Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

passing notes

Grant is getting better and better at reading and writing. Tim and I were having a conversation at the table last week and didn't want to be too negative so one of us spelled T E R R I B L E and Grant immediately said, "Terrible!?" So our code is now ruined and we have to actually only speak things we want a six year old to hear. Good spiritual exercise but not as fun. I'm attaching a picture of two of Grant's many notes. He writes me some kind of note almost everyday now.  Mainly the notes ask if he can play Star Wars Wii at a certain time of the day. Sometimes I leave a note back. It pretty much always says he is adorable and he pretends to hate it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

tart apple smoothie

I'm doing a little inter-blogging here. This is my new green smoothie recipe published on The Recipe Killer and I wanted to share it here as well. It's really good! And I just made a new one today with avocado, kale, apple, yogurt, strawberries, and protein powder. Avocado is fabulous! My family dislikes bananas in smoothies and they are doing an awesome job of replacing them. Happy Friday! It was test week this week for Tim so I'm glad it's almost over!!!

Inspired by my trip to Whole Foods where I saw kiwis and had to buy them, I bring you: Super Green!

Super Green - Tart Smoothie

1 green apple cut in half
2 giant kale leaves
1 small avocado (not necessary but makes it creamy)
1 peeled kiwi
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
6 or 7 ice cubes
1 cup of apple juice
1/2 cup of water
1 Tbsp agave nectar 
(or your sweetener of choice)

Makes 36 oz / 4 medium cups

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I hate it when I try to ship product to Canada and remember the customs form but forget the postage....and realize it 5 hours later. AARRGGG. www.mavoracards.etsy.com : fail.

Friday, January 11, 2013

i can relate

I just ran across this picture on facebook - not sure the original author of it. This IS my running partner Latricia and Me. I fight so hard for a "speedy turtle" 10 minute marathon mile and she is draggin' her feet yelling at me to slow down before I crap out at mile 15. HAHA! Fond marathon memories! I miss my girl. As soon as my knee stops swelling up all the time I'll be back on for training. We hope to hit a  half marathon together in Reno this May and I've paid for The Gorge Half in October. It's sure to be another wild turtle year!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

why in the world??

If you know me you know I love volleyball. I get to know the BEST people on the court and I enjoy improving my skills and beating the occasional guy. But volleyball is also the epicenter of my biggest insecurities. When you play on a team you don't want to let them down and when you play with new people you hope you get away with them thinking you're even better then you are...or at least I do...because I surround myself with people who really are better then me. When I fail to swim in this ocean I just threw myself into it hurts! Yes, tonight I really stopped and thought about it. It was a painful night indeed. I dug a hole I couldn't get out of until all the matches were played.

After I moved to Portland I jumped right into the volleyball circle here. I picked up sand and indoor games. I waded thru match after match of not knowing anyone and hoping my skills would fit in with those around me. But I had made it through. At my local gym there are TONS of caring and wonderful people and I have my faults but I fit in. So why is it that I checked out a new league tonight? Well I was a little stuck, and a little greedy for more play time, and....I think I may just enjoy the smell of my own panic sweat. Why in the world else would I keep sticking my neck out there otherwise?

Okay, here's the story. When I show up at the new gym the captain who I've contacted a few times (and enjoyed a 7 mile run with in september) is a no show. He hasn't even seen me play yet, I just met a guy, that knew a guy, that knew a guy. I'm a little thrown but I've put myself in more awkward positions then this before... the protocol is to just pretend you are stretching and that you are not way out of your league...again.

By the time we finally get a team together I get a few names and then I hear it is our turn to ref the first game. I get assigned a spot in the back corner watching the lines. Okay I BARELY have enough control over my scatterbrained mind to play ON the court. As I stand there I know I cannot keep my attention focused on two lines for 45 minutes. I have never ref-ed nor would I like to. But the protocol in my head again says to pretend you know what you are doing, so I stand there waiting for a hot shot to sky a ball into my skull while I'm looking at my feet.

The good news is, no hot shots took off my head. The bad news is, I did that to myself.

A hard hit comes screaming in and I feel the need to call it "in" right away so I put my hands down like "real" refs do and turn around to get the ball. Well I'm standing 4 feet away from a concrete wall (new gym, I did not really notice its presence before then) the screamer comes bouncing off at my head and I just barely get my hands up from the "in position" to catch it. I don't know what happened with the ball but my thumb nail came down on my face and I'm in pain! It hurts bad, and it's right between the eyes! I know I just did some damage....but I keep ref-ing....I didn't have a protocol for being a spaz in front of 50 people I've never met. I've never needed one before...or at least not since college.

I make do until the end of that game and head to the restroom avoiding all eye contact. Yup, I look like I cat  tiger just mauled my face. I have a big nail hole and an inch long bloody scratch over my nose. Well you can't bandage that! And no amount of scrubbing or cold water would seal my skin back together again.

I went back to being a line judge, as escape seemed impossible at that point, and made a terrible call as I expected with my court induced ADHD and my head now full of extra voices. I managed to survive the teams boos but I watched the ball a little more closely after that. It would be a shame to maim my face anymore and the mad team on the other side of the net was gunning for me now,  I was sure of it.

What can I say, it did not go uphill much from there. I'm already so scared I could wet myself and now I can't look anyone in the face. What do I do, tell 5 people I don't know, and who didn't ask, that I just clawed myself half to death catching a ball, "ha ha"? Or would they ask me, a stranger, 'dude was your face bleeding earlier tonight?'.

Sealing the deal we lost our giant second-game lead exactly like my other team did the night before and we were beat by two points in the third game for upsetting loss. But the game plan, correctly so, was the unmentioned - tall girl is a liability, play around her - so really I did my job of passing what came to me, getting my serves in, and then staying out of the way.

When the dust cleared the team scattered and I took off my shoes by myself. The league co-ordinater was very nice from the start so, from what I hoped was a scar-blurring distance, I waved goodbye and took off like I was late for something. The entire night was a roller coaster of humiliation rebounded by the hilarious jokes I was making in my head. Honestly, in my lowest depths, thinking about you all laughing at the blog post I would write made me happy. I try never to waste my pain... check. The most unfortunate part of the story is that I'll have to go back next week - ugh.

And as a bonus for reading this super long sob story I give you a few more of Abby's thoughts:
(highlighted to match the location in the story).

Yeah man, I alllllways stretch...(I know I don't) ....stretching is the best!

Ball is long, everyone is looking away....mop up blood nnnnNOW.

Okay girl, you have plenty of things to bring to this team: you're good at volleyball, you're nice, you're pretty, you're nice. Stinkin' face gouge.

Okay seriously, do I have any make-up hidden anywhere? Why do I not carry foundation with me everywhere I go? From now on I will do that. Can I ask someone for foundation like you ask girls for tampons?? I don't think so...

You are so screwed, you are so screwed, oh man you are sooo screwed.

Now the situation I have here is what you might call a confidence crasher.

Yeah guys I'm totally late...I gotta ^$%#@*&;   ^ *%$# (I guess I had run out of regular jokes by the end of the night)

these boots

These boots are made for puddle jumping,
and that's just what they'll do.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

little pink marshmallows

At almost 3 years old Calli has a bad case of the wiggles. She can't really sit thru dinner but she is hungry just about all the time. Last night, 15 minutes after dinner, she runs to the kitchen asking for applesauce. Knowing her after-dinner pattern, Tim says, "Calli. What can I give you right now that will make you happy for the rest of the night and not ask me for anything? You want ice cream? Cookies? Candy? Marshmallows??" At this point I think this is a very funny joke as I sit at my desk and watch the sarcastic bargaining. Calli thinks with her finger to her chin and lands on her decision - marshmallows would be acceptable. And then I see that Daddy is not joking. He pulls out the bag of little pink peppermint marshmallows and pours her a little cup of victory. And I believe that's the last bit of food she asked for that night... except for the nutri-grain bar.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


The Morton sisters and husbands came to our place for a post-christmas celebration this year. It was so good to see everyone - especially baby Owen who we met for the very first time.

I know I was supposed to take more pictures but we were too busy laughing and drinking and pounding the guacamole dip. Grant got a Wii for Christmas that we also broke in right away.

We did make it out of the house once on a trip to the mall and downtown water front. Oh, and most of us made it to Karaoke night as well thanks to the leadership of Josh and Faith. Now I know if I go to karaoke again, I have allll the words to the little mermaid song etched deeply in the recesses of my brain and when I've had a strong lemon drop I can't stop my mouth....it just pours out of me!

And I have to add this picture of my boy at the Max Station. Oh my, adorable!