Wednesday, February 20, 2013

i have a plan

After reading my Runner's World Magazine this morning I've made a plan for my next marathon.

26.2 Relay
Summer 2023
Me, Tim, Grant, and Calli

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

new ride

Last week Tim used his "car fund" (a mythical number I thought he should be able to spend on transportation) on his bike(s). New fenders for my old bike he rides in the rain and a new orange single speed for being awesome. He's as happy as an old guy with a new convertible.

Monday, February 18, 2013

when she sleeps

Before Calli goes to bed each night everything needs to be "put away" somewhere. The somewheres change every so often but it goes something like this:

The cat that meows sleeps on the table
The cat that doesn't sleeps in her bed
The turtle sleeps on her pink quilt at the foot of her bed
The little house people sleep outside the house in the front yard
There should not be a scrap of paper or puzzle piece on the floor
All trains must be in their box
All books, all blankies, and all favorite dollies shall sleep next to the bed or in the bed for easy access
(and by all books I mean ALL books. I can only keep three or four in her room now or else you will find 30 in her bed with her)

See example below.

I'm a little mad that this particular night she got out of bed to put on her shoes but I'm very happy she knew shoes should not be let into bed with her. She's a hoarder and a thinker that one.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

running thru the forest

Today I took Grant on a two four mile run through the forest. We got a little lost adventurous on the trails and found ourselves somewhere I had not been before...far, far, far from home when you are six. My little buddy learned some good lessons about running and I learned that four miles with Grant equals 26 "keep running, let's go!"s and 12 "better attitude right now"s. But we did manage to run plod home before dark and we made a very fine friend in a newt! I am from the desert when lizards run like hell super fast. Here in Oregon they sit there climb onto your hands and hang out. 

Photo credit THPRD

Yes, running with Grant through the Ninja Training Course woods is always painful an exciting experience. Someday he's going to whip my tired old butt and then he'll be the one saying, "hurry up mom!" But for now I torture train him to be a man.

Saturday, February 09, 2013


Every time Calli sees my wallet out she says, "can I have 4 pennies?".  She's slowly bankrupting me but mommy just can't say no to that low low price for happiness.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

running stupid

Half the reason I run is because it makes me stupid(er)....just for a short bit. Many days I start to ponder the meaning of life, parenting, friendship, religion, design, business, teamwork and consequently take life altogether too seriously. Running can help that. It smears thoughts into a sweaty blur. Today it happened again just like it always does....

About 6 minutes into a run my breathing crowds my brain. Brief thoughts of work spark and fade until the transformation is complete. By mile 1.5 I am completely dumb. Breathe, breathe, posture, breathe, person to my left, breathe, wave, breathe, posture, and laugh about something I did or heard recently (today it was Bob Harper yelling, "if you want to see my head blow off my shoulders, then walk!" to his Biggest Loser team).

And then when I come to speed and I'm just trying to keep my eyeballs in my head I start to do math. This is my very favorite running game. It takes me about 5 to 7 minutes to figure out my fastest possible mile pace and multiply it by 3.1 for my next race goal. Then I rework the numbers if I don't like that goal. I have 20 or 40 more minutes to run so the time is gladly given to the cause.

By the time "stupid me" reaches the wooded trails I almost always ponder alternate substitutions for Rock, Paper, Scissors. After all, being stupid can often make you feel really smart (I've taken down bigger institutions on a run before). So far the best I've come up with is Water, Fire, Poison Oak. My only flaw for the modification is the hand motions but I'll keep working on that. I have a rock solid defense for each item and review it often around mile 4.

Finally I attempt to get home. I jay-run across the street not totally sure traffic is clear but my brain says like a close drunk friend, "it's fine! just go already!". There's a hill to climb so no more dumb thoughts are needed. It's back to breathe, breathe, posture, breathe, breathe. By the time I walk in the door I'm a blank slate.

Tread on me all you want world,  I have volleyball at 7pm...