Monday, December 31, 2012

last day

Well it's the last day of 2012. I resolved long ago in January to have a fun year, a year in which I would not let sleep deprivation or good sense turn me away from living. I planned to stay up late, wake up early, be cold, or hot, or wet, or dirty if necessary. It was a resolution inspired by our family trip to Disneyland. The happiest place on earth is awesome and bone-numbingly exhausting. You go and go because if you stop you'll miss out on something wonderful. I realized how often joy and pain go together  - especially with two small children in tow. So this year, whatever life required, I would be a good sport and dive in as often as possible - like I was at Disneyland.

Sitting here now, looking back at my memories in my sleep deprived mind, I am very proud of my efforts. I remembered my goal often and although I didn't always enjoy the effort it took to accomplish it I do cherish the memories of the journey.

• I signed up for A league grass volleyball tourneys instead of the easy B level I know I can win.
• I played in my first beach volleyball tourney with a guy I didn't know and I brought my kids...and no help.
• I woke up early to ride bikes with Grant to school every Friday
• I woke up EARLY for so many marathon training runs
(are you noticing that I do not naturally wake up early?)
• I ran 26.2 stinking miles after wanting to for 9 years
• I picked up Sarah H from the airport and dropped her half way up Mt. Rose, 4 wheeling in white out conditions and screaming all the way!!
• I faintly remember drinking all night with Tim and then waking up at 7am for a 4 mile trail run. I learned a lot that morning.....
• I went to Karaoke with the super stars Faith and Josh and the less then supers, Tim and Kateri
• I ran with a group of people I had never met - that's a pretty scary thing considering I signed up for 8 miles at who knows what pace or terrain.
• I cut off all my hair - like OFF. I don't actually know how to grow it back out again but it's cute so we'll deal with that another year.
• And of course there were many more parks and coffee dates and Mythbuster dates and zoo train rides in the freezing cold, etc. but you get the point.

Now maybe these things don't seem like a lot to some people but all that matters is I stretched myself. I didn't play it safe all the time. And moving to Portland, God knew I would need a brave spirit this year.

When I know what I'm doing next year I'll let you know.....maybe an all sleep year?? Yeah, probably not. Darn.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

We made it home after a short visit to Reno for Papa's Birthday. Worshipping at Coram Deo Sunday was the highlight for me. My brother is such a wonderful preacher and I love the friendships I have there. Thank you to Papa and Grandma for helping us fly in and PLAY at our favorite place - your home.

On the way back to Portland today Calli picked up a very friendly phrase.


Happy Holidays. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

zoo lights

Monday was a "do-over weekend" for the family (since the real weekend had a little too much vomiting and failed design work). We hit the zoo alllll day. The train wasn't running until the evening christmas lights came on and the train ride was a MUST for Calli. At first she was a little timid in the dark but then she was throwing her tiny body over my lap to see out the window and then right back over daddy's lap to see out the other window. Priceless.

Friday, December 07, 2012

new friends

I haven't heard from my neighbor since she moved to Texas but I will not forget my first Beaverton friend and the life lessons I learned by knowing her. Here on a visa from India we always asked each other culture questions waiting for our kids at the bus stop. It was very fun to learn about her life and she was so kind. I wish her well and I hope she remembers how to make the guacamole recipe I taught her. She is in Texas after all...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

one down

From my lack of writing you may have figured I've been a little swamped. You'd be right. Tim has been working very hard at school which means I work hard everywhere else to support his efforts. Today was his last day of the semester. Yes, we are one semester down in the Pharm D. program. I am very proud to say he passed each and every test the first time so he has no retakes over break. And passed means he got a 90% of better. Whoa.

Beaverton/Portland seems a little more like home considering I don't miss the entrance to our apartment complex EVERY time like I used to. The pavement is always wet now but I did get myself some great rain boots and it's nice to have an excuse to wear them. Rain is not my favorite thing in the world but I'm dealing with it by playing more indoor volleyball. I've been very lucky to meet a lot of new people. Our women's volleyball A league team got third this season.

This was the night Tracy and I both burned thru our pants diving. Oh yes, we don't mess around out there. We will sacrifice our bodies and clothing. 

Mavora is doing well. I got a few notepads in a consignment store and I was hoping to do more card designs but my wedding schedule makes that very hard. It seems I always have plenty of work - of course what else would a mom of a two year old say. Just that crazy girl is enough work for a day. 

Man, she is adorable though! And speaking of adorable, Grant has a pair of skinny jeans now - when he comes out of his room I have to squeeze him and pat his cute little head. I let him walk to the bus stop by himself now and I always watch him walk down the stairs. He turns and waves while running as soon as his feet hit the sidewalk.

But anyway, back to work thoughts. My wedding store looks like this right now:

I don't know if it's the off season, or the move, or the clouds outside but I've had a lot of creative juices flowing. I now offer a new line of postcards as save the dates and thank you cards that I hope will be a big hit next year. 

So that's a little more about our new life with one semester down. I'm hoping to sleep in for the next month.