Sunday, August 12, 2012

what i know so far about oregon

In Oregon people honk at any small infraction. I can't really figure out what's making them so mad.
In Nevada we save our honks for - "dude you're gonna hit me" and "The light has been green forever, please go now."

In Oregon the cashier always asks if you want a bag and many times people walk out with their stuff and no extra plastic.
In Nevada the cashier tries to put two items in each plastic bag and will maybe double bag it if they really hate the earth.

In Oregon everyone asks about my vibram running shoes.
In Nevada everyone asks about my vibram running shoes.

In Oregon there is a Fred Meyer every 10 miles.
In Nevada there is a Wal-Mart every 10 miles.

In Oregon there are recycle bins for everything, everywhere.
In Nevada most people don't know how to recycle or don't care.

In Oregon you ride bikes off road and normal cars on the street.
In Nevada the bigger the car the better - you know, just in case you need to go off road once a year.

In Oregon Calli always points out the car window and yells, "Tree!"
In Nevada Calli always pointed out the car window and yelled, "Barron Wasteland!" Okay not really but she never said tree before.

and that's what I've figured out so far....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

the long beach day

 Yesterday I attempted the Seaside Volleyball Tournament with two kids - and no one else. I picked up a partner online. A nice college kid with a great jump serve and spike. Tim had a service project with Pacific but I really wanted to do it so.....I did! It was a day to try out beach volleyball and meet people to play with here in Oregon.

We had our ups and downs and I had my hands a little too full to take pictures but here are my mental notes. I wrote them know I could write them here. Maybe you can picture it like I remember.


After the kids waited and waited and waited for my first game we headed to the ocean to play in the sand. It was a cool day but not so cold that you couldn't splash on the shoreline. Grant, Calli, and I ran in and ran out about 20 times, laughing all the way. This was Calli's first real brush with the ocean. It was a hit for sure. I realized as we ran back and forth how kind God was to make waves slow enough that 2 year olds could out run them. When you're two you really can't beat anything....but you can beat a wave. It was a little miracle.

My last game finally came at about 5pm and after a 7am start to the day the kids were quite worn out. The movie batteries were dead, and books were colored, and the snacks were gone so I took both kids and a chair down to my net (10 nets down the beach from our camp-out site). I couldn't carry all the supplies and Calli so she walked holding my hand with a frown, and then with a whimper, and then by net 6 a full out death scream. Mainly the players were sympathetic and cheered us on as we passed. "You can do it little girl!" and "You have to start liking the beach!" When we hit our court I rocked her to sleep in the chair in about 3 minutes. I wiggled out and left her in the chair as I played. She slept for two games. We lost by 3 and then lost by 2. But praise the Lord the tourney would end!

On the way back to the car after the longest day ever Calli was too tired to walk. Dressed in only a diaper and jacket at this point, I carried her and pulled a wagon piled to the limit. Two blocks away I couldn't take it any more. I put her down and pleaded with her. "I'll get you ice cream if you just walk a little bit." She almost went for it...but then no. Then I went thru my bag even though I knew all the food was gone. But I found a pack of sport beans (jelly beans for runners). I yelled, "jelly beans!!!" Both of the children yelled back, "YAY jelly beans!!!" They both got three. As I walked away with the tiny bag Calli followed, happily distracted. Her pig tails of tight ringlets and sandy face came waddling, waddling. She could walk with jelly beans. Praise the Lord!

I tortured those kids so badly that I owed them ice cream and a movie when we got home at 9:00. But I LOVED the volleyball in the sand. Hopefully I just won't have to do it with two kids next time!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

we live in oregon

We made it to Oregon! The drive was LONG but fortunately my Mom flew the kids up. Thanks Mom!!! We tried to make it in one day but I pooped out in Roseburg so we stopped for a run and a nice  clean room before the chaos of the move would hit us again. We ended up having a fabulous date. We ran to the park for "music in a half shell".  We figured out that once a week they have a band come to this crazy yellow half-dome-tent-thingy. We split some fried ravioli on the grass, the new running food of champions. It was really a fabulous night!

I didn't run with the camera so this is from the event's facebook page.
But back to being here in Portland. Well, we are actually in Beaverton, next door to Portland. Our apartment is very simple but nice and clean. The location is fabulous. Near the Max Line. Three blocks from a forest with running trails, Five blocks from the Nike Campus that has a ton of running trains. And there is a Ross Store 5 miles north-west and 5 miles south-east so that makes a nice sandwich.

Tim got his white coat already and is ready to start school on Monday. I am back to having the kids 24/7 rain or shine and I'm reminded how difficult that is. Having a 2 year old is crazy. Telling her to sit calmly is like telling a squirrel to sit next to an angry dog. But that's exactly what I did during Tim's white coat ceremony. The poor people behind me here me say, "Shhhh, whisper." 82 times. The girl even hums when she eats!

So this is the beginning of something God has been cooking up for years. When Tim and I were dating he said he'd never go back to school. But you never know where you'll want to be in 8 years do you?