snake to fight.

So that 20 hours of work went to a good cause. I am so blessed to have Grant in my life though. He's a really great kid that I enjoy - and he puts away all his own laundry which is a plus.

Thanks to all of Grant's wonderful friends. We will miss you when we move!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

wild summer number two

I love Wild Island with two KIDS more then a boy and a baby (last year).

And I WON something! Wild Island's Facebook giveaway. What??!!
A bunch of tickets to everything - Yes please!



Calli loves to sing and has picked up the alphabet song. 

Her voice is what I'd call......LOUD.