Tuesday, October 09, 2012

1 marathon

Checked off my life list -  1 Marathon. 

It was in Portland about 9 years ago that a friend of mine ran the Portland Marathon and me and some friends cheered him (and many others) on along the course. I hadn't run since Jr. High but I was in awe.  I wanted to do something epic just like that. Only God knew the struggles and the blessings running would bring into my life in the next decade. My biggest blessings have been running with my girl friends Latricia and Lauren and feeling the overwhelming support and love of my husband. And in addition to helping me love my favorite people:
I've met new people, 
I've explored new places, 
I've used my feet to get me places when sharing our one car,
I run with my buddy Grant in the forest,
I run away from my children sometimes (but I always leave them with someone else),
I get over designer's block on runs,
I am quicker on the volleyball court,
and I am confident I can do just about anything I put my mind to - you see 26.2 miles is really, really, far! And I didn't run it on a whim. I trained. I trained a lot. I went thru the ups and downs. I woke up early!! I ran in the dark. I pushed a stroller when necessary. And God rewarded my efforts. 

I wouldn't have gone for such a large goal this year if it wasn't for my friend Latricia. She's the best back-up a girl could ask for. No flaking. No bailing. She just works hard and supports almost all of my optimistic life decisions. Here we are laying down at the finish. My knees are busted at this point but we made it!! Moving away from my running partners is TOUGH but this is sweet victory - to run together for two + years and make it 26.2 together.

I realized that day that a lot of people run marathons, but there has to be a lot more on the couch right? 

And the best finish line surprise ever - my MOM flew in without me knowing and was standing at 25.5 miles. I saw her face 24 inches from mine and I YELLED and flailed my arms in the air. The last mile was a piece of cake after that! 

I would write more about the journey but I've realized all my thoughts along the miles have mushed together. When I run my IQ seems to go thru the roof but it's not really - it's plummeting and I'm too drunk on running to realize it...

Finally we hit the finish line in 5:03:45 after about 7 minutes of bathroom stops by yours truly. I would not call it a perfect race day with my insides, knees, and energy levels barely holding on but everything stayed together long enough for the finish line and that was my #1 goal! Your first marathon is a little like having a baby; expectations die quickly, it hurts more then you can imagine, and you can't stop till you're done! 

Yahooooooo we did it!

Saturday, October 06, 2012